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Hola, no tengo ningún correo del 25, podrías enviarlo nuevamente, asegurándote de que la dirección sea la correcta?

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Hello @MSGameDev!

Sorry I am not able to provide any support via twitter, please write me to the email address detailed in the developer guide.


Haha, that made my day! Much appreciated, hope the package helps you in many projects! Sorry about the delay btw, for some reason Im not receiving the notification emails from itchio.

Hello there, yes it works at runtime!

Hello there, yes it does!

Hey! Thank you very much, really glad it helps ;)

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Hello there, sorry I missed this post, for this can you cant me to the support email? (address is on the dev guide pdf). I can give you steps to setup on the new Google script editor.

Question: is it still the case that Payoneer wont work for "Direct to you" payouts?

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Hello @Isobel, thanks for contacting.

Google Sheets For Unity does not use Google Data APIs (as Sheets API), instead it uses a different method for communication with the spreadsheet (also using Google's own infrastructure), effectively bypassing all the hassle :)

So in practical terms, it will work, no need to worry about API keys, API versions, OAuth, and so on.

There are indeed concurrency limits when accepting requests, you can check more details regarding quotas and limitations here:

However, I would tend to think that for your use case, you should be within safe bounds. Thanks again for your patience.

Hello again. I have just tested it on Unity 2020.3.0f1 and it works as expected. The upddated webgl demo is built on that Unity version as well, you should be able to see it working on this same page.

Can you elabotate a bit on the issue/s you was experiencing? I see no breaking changes on Unity's UnityWebRequest that affect Google Sheets For Unity.

Thanks again for the generous patience :)

Hello, apologies for the leave of absence. I had to attend some family and health issues, and had no opportunity or time aside from that, to offer the usual support for Google Sheets For Unity. I will be slowly catching up and get back to you with some help.

Hello, apologies for the leave of absence. I had to attend some family and health issues, and had no opportunity or time aside from that, to offer the usual support for Google Sheets For Unity. I will be slowly catching up and get back to you with some help.

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Hello there! Thanks for contacting.

You can access images using Google Sheets for Unity, but not from the spreadsheet itself, but directly from gdrive. So in your case would be as simple as picking a naming convention, and having the image name (or image id) on the sheet, then using the plugin to retrieve the image itself, after retievieng the table data.

Hope it helps!

Hello, and thanks for the report. The error can be ignored, is only related to the method used to enable copy/paste into the unity app fields! Sorry for the inconvenience, I have been meaning to fix that for some time now, but have not found the right time.

Thank you for taking the time for posting, and thank you so much for your kind words, really happy to read that!

Thanks a lot for such very kind words! Im really glad you are finding the tool really useful :)

Thank you very much! :D

Hi there CoBon, 

The online demo should be available as a separate download on itchio. But regardless, the requirements you mention are core to the asset (the demo is only using functionality from the main codebase). In short: you will be able to do what you need, even without the demo, but the usual disclaimmer applies: it requires coding skills!

Hope it helps!

Thats great! thanks for letting me know :)

Hi @buzzrick, thanks for contacting.

Indeed, the endpoint wont be reachable unless you use the access level described in the documentation.

You have two paths from there:

  • You escalate the permisions, indeed allowing for anonymous access (this can be enabled in the Google admin console from Google Apps).
  • You deploy the webapp on a different google account where you can apply the less restrictive permissions, and share the spreadsheet with that account.

Hope it helps :)

Thank you very much for your kind words :)

Hey, thanks for contacting, and for your interest.

I have no plans to publish the full version on the Unity Asset Store. If helps, you can follow me on itchio, which works perfectly fine to be updated, and also when I release updates, purpossedly will sent notifications to all followers and/or owners.

If you prefer to go with Unity Asset Store, will have to be the classic (Lite) version, but good news: is on sale, 50% off for 3 more days :)

Hope it helps!

Heya, yes you're right! I only expressed that because sometimes I received questions about the safety of applying manual formating to the cells, in regards to the data parsing integrity.

While I have not many requests for cell formating, it is indeed something that I could add, so I hope to be able to work on this on future releases (no ETA though).

Hey there @udubaso, thanks for contacting. You can manually format the cells, it wont interefere with the data functions of GSFU. However there are no features in the asset to handle cell formatting programatically. Maybe in some future release I will include it!

Hope it helps :)

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Hey. You can disregard the javascript error, is a dom issue on the code used to type or paste the spreadsheet id.

Regarding the second issue, I just checked and is working as expected, please double check your spreadsheet id, and follow the instructions (described on the demo itself).

Remember that the spreadsheet needs public permissions (only required for the public demo).

Thank you for letting me know, cheers!

Im not getting errors here on the demo on this page. Can you describe more whats happening for you?

Hey there, checking it. In the meantime, would you elaborate on what errors are you getting? Thanks!

Thanks for the clarification. I'll have to try that! Have not seen behaviours like that before, but neither used that forumla, so I'll try and get back to you.

Hello @Swing Wren. Sorry about the delay coming back to you. The dayjob has been very pressing and the time for GSFU support has been tight.

Im not sure I understand correctly the case. What you mean "importing that data causes to import all the spreadsheet rows"?

Regarding the password, your approach seems fine, however it may be limiting if the project uses any sort of CI/CD, so if you use for example Unity Cloud Build, you'll need to include the pass in the repo. Otherwise is good, just make sure that the file is included in the build.  I dont have any particular recomendations, as usually the people involved in the project needs access to the service, and is unlikely to result feasible for the devs to not count with the pass.

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Hello Mat, thanks for contacting.

The Lite version focus is on Google Spreadsheets, while the main version has some extended capabilities to handle Google Drive files and images. Also there is a proof of concept custom session handling system.

Im afraid the main version of the asset is not on the Unity Asset Store. Let me know if I can help in any other way :)

Hey there, thanks for the elaboration!

I will annotate this for the next update update indeed, and although I have not ETA atm, I definitively have a list of things to work on. 


Hello there Quasar47, thanks for contacting.

Im afraid right now my free time is very scarse, so Im not sure when I could attend your reports. Sorry! 

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I really dont understand exacctly what you mean, or what you need. The code is all in the asset so you can do whatever you need.

The handling of scene transitions varies hugely from project to project, so I cant provide a reasonable solution that would cover every case. In that regard, making the connections handling working correctly according to your own approach, is entirely up to you.

Awesome. Why not have all in the same file? Adding a header to separate the custom attributes from the map, or some text data format like json to organize the file would do.

The order of actions is the natural. How could it work with a spreadhseet without knowing which one?

But more importantly, its explicitly expained in the demo itself, just above the input where you paste the spreadsheet id.

Hey there. I just tested and is working as expected. You can double check that you are pasting a valid spreadsheet id, and that the spreadsheet has public permissions (only needed for this public demo).

In the developer guide PDF you will find the support email, along other useful data ;)

Hello. I dont understand your question, can you elaborate? You can also contact me by email.

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There is none at the moment! I will add upload progress tracking on next update, thanks a lot for bringing this up.

Download progress handling can be more trickier given that Google uses chunked encoding on responses, and thus, there is no Content-Length header which is required by Unity API to monitor progress.

I will work on it for the next update, which will be after finishing my current project, a simple but effective chat extension for Unity.