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god bless you for the "no dont use this for NFTs lol" provision 


what the hell is wrong with you

difficult to play on mobile! A solution I usually see is having a little circle you drag on to drive the swing and you can see the swings line and magnitude on the ball 

The experience of launching the games didn't really work the first time I tried it, I interacted with one of the games and thought it was going to take me straight in, but the game just froze and i didnt understand what to do, and I realize now that the launcher simply failed to open up and take over for the new game. I had to alt-f4 the "lobby" game and then it worked the 2nd time.

Thanks! :)

Sure. Basically in the past the issue I've had is I do a MacOS build for release in Unity, and the binary might even run locally but when I zip it up and try it on another Mac, it wont run, it might even not recognize it as open-able.

MacOS "Applications" are just folders with specific structures & manifests in the right places, the important path is: "". I've noticed that sometimes the filesystem "+x" flag, which denotes that this file is executable/runnable, is either not set, or set in a very limited way. In the past I've had luck issuing a command like: "chmod uog+x", which is basically saying "change permissions on this file, Users (u), Others (o), and Group (g) will gain (+) the executable flag (x).

Because the bundle isn't signed, it will still require users to right click it and select "Open", and then they can accept the warning dialog about un-trusted files and open Unity.

sometimes on macos builds, before I package it up, I have to go into the package and chmod +x on the game binary

renaming the project "nasty little shits" thanks for the tip

Thank you!! Nice freestyle at the end

Thank you!!!!!!

Thank you!! :)


An option to lock the aspect ratios of images would be great!

Thanks! Yeah I had about 5 days to knock something out and I definitely wasn’t going to be able to design, iterate and playtest on anything but something ultra-ultra simple gameplay wise. Going asset heavy felt like the best way to knock something out I could scope to have a sense of polish. I actually have had a very sad year with my family so this was cathartic.

I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!

As usual I ran out of time to polish the "What the hell is actually going on" part, it becomes apparent pretty quickly with a large group that the least-fed people are being dragged away every 15 seconds, but with just 2 people it feels like a skinner box. I wanted to add AI to reduce confusion and make it pretty obvious, but here I am.

This game is really well done, that kinda “player ramp up” tuning takes lots of play testing and I also struggle. Nice work!!

I love it, the visuals and feel are excellent. I think having the ball state be a button hold instead of a toggle would go a long way. Having to manage my state in a level design that is going for sonic Iike fluidity gets real clunky.

The addition of the extra modes after you clear the first level is really good, I almost wish it started with a looser fluid map like the race and then worked into the more technical quasi puzzle style the main level has.

I feel it!...

I feel the cosmos...

I beat it! I have mastered this solitary horse world.


I’m so glad to hear it! Thank you