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Indie Project Planning Ideaboard · By SolarLune

MasterPlan To-do List Sticky

A topic by SolarLune created Jan 10, 2020 Views: 606 Replies: 21
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There's quite a bit that I'd like to see from MasterPlan - here's a current running total of some of the bigger things I'd like to add.

  • Shape Tasks. Shape Tasks would be used to plan out shapes for visualization. This could be useful for, say, planning out floor plans for level design or world map design.
  • Multiple "pages" to the Taskboard; that way you could easily segment your Board out without having to do so spatially. (This is now implemented, along with rename-able Boards.) It might be better to reimplement this as folders; that way, you can have a more visual, graphical means of arranging Boards / folders / projects, even within a single plan file.
  • Boards should be able to be partially transparent; that would work really well with Shape Tasks, as it would allow you to create shapes on different layers to visualize different floors of a floor plan.
  • An abstracted map when you zoom out enough to make things easier to parse if you have a large board.
  • Reworking how Tasks are edited. Currently, the Task Edit screen takes up the entirety of the screen; it'd be good to edit Tasks directly on the board, rather than opening up a new board.
  • Git integration. It'd be cool if you could add specific text to Git commit messages and have MasterPlan automatically pick up on that to complete the related tasks in the software.
  • Undo and Redo definitely need to be added. This has been implemented for Tasks; still needs to be refined, as well as done again for text editing.
  • Text highlighting within the text box editor. This has been implemented.
  • Juice - sounds and animations when moving or completing Tasks.
  • Metrics - It'd be nice to get a pop-up indicating some metrics about your current Taskboard. For example, how many Tasks you have to deliver within x days, how many Tasks you must complete per day to stay on track, hour estimations for Tasks, etc.
  • Rebindable shortcuts.
  • Collaboration capabilities - it would be nice to be able to collaborate with others who are using the same plan. It might be good to simply auto-reload projects if changes are detected and attempt to merge changes; that way you could use external methods like VCS or shared drives to collaborate on the same file without having to add those kinds of capabilities into MasterPlan itself.

There's lots more that could be done, but those are just some things to start with.

An option to lock the aspect ratios of images would be great!

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Yo! When resizing images, images lock to their correct aspect ratios now. Hold Alt to stretch them as you want.

I'd love the ability to have a link in a Note be clickable, as well as having display text vs the full URL. Also, being able to select/highlight text to delete/cut/copy could be nice, currently to delete a lot of text I have to hold or repeat hit backspace :)

Ah, clickable links would be a good idea! I'll add that to the to-do list.

The textbox has received your suggested improvements, though, so we're good on that front (though there are other good things I could add for the textbox still).

MasterPlan is running fine on my Windows machine!

Along with the text highlighting and text wrapping in task descriptions - which I think is pretty important considering  people will be copy and pasting things from previous planners to this one - an export option would be pretty cool as well. Maybe you can "export" the current screen at a set dpi (higher resolution depending on how far the user zooms out, they can choose how detailed they get or something like that) to pdf.

A note on text wrapping, it'd still be good to be able to have a customization text-description-box size that you can drag to make bigger or small but that wraps the content in the set size. That might feel better than to adjusting the size automatically depending on the context.

Hello! Sorry for the late reply to this - text wrapping would be nice, yeah. I'll add that to the to-do list. 

Exporting to some kind of file format like PDF or PNG would probably be a nice option as well.

Hi thanks for the tool, it looks very cool! Just ask, any chance to support other languages in the future version?


Hello! Sorry for the late reply - I haven't planned to up to this point, but that would be a good thing to add, I think! I'll add that to the list as well.

Would a time tracker field be a possibility? Maybe even perhaps a link with timers to both use a Pomodoro workflow and keep tabs on how long a task/project took depending on which field it is under? Thanks!

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Hello! I'm not quite sure what you mean, but am interested in the idea and would like to know more. When you say "time tracker field", do you mean a literal field, or space, in which Tasks lie to be counted up or tracked for time?

EDIT: Or do you mean a field in the Task that one can use to enter how long a Task should take to complete?

And I do want to add something for time / day estimations for Task completion.

I mean a way to see how long a task took to complete.
You start the timer when you start working on that task, and stop it when you're done.
It saves the time spent on it between sessions, so you can bill people accordingly if you use it for that!

could the edit boxes be smaller, so they dont take up the entire screen? sometimes i forget what i edited and want to take a peek but the entire screen is hidden behind the edit screen. Somehow this should be possible to make it dynamically sized. Lower opacity for the edit screen could also be an option.

Ideally, there shouldn't be editing boxes at all - I'd like to revamp this to make tasks editable right on the overview screen, but that'll take some time that I haven't put in yet. But yeah, I want to solve this in some manner so that the editing menu doesn't take up the entire screen.

Small life improvement would be ctrl + backspace or ctrl + delete  should delete the whole word like in usual editors.


Another life improvement would be to edit the text of the checkbox's text without entering the entire edit screen (which include the complete tickbox etc). 

Also i feel like if you have the checkboxes enabled, you should be able to mouse press and switch between the complete  true or false value

Also if you want to go the entire edit screen route, make keyboard movement easier, like notion / trello has so you could tick the complete box with pressing enter etc.


Sorry for the spam, but before i forget, could there be an option in the project settings, which could allow skipping the introduction animation? I love quick startups

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I'm back to working on MP again, and I've been thinking about this particular suggestion - the animation only lasts roughly two seconds. Does it last longer for you when loading your project, or is that too long?

animation speed is consistent across projects. Guess i just want to be able to skip it / disable it

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Added to the latest version of MasterPlan!


Would it be possible to rename boards? I want to use them to segment different parts of what im doing on my game. Code/Assets/Art so it would be nice if I could name the boards accordingly.

Yo, now you can rename Boards with the latest update (v0.2.3)!