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Free Game Assets (GUI, Sprite, Tilesets)

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We expect the developer community to respect our work.

Best regards, team

Let's just give me my money. And I won't waste time on the forum.

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If support responded to my email, I would not write here.


Payment on payoneer has not been paid for 26 days. What caused the delay in payment?

Support itch is silent. As has happened many times before. I am writing to the forum only because I can wait weeks for a response from itch.

We have not paid money to the pioneer for 26 days. Usually payment takes up to 10 days. What happened to the dropouts?

Best regards, team

Thank you so much! We will make new assets this topic in the future. 

I am reaching out from the official web page of Craftpix Studio on I would like to inform you that the licensing terms remain consistent regardless of where you purchased or downloaded the game assets (whether it's from the official website or from the official page).

Hello, license

Hello! File License

Hello! File license

Hello, license

Hello, license

Hello, license


Hello, Yes you can. Licence

sprite height 48 pixels. length depends on the number of animations in the sprite sheet.

Thank you so much

Confirmations ID




Hello, user distributes Craftpix, created by our art studio, and violates the terms of the license

I have already sent a report several times, but so far no response.

We can prove that this graphic was created by us, as we make sketches and carry out step-by-step stages of work. Also, all information when publishing sets is duplicated in social networks. You can view dates and times on Twitter and Facebook.

The pages on which he posted graphics from our studio

Graphics created by us

The publication dates can be seen on our official Twitter account



Hello, each icon separately has a size of 32x32. All icons are saved separately from each other

Hello, license

Hello, license

Hello, license

Hello, license

The archive contains a link to the license

Hello, you can use graphics to create video games :




Hello license

I'm sorry I answered you so late.

All game assets placed on ITCH are included in the Mega Bundle. 

But it is important to understand that the new kits that will be added to the ITCH will not be available to those who bought the Mega Bundle earlier

Good luck with your projects!

Hello, you purchased the Mega Bundle 23 days ago. This set was not included in the mega pack as it was published only 14 days ago.

Unfortunately, the new asset sets not be available to those who bought the Mega Bundle earlier.