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Free Game Assets (GUI, Sprite, Tilesets)

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You can use graphics in commercial projects

Hello! File license:

But this applies only to the icons of objects. If these are skills, then they are together with the background.

Hi, without a background, they look like this

Hello, 5 animations

  • Death;
  • Hurt;
  • Idle;
  • Trade;
  • Walk.

Yes, you can use it in a commercial project

File license:

Hi! File license:

It is allowed for commercial and non-commercial use in projects.

File license:

Hello, there will be weapons for a wizard and an archer

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Hello, a little later we will add these sets.

Thanks! One more free set :

Hi! We are an art studio. There are a lot of us :)

Hello, there will definitely be such sets

Hi! Yes, you can. License :

We will definitely do :)

Thank you. Will be even more cyberpunk :)


Hello, the lava is not animated

Hello, you need to specify the path to the textures

Hello, static. There is rigging

Hello, you can use assets in commercial games. License

Hello. file licenses:

Hello, in these sets:

Hello! Yes, of course. File license :

Hi! In the future, we plan to release

Yes, you can use assets in commercial projects. File license:

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Hello, we have our own license. License: It is suitable for both commercial and free projects. Information is available on our main page on

Hello. Please write to our support team:

You are welcome!

Hello, you can use it in a commercial game. Find out more in our license:

Hello. Thank you for bringing us to the credits. We are very glad that our assets were useful to you.