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Thank you for your interest in my game !
I will consider adding your ideas to the version 0.2 .
Well , I made Dora Diginoid to be "Hedi Dev Studio's mega-man metroidvania" franchise , that's why it inspired from MegaMan and Metroid . Since I really loved "Metroid Prime" when I played it in March 2022 , also I am planning to make a Smash Bros game when I grow up , that's why I am trying to make franchises and IPs for my Studio :
- A sci-fi themed franchise (which is Dora Diginoid)

- An anime-themed franchise in our world (Dora Goken Storm , I will re-develop it)

- A medieval themed franchise (something like Zelda , I will make that in the future)

- A charming cool franchise (like Sonic the Hedgehog but the world and characters are inspired from Kuro-chan Cyborg)

- A charming cute kodomo/shujo franchise (for young boys, for girls . Such as Yoshi , Kirby , Cocotama , Pikmin . I will probably make it about about some pets )


Anyways , have a great day :D

You got some big plans boy! Good luck on achieving them!