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A Neigh Goo Scenario!
Submitted by TomR — 4 days, 7 hours before the deadline

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Community Choice#243.4673.467

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Judge feedback

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  • Horse World 2 is a gameplay sequel to Moon Lander, and a plot sequel to Horse World Online. It doesn't merge the two terribly strongly, but that was hardly the point so not really a bad thing there.

    + Stayed true to original game's intent
    + Horse Commander Best Commander
    + Grapple worked more than not (which for the style presented is quite the accomplishment)

    Needs Work
    + Controls sometimes finicky
    + Restart speed
    + Maybe easy mode for babies like me?

    This was one of my favorite examples of Unnecessary Sequel of the jam. It feels like a pretty proper Moon Lander sequel. It takes the original, keeps most of it (it is more forgiving with collisions being a big difference) then adds some extra features that were never really asked for. It's basically a modern version of a "physics game" where the original Moon Lander was a more grounded version of the same. The game continues the tradition of feeling really hard, but also fair within the rules it sets out for itself. When you explode, it's because you messed up, not because the game was unfair. I mean I doubt I will personally ever beat a game like this, but I feel if I sat down and practiced, I would be able to pull it off.

    Sometimes it did feel like some things might be inconsistent, like if grappling onto a crate in different positions might alter how the ship flies, but that kind of reflects the modern physics style experience. I just couldn't quite nail down what, if any, effect it was having on my control. One other thing that would have been nice is a quicker restart into attempts. Having to go through the main menu after each death was just one more step pulling you out of the experience and one more opportunity to put the game down.

    The art was simple and effective, it could have looked a little more polished, or perhaps been a little more friendly to the varied scaling window sizes, but it got the job done. The plot was cute, and thankfully didn't get in the way because with Moon Lander the control experience is pretty key.

    All in all if someone where to make a sequel to Moon Lander this is exactly what I would expect to see. I could see some actual potential in this for a game that takes the basic ML game and expands it out with mini-missions and different interaction abilities. I would maybe make it WAY easier by default if it were to be sold, with an option for "classic" difficulty, but this was a fun and well done experience that absolutely served the jam theme well!

    -James Rossi

Elevator pitch
Welcome to Horse World 2!

Pilot a lunar lifter to complete goals to help horses take to the stars!

Describe how your game adheres to the theme
Horse World 2 is a unnecessary sequel to Lunar Lander, being a lander type game with a horse world theme. It's also a space themed sequel to HWO, which is totally unnecessary. Also the "Horse World 2" is a second world being colonized by horses. Totally unnecessary! Finally the game play is setup as a string of touch and go deliveries, which is as close to unnecessary sequels as I could come up with.

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  • Music is very nice
  • Good narrative intro
  • Fun implementation of Lunar Lander and physics based stuff
  • Don't get to carry over your efficient fuel usage
  • No hidden stuff after the ending or outro
Here & There:

I beat it after only several attempts. It was nice and neatly challenging given that the fuel is set at a determined value at each spot, but at the same time there's no reward to the player for having flown more efficiently in the prior stage which is a minor nitpick certainly, but could help ease the difficulty by rewarding smart play. I enjoyed learning how to use my momentum and positioning to minimize fuel cost for the upcoming part and tossing things all over the dang place. I flew around after winning but couldn't find any secrets which I think could have had a great impact. Like, uhh, horses walking around with helmets or something. An outro describing the fate of the horses would also have been cool. The vocabulary for the different components was very neigh-se. Sorry. Good game fun time great job.


Game plays great, looks great, sounds great. 

My main issue with it has to be the extreme difficulty which by itself isn't a huge issue; I did find after a few tries I was sort of getting the hang of it. The problem is twofold:

1) No checkpoints. Having the difficulty be this extreme in combination with having to start again from the beginning felt absolutely awful. Having checkpoints would mean I'd get to trial and error the same part of the game over and over, without feeling like I'm losing too much time for daring to experiment or have that dread when I lose most of my fuel just attempting to take off at all!

2) Having to manually restart when you run out of fuel. This might need to be carefully implemented (afterall, 0 fuel doesn't mean your momentum wouldn't carry you to the goal) but it feels kinda rough having the game just sorta stalemate when it's impossible to do anything. 

Apologies if the suggestions sound harsh. To re-iterate, I really liked how the game felt to play and the feeling of getting the hang of a good approach to get to a goal feels great in light of the difficulty. The difficulty isn't the issue imo, it's how the difficulty clashes with other design choices I feel.


Thanks for playing and for the feedback. It wasn't too harsh at all!


It's neat, but I have to echo the difficulty notion.  The fuel you get is just waaay to strict, especially for someone who's just learning to play.  After many many attempts, learning to use just gentle touches to maneuver, I finally made it as far as the radioactive meteor in the pit.  And that's where I had to call it quits.

Fun, but very hard.


Thanks for playing! Getting to the radioactive rock is pretty good!


So, so hard.. I wish it had checkpoints. Not even after every delivery, but, like, 2 or 3 for the entire game would be great. I eventually had to give up after playing for 15 minutes. I had just delivered the hay and was grabbing the meteor when the hay came barreling down from above and smooshed me. Hilarious, but it wasn't as hilarious because I had to go get the boulder to the first checkpoint for the 20th time, oof. 

Or, even if you're super against checkpoints, maybe it would be cool if you could use a fuel station more than once? Like, I would have a wonky takeoff from a fuel station and know I wouldn't be able to make it to the next checkpoint. Rather than starting over, what if I could just pop back to the fuel station with my remaining fuel and start again from 1100 fuel there? 

I also kind of wish the hook went outwards from your butt rather than straight down. It was pretty tricky getting the right angle a lot of the time. If I could snatch a package in motion from a 45 degree angle that would be coolio. 


Thanks for the feedback. It is a hard game :)


DIFFICULT. Wow this is tough. I'll have to come back and give this a better shot later. But, at first blush, it's a tight-controlling, well-presented game. Might even be a good bit of fun if I can ever get past the third mission.


Yeah it's super hard! It's not too bad once you get the hang of it though. Thanks for playing!


I beat it! I have mastered this solitary horse world.


Well done! Now horses can rule the cosmos.


I feel it!...

I feel the cosmos...


I'm totally new to lunar lander games, and so this was really difficult for me, but still well-done and interesting nevertheless :)


It's a really hard game. :)