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I am remaking the game from scratch .
A new artstyle , a new framework .
The project is to be codenamed "PROJECT Dora Zero" until otherwise.

I am actually still working on the framework (metroidvania framework on top of Godot Engine).
Because I had school I have spent most of the time making the story and coming up with some gameplay design ideas.
And worry not ! Now that ChatGPT is there to help , I hope I will be able to do it faster :)

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The game is free.

Can you claim it using a different account ? 

Thanks for your support !

It was free , it wasn't until an hour ago that I made it 9.999$ , starting the "most expensive game ever" thing .

nah it's just a joke , for fun ..
Sometimes , we have to make random decisions , who knows , it might work , maybe a millionaire will pass by and buy it , it might become the new phenomenon , the new I am rich app.. maybe you will see people posting "I bought the most expensive game ever" ..
Who knows .. and actually today the game is literally dead , 0 downloads .

Isn't it already implemented ? Are you using an Xbox controller ?

Thank you so much for your support !

Thanks :D

Wow .. that never happened to me. 

But how did you do it ? (I think glitches might be interesting for the community) 

please share with your friends and ask them to donate if they like the game , otherwise I will not be able to continue working on it , I really appreciate it .

please share with your friends and ask them to donate if they like the game , otherwise I'll not be able to continue working on it . Thanks .

Yes , I am working on v0.2 , it will be basically a whole new game , v0.1 was more of a prototype than a real game , I am remaking everythng , better textures , better environments , an item equipment system , etc .. I will only release v0.2 when it's full and ready .

Well , this is the v0.1 , it's just a prototype , and it has many problems , I am working on v0.2 , and it already started to be a real Steam PC game that someone would actually pay 10$ for . Follow the project on social media , TwitterYoutube .

Yes . 

I have school , so I will just post it on Steam for people to wishlist it.  

I will try to build a community of 100K fans 

And continue working on it , until v1.0.

Then publish it on Steam. 

If I earn money from it I will port it to the Nintendo Switch.  

Then port it to the Xbox and PS . 

Share it with friends,  that's the best way to support the development of the project in addition to donating. 

Thanks :D 

Thanks! I am taking my time to work on the v0.2 and come up with a great game . 

Thank you so much ! I will try to do my best !
I will keep improving my game until I launch it on Steam .  I will be trying to grow a community until then  , follow me on to get News regarding the game :D I will send a free copy to all my supporters (donors , followers) .
Have a great day !

Thank you for your interest in my game !
I will consider adding your ideas to the version 0.2 .
Well , I made Dora Diginoid to be "Hedi Dev Studio's mega-man metroidvania" franchise , that's why it inspired from MegaMan and Metroid . Since I really loved "Metroid Prime" when I played it in March 2022 , also I am planning to make a Smash Bros game when I grow up , that's why I am trying to make franchises and IPs for my Studio :
- A sci-fi themed franchise (which is Dora Diginoid)

- An anime-themed franchise in our world (Dora Goken Storm , I will re-develop it)

- A medieval themed franchise (something like Zelda , I will make that in the future)

- A charming cool franchise (like Sonic the Hedgehog but the world and characters are inspired from Kuro-chan Cyborg)

- A charming cute kodomo/shujo franchise (for young boys, for girls . Such as Yoshi , Kirby , Cocotama , Pikmin . I will probably make it about about some pets )


Anyways , have a great day :D

Thank you so much for the feedack .
The things you've mentioned are reasonable , I will add them to my todo-list for the v0.2 , I am rewriting some of the classes because I feel my code was not modular . I'll try my best . Have a great day :D

Well , probably not same mechanics exactly , but you still get the idea :D

Thanks ! I am aware that my game has some problems , I would like you to tell me about what you found so that I know what should be improved in next versions :D

Thanks ! It's one of my "very serious" projects , I am planning to make a smash bros game when I grow up , that's why I am starting to build franchises to be included in it .

Thank you :D

Thanks ! I am glad you liked my game :D
But why would people play it on a small window though ? I can add that within a settings menu in future releases ..

I hope you enjoy my game :D Consider sharing it with your friends , it will be the best way to support me :)

hehe yup , you don't see a mega man style game with a cute girl protoganist too often . That's why I had to make one .

Yeah maybe :D

I hope you enjoy my game :D

Thanks !

Dora Diginoid V0.1 is available now for PC ! 

Mobile (Android) version coming soon :)
IMPORTANT : The game is still in early development , and you will find some bugs (camera transition errors , damage errors) , but don't that bother you and enjoy the game !

Thanks , Play Dora Twintails , it's like celeste ; but you switch gravity and dash .

NOTE : Dora Twintails is for Android only . You can rnu it on emulator if you like to .

BUTTONS : Arrow keys , TAB (switch gravity) , D (Dash)

I liked your video , I made a puzzle platformer game "Lampy" , it would be nice from you to try it out :) 

Wow , I've to say I played the first celeste classic and finished it 5 times now , nice to see more of this great game , I am a fan of Celeste <3

How can I devide my page into sections , for example one section for "Shooter Games" , one for "Platformer games" , please help me , Thanks : 

I am 16 now , I started at 13 with Unity , then 14 with Unreal , and since 15 with Godot , check out my games :) I made a puzzle platformer "Lampy" and a game about my Crush (see the video on my channel "Hedi Dev") , project files are free :) Have a great day .

Sorry , I thought he had the same problem as mine , that's why I asked him , by the way , great user support :) Thanks a lot ! 

Thanks for replying Sir . Have a great day :) Happy new year by the way 

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i have a question , I have 39$ as for now , I linked my account to payoneer , so now how to put the money I earned on in my payoneer account ? when i check my payoneer balance it shows  0.00$