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Here is a link to the showcase video by Awful Jams.

Thank you all for participating. I hope you had a wonderful time and a great start to the new year!

Thank you! :)

Hello everyone! Please feel free to ask questions or share what you are working on.

That sounds lovely!

This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

Go here
Push the manual button and start reading.

There is also lots to read here

That kicks ass! Great work.

This looks amazing! Thank you so much for making it.

Hello! I missed your stream live, but I went back and watched it. Thank you for the feedback and thoughtful discussion during the stream.

If you have any post jam materials please link them here.

This is the Octojam 7 showcase video: 

Very spooky!

Please use the downloadable version if possible, it's better.

This is a fun take on Snake. I like the way it checks to make sure the targets are separated.

Try reading here, search for load and look at the examples how they are used:

Treat i more like a pointer. You can advance it to get to another memory location.

Wow! That's looking fantastic.

Welcome, you can never have too many snakes!

This is a great game, I love it!

If you use the Octo HTML export with 6x scaling and upload to as playable in browser with a window size of 768x384 with the full screen button enable then it's easy for me to play your game on my CRT and do a little video.

I started working on another game:
It's like a version of pong I guess. The goal is to keep the balls out of your corner.

That's very interesting, thanks everyone. I keep forgetting that Chip-8 was used on computers other than the VIP.

That's awesome :)

That's really neat!

Is there any reason why modern interpreters don't have the framebuffer in addressable memory? Seems handy, but I guess it no program used it the extra space would be more useful. 

Octojam 7 community · Created a new topic Octo CRT

I'm working on a project to get Octo programs on a black and white CRT. It's going well so far.

You gonna make a game that runs in your APL interpreter? lol 

That's awesome! I used to play Jezzball when I was a kid, great fun. Please finish because I would love to play it! :)

Your other projects sound interesting too. I've been thinking for a long time that a Chip-8 "gameboy" should be possible for a very low cost.

I love the graphics. Quite a bit of effort put into a simple concept. Nice work!

Kaneda and Tetsuo have been friends since childhood. Kaneda was always the popular confident one and Tetsuo comes to feel overshadowed and resents Kaneda. Akira is an actual good movie so I'd say it's worth watching.

I love Octo myself. The limitations lead to some interesting solutions and some pretty surprising games have been made over the years. Creative use of the limited pallet and the two bitplanes in XO-Chip are pretty fun to work around, for me.

It's a viable option for sure, just more of a pain than say, not having to do that :)

You are correct, XO-Chip is a fantasy console imagined in the vein of Chip-8 as a reasonable extension without crossing over into something like Pico-8 or trying to make Gameboy game etc. There are no "realistic" models for what XO-Chip could or couldn't do because it never existed. This is all just for fun. :)

I had a few ideas, but the morning of the jam I had a vision of a Chip-8 AKIRA game. I went with XO-Chip mostly for graphics reasons. I wanted the extra resolution and space, plus the two drawing planes was very helpful. I'm still working on it, but I submitted it already for easy sharing.

I'll probably make a few more things before the end of the month too.

That looks really cute! I love it. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

That's pretty good. I guess you have plans for a game with a lot of code :)

Still I would classify this as outside the realm of "easily" when talking about where you're putting code, vs just putting your code first and data second. Ludicrous speed is mostly used for when you don't care if the program had any home of running on anything resembling real hardware. You don't have to stick to that restriction, of course. For standard Chip-8 it's closer to 20, 30 cycles. XO-Chip being the imagined slightly upgraded hardware I like to think it tops out around 100 cycles and try to keep my programs limited to that. That's just me though :)

Keep pushing what's possible though! I'm looking forward to whatever it is you end up making for the jam. It should be interesting.

There are syntax definitions for a few text editors here and you can use the command line mode if that suits you better.

This looks super cool! I love Chip-8 stuff :)

This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. :)

I've noticed is that a lot of the example games have a very obvious flicker when drawing a frame. Is that a limit of the engine?