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I made this game all by myself!

Good game! Art and sound are great. I love the turn based game play and general feel. Nice work.

Try locking the mouse cursor to the window next time. :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. It wasn't too harsh at all!

Really needs polish but otherwise a solid entry.

Nice art and sound. Movement felt a little floaty. I felt myself just moving around and clicking as fast as I could without thinking too much. Stopped playing when my hand got sore.

There is some fun to be had here but it feels unfinished. I wanted to discover what was in the game and explore the power ups but the slowness and buggy shooting kept me from playing more. I feel this could be refined into something good and it may be worth cleaning up. I'd come back for another round.

This is a really nice game. The AI is good and the game play works well. Everything feels polished and well thought out.

Thanks for playing! Getting to the radioactive rock is pretty good!

Thanks for the feedback. It is a hard game :)

Yeah it's super hard! It's not too bad once you get the hang of it though. Thanks for playing!

Well done! Now horses can rule the cosmos.

It's a really hard game. :)

This is amazing and I love it. I once again learned about birds. Doesn't have as clean of an art style as the original though.

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Nice assets, good sound and music. This type of game is not my style so I won't comment much on the game play much. I found it very hard to line up shots or know what was going to hit me.

I like the cinematic intro. Everything feels pretty good, thought he main game loop is pretty easy. Nice job. 

Smart thinking.

I can't click the mouse that many times.

This game is a little rough around the edges but the premise is good and the game play is fun. It had a bunch of bugs and it crashed on me once. If this was polished up it could be a good game.

I love fun and don't care much for misery, unless it's someone else's. This game is super short. I can't even say I had a bad time, it's only two screens long. I played it twice to make sure. Why is the download so big?

This game is based on an interesting idea. Everything looks and sounds pretty good. Personally I had a hard time getting into it. Maybe if I understood the strategies to play better I would have enjoyed it more. Overall a good effort.

Nice art, sound and music. Interesting take on the theme, I like it. I couldn't get very far, but I'm bad at this type of game.

Not too bad, needs some work. The AI seemed to get stuck on things a lot. Player gets stuck on walls easy too.

This game was okay. It could use some funny events or something. I played for a while and almost got him potty trained.

This game is perfect in every way. I'm not kidding this is amazing.

Pretty good!

This is a good game with nice graphics and music. The tutorial at the beginning was helpful but I never got any good at the game. I can see myself playing this more to try and figure it out better.

Pretty good. Nice and clean, well put together. I wouldn't call it fun but I can't fault it for anything.

Everything about this game is great except I don't feel like I have any input on how the match goes. It's like watching an NPC simulation.

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I love Excitebike and this looks really good! Unfortunately the lack of sound and sluggish controls really let this game down. The art assets look faithful and modern and the UI and general look of the game is polished well. I really hope this game gets an update because I feel with some polish to the game play it could be really good.

My high score is 2244 so far!

Thanks for playing!