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animation speed is consistent across projects. Guess i just want to be able to skip it / disable it

Sorry for the spam, but before i forget, could there be an option in the project settings, which could allow skipping the introduction animation? I love quick startups

Another life improvement would be to edit the text of the checkbox's text without entering the entire edit screen (which include the complete tickbox etc). 

Also i feel like if you have the checkboxes enabled, you should be able to mouse press and switch between the complete  true or false value

Also if you want to go the entire edit screen route, make keyboard movement easier, like notion / trello has so you could tick the complete box with pressing enter etc.

Small life improvement would be ctrl + backspace or ctrl + delete  should delete the whole word like in usual editors.

could the edit boxes be smaller, so they dont take up the entire screen? sometimes i forget what i edited and want to take a peek but the entire screen is hidden behind the edit screen. Somehow this should be possible to make it dynamically sized. Lower opacity for the edit screen could also be an option.

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i don't think this is the intended behaviour, a copied node should be unique, right? I'll try to add a gif that shows the problem not happening with adding complete on two copies of the node, and the deadline being applied to all even though they should be unique.

The timer count up when not being in the same board as the timer. i had a board with different timers, but couldnt go back to my other boards while hoping for it to count up

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Hey a bit of critique on the game, ill try to edit these during playthrough

game design: 

  • Rotating the 3 different music tracks on page reload is questionable, some may never reload through their playthrough and you wasted your work on 2 music tracks. Id recommend switching songs at certain levels, or after a time frame
  • The dark outlined spikes are almost non visible even though they are important to notice in some levels. why not fully fill them like most of the game
  • the circles collision area is way to hash
  • player movement feels stiff, same speed movement doesnt help at that
  • why do you die when touching the rectangle youre supposed to destroy by jumping on it?

possible bugs:

  • (XBOX input) when moving left and falling of a cliff you cant move right anymore until you land and vice versa