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Free Game Assets (GUI, Sprite, Tilesets)

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You are welcome!

Hey. Thanks for your feedback! We are developing both directions at once. This style and style of pixel art will evolve. We are planning to create over 3000 icons in each style. Become a member of our community and you can download it all!

Hi. Great job! We wish you the best of luck with your project!


Hello, in the set the parts are divided into separate PNG files.


We have completed this game kit.

We are very glad to see our assets in your project! Good luck!

Yes, you can use in a commercial project. Our license

Hello, thanks for the feedback. We added PNG files to the archive.

Hello, thanks for the feedback. We added PNG files to the archive



You can give a download link to the original :

Our licenses

Thanks for the feedback. I wish you success!


This set is the property of We did not give permission to this user to publish, and even more so to sell our art.
I ask you to remove the illegal publication.

Original (Published 81 days ago)

Larceny : (Published 6 hours ago)

Sincerely, CraftPix team.

Hello, yes you can use. Our license:

You are welcome! You can download a set of tile for these characters :

Hi!) 48x48

You are welcome!

Hello, Yes, we have already sent you these files, now we will send e-mail again. Perhaps our email was lost in spam. All limbs are in the "Body parts" folder in the archive. If there's anything else I can help with, please let me know. Sincerely, CraftPix team.


Thanks for the wishes. Please write your email, we will send the files you need there. 

Sincerely, CraftPix team.

Hi! Yes, you can!)

Hello. We have assets in a different style.

Hello. You can write in our support.

Hello, added icons for Google Play and App Store.

Hi! It looks great!


We are trying to write to But not one of the answers was given an answer.

We still have not counted the tax, despite the fact that we filled out the form W8BEN-I.

We are not included in sales Although our bundle gives the most significant discount on our products.

Regards, Team

Hello! Coming out in a week

Hi! Our licenses

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Thanks for your ideas! Stay tuned for updates on our website 2D Game Assets

Today we released new monsters for this kit.

And we are planning a lot more!)

Regards, CraftPix Team



You are welcome!


Hi. Yes, you can!)

Hi. Yes, you can!)

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Hello, You are permitted to use the resources in any number of personal and commercial projects for yourself or a client. No additional fees are required. Please read our license carefully. Have a nice day!)

You are welcome!

Hi! Glad to see our assets in your project!

Hi) yes, you can use this game asset in your game.

You are welcome!