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Can we publish a game that is made in Core Engine on for free and earn via donations ? Thanks

hey Dani , i am making a game about my crush , it would be nice from you if you give me your opinion on it .

hey Dani , i am making a game about my crush , it would be nice from you if you give me your opinion on it .

yeah with God willing , i am making the fighting mechanics for the second episode :) 

why much of this hentai man ? i like it to be honest , anyways , i love kawaii anime girls and waifus :)  

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Glad you enjoyed it man ! make sure you follow me on so that you will get the latest updates and games , anyways for your question about fonts , i actually drew them by hand , have a great day , here is my yotube channel , it will be nice from you to subscribe 


ok , i updated the description , i think it's better now :) 

good game , i make games and projects for free


like telling the story ? can yoy give me an example ? Thanks :) 

yes use it however you want , it's under MIT liscence , share it with friends and support me by donating if you like , Have a great day :) 

absolutely great ! excellent job man , i wanna make my own game engine one day :)

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Thank you Sir , by the way i make games and projects for free , donate if you want , thanks , make sure to play "Lampy" which is the first game i published . Peace 

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you should join a game jam , since this was made whithin just one hour , imagine what you can make within two days or more , good job mate :) 

so How did you find it ? Was my game good or not ? 

Hi Sir , i uploaded the first Episode of the project ! please check it , thank you . 

Have a great day :) 

liked the idea . keep it up  :)

thank you :) i will do so

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thank you Sir , well i 15 and i am not a pro developer so i think i can't work within a team for now , i will tell you whenever i feel ready , by the way i will publish the project files when i finish at least the episode 1 of the story , have a nice day :) 

i make games and projects please visit my page and support me by donating if you want , thank you very much :)

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you are a legend

Cool , i am made a game called Lampy , it's fun to play , please check it out . Project files are available too :) i am making a 2.5D game too .

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i started making Tutorials on my channel , it's "Hedi Dev Studio " :)

as a price , i will make my Project Source code for free :)   but only for 3 days , so download it if you want :) Thanks 

Thanks you for this great animation ! i needed this for my tutorial video <3

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Download it hereHurry up and download Lampy source code and project files before it becomes paid ! Only 59 minutes left ! 

Download it hereProject files are free for today only ! Tomorrow you should pay 10 dollars ! 

hurry up ! Please support me for more content like this :) 

Support me by donating , thank you :) 

Lampy game project files are available now for free ! Only for Today ! Link

well "Lampy" is a good game you should play it  

i made a game so please play it :) thanks 

nice to see developers same my age ( i am 15 ) who make nice games  in a professional way (unity in this case) not in roblox , or GDevelop (for kids) .

glad to hear that ! Thanks for being a follower : )

Did it work for you my friend ?

i uploaded a ZIP file , try it , i hope it will work .

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This is weird , well , as far as i know , Winrar's 40 days Trial is forever , it's free in the end . Don't try extracting files in phone because i don't think this will work . 

Do you have winrar installed ? 

i love Miku so much , check out my game

I love Miku so much , check my game

i love Miku

Thank you bro