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Hey buddy!

I saw your game in a discord and it catched my attention. So I created an account to write you some critique. First of all: I didn't played the game, and I just saw your gameplay trailer on your Youtube channel. So this whole wall of text will be written by someone who randomly searches for games. One small tip: Create two channels. One for your Dev-blogs and programming progress and one for all the random things you want to upload. This adds a little bit more professionality.

All right. I hope I don't write to much gibberish, since it's hard for me to write down my thoughts without drifting off topic. I will try to write everything chronological when i saw it.

1. It's really brave to develope a game all alone (I assume) at such young age. You have my respect! I hope you will keep programming and keep the joy :)

2. When I saw the thumbnail I recognized Mega-Man. Just as a woman. You have to decide what your character will look like, but I think it's too close to the original. Maybe Dora could loot outfits and one of these is a Mega-Man homage. Or a weapon looks like the blaster. You have creativity and you are eager. I bet you can create your own IP. Hints to other games or TV shows are nice to have, but Dora looks more like a copy of Mega-Man than an original. Other mentioned Ochako from MHA. Again: A homage to her powers would fit better. Try to implement antigrav as an ability and as a gameplay mechanic.

3. I like the start screen. The "old"  design looks cool and can create a kind of nostalgia. I like it. When the controls showed up I was a little bit disappointed. These are the basics of every flash jump'n'run. You are in an early stage of developement, and I hope you will use the other buttons aswell (R1, R2, L1, L2). E.g. activating abilities or switching items.

4. I like the water drops on the screen when it rains. It's simple and not annoying. But you should increase the FOV. It looks a little bit small and it will be hard to see where you are jumping/flying when you run down a cliff.

5. The enemies and the combat need more polishing. Again: I know it's and early stage. As my previous commentator said: let the enemies react to your attacks. Let them scream, retreat, engage again, shoot something, grab you so you have to escape with button smashing... And your standard blaster needs unlimited ammo. A small amount of damage, but when it's not possible to kill your enemies without shooting, this is your only choice. Especially when you need your other weapons against walls, buttons or special fiends.

6. Tone down the voice. it's too much. Let Dora say something when she falls down a specific hight, gets hit or when she jumps after a certain time (imagine it like "exhaution").

7. When you ran into the bat I saw to indicator for your health. It seems like you have a shield, but it would be nice to know how much of it, so you can save an item for later.

8. It seems like there is a kind of weather change? At first it was a little bit dark outside and later there is a rainbow and it was lighter! If that was not intended: Make it a feature. It would be pretty cool, as long it doesn't decrease the gameplay experience (e.g. the surrounding are too dark to see an enemy).

9. The underground facility was really interesting. Add some computers or terminals with some information to these Diginoids or what happend at Base 17. Until now I have to idea whats going on.

10. Make it more obvious when a level will end. Or write in the mission book (I hope this will be added, just as a map) that you have to return to your ship. Maybe the player wants to explore the world more or looks for secrets. It would be disappointing if you can't do that.

All in all it's a good start. But I have to tell you honestly: Until now it's just an unoriginal jump'n'run. You have ideas, but these need to be expanded a lot. The world seems  to be kind of unnatural, try to involve this in the lore. Write a small intro text before you start the mission (not just the small log, but a small explanation). Show your audience what can happen in your game. Show possible abilities, like an icebeam which stuns enemies for a small time, so you can blast them with a big attack. Light up a tree, so you burn insects quickly, slow down the Diginoid with water (since they are robots), make yourself faster with slime, so you can jump over a canyon. And maybe try to increse the whole speed of the gameplay. Until now it looks relativly slow. Give the viewer a fast pace scenario to hook them. 

Look at it like this: If Nintendo would release Super Mario Bros. in 2022 and would show World 1-1 as a gameplay trailer, nobody would care. In 1985 this was a BLAST. And since Nintendo build up their IP with new features, a kind of lore and better gameplay, they still sell a lot of copies.

I hope I could tell you what I mean. Again: A good start, but not catchy enough to be more popular, in my opinion. Look at other 2D games and take these as inspiration. Build up an idea and fill the holes with cool gameplay and features or lore. Even though this whole text sound a little bit harsh, keep up your fun with programming and gamedev and become a cool creator :)

P.S.: Keep in mind that the jumping out of your ship and shooting door really looks like Samus. Get inspiration from other games, but don't copy them.

Thank you for your interest in my game !
I will consider adding your ideas to the version 0.2 .
Well , I made Dora Diginoid to be "Hedi Dev Studio's mega-man metroidvania" franchise , that's why it inspired from MegaMan and Metroid . Since I really loved "Metroid Prime" when I played it in March 2022 , also I am planning to make a Smash Bros game when I grow up , that's why I am trying to make franchises and IPs for my Studio :
- A sci-fi themed franchise (which is Dora Diginoid)

- An anime-themed franchise in our world (Dora Goken Storm , I will re-develop it)

- A medieval themed franchise (something like Zelda , I will make that in the future)

- A charming cool franchise (like Sonic the Hedgehog but the world and characters are inspired from Kuro-chan Cyborg)

- A charming cute kodomo/shujo franchise (for young boys, for girls . Such as Yoshi , Kirby , Cocotama , Pikmin . I will probably make it about about some pets )


Anyways , have a great day :D

You got some big plans boy! Good luck on achieving them!