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Well in Case i'm being in the Top 5 Which deserve the cash you mentioned before, the problem is i don't have payPal i have payoneer so is that possible or is there any solution

i said in case i win (which i hope)

thanks for organizing this event Will be glade to participate in #Peace

nice thank you alot to m clear it up

hello evryone i have some quetions

is it allowed to use assets from other sites or i have to make them by my self

and if the game in 3D or just 2D cause blackthornprod is always make 2d Games 

and the project will be uploaded to my page ( store ) or this page 

Hope you understand me 

i wish the best for you all GOOD LUCK !

that's fine i have a game story and imade some models so i almost did a half of the game 

i'll complete it and release it in this week ( what i got from this jam is i tried and i was serious but some life problems comes in the wrong time )wherever i have now two projects to work on and both are unfinished

and i wanna to upload or release a finished project not a demo 

atleast to get some audience which is good for next releases 

i was busy those last days so i coudln't finish the project i'm working on i'll complete it when the game jam end 

this is so awful cause i want at least to finish on project in my life but i got some problems that's why 

wherever i wish the best luck for all participating developer and others (musicians and designers ....) 

your brother from YAZStudio #Peace_and_Love

hi nice to see an algerian game dev here too

but i'm sorry i thing that i can do all stuffs like modeling and programing and music so i prefer to work alone i'm sorry bro i wanna test what i lean in the last year I wish you the best bro 


as i understand from the jam description there is no theme so anyone can make the game before even the jam starts or there is a miss understanding please make it clear to me 

a solo game developer [ YAZ Studio ]

OK thanks so the game must  be a puzzle and it's 2D or 3d or as i want

hi i'm from algeria , i'm sorry i preffer to work alone i'm so sorry.

 i wish you the great luck 

Hi I didn't understand what do you mean by the game show Can you explain plz (The Theme)

hahaha nice one

can i upload it to my itchio account or it's not allowed 

i mean if it been uploded to the jam page

Same here

I'm Really Exciting to start my first game jam ever and finally i'll be able to finish a project all competitors i wish you the best luck 

Indie Game developer [Solo]

ok Merci beaucoup 

Thanks really helped 

hi this my first time i participating in a game jam and i have two questions 

1. What's the theme of the game cause i don't know what the game theme will be ( or you will announce it later )

2. where can i upload the game ? > is is on my itchIO account or an external account

Plz i really need your help so i can work on the game comfortable 

Merci Pour tout le monde #Peace

hello everyone this is my first time that i'm participating  in a game jam so the game jam will start in 6 days But I still don't know how the game type will be like the game theme ( type or story or ....) is not defined so anyone can explain to me how the game must be 

thanks everyone and good luck. 

in the same time with lunching my first game

I tried to download it but the download link is broken 

Is That happen to Anyone Else

of course I'll Change The Name it's Just The First Tim i Sign up I choosed This Name 

Thanks For Posting your Opinion Appreciate That

Ok Seems Convinient Thanks For Your Opinion

Hello Everybody I'm New In Game Dev And I Want To Start From here, Well My Question Is About Game Income/Revenue 

So If The Game Was Free What's The Average Incomes That People Can Donating For You (Single Game)

And If The Game Was Not Free Is The Average Income Well Be Good Enough For You As A Indie Game Dev

(Plz Don't Tell Me To Love Game Dev And To Be Patient Cause I Really Do Love The Game dev And Now I Guess To Think About Take It Seriously As A Job )




That's Fine Cause It's Exist In Dashbord Payment ...

it's Work Payoneer Card Instead Of Paypal And That's A GREAT Thing

HI Did You Try The Payoneer Card Plz Answer Me I'm From Algeria And Paypal is Not Support My Country Till Now 

I'm Waiting For You 

well it's Nice one

its like subway surfer Nice Game 

Nice Game Actually 

Sorry My Budget is Null You Deserve Some Boxes For Your Efforts