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Hi thanks for the tool, it looks very cool! Just ask, any chance to support other languages in the future version?

I really enjoy the scene and the ambient this game provides, thanks for making this great game!

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I'm not sure why but my game save is just lost... My PC system had been updated and I guess it might be the reason why it lost. (Not a system reinstalling but just a big update.) 

This is my first time buying a game on itchio and I just hope there is a way to save my game data on the cloud, it's much safer... 

Anyway, I do really enjoy the game, thanks for making such a great game!

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Hi Kai!

Thank you so much! I will send you the mail ASAP.

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I'm trying to make my speech bubble to grow when the dialogue text is typing by using the ContentSizeFitter Component. 

But it seems not working, for now. The boundary already at the finish place when the text still typing.

I know there are some topics talking about this but it's been a while and I just wanna know if there is a specified way to achieve this effect in the new release? ( I'm using STM 1.8.11 in Unity 2018.3.3f1 )