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Lol just now seeing this, now that I have a better idea of where the game is going I updated the date!

Yea, the Feb 5th update was entirely just a webgl release. But there is a new update coming tomorrow, so ill write a devlog summarizing whats been going on and publish it with that update.

yep thats the gist of it, the more I think about it its more of a POC than a game.

Yea the time issue was mostly an issue with the implementation of my language I was using, I was too lazy to implement a == operator so I had to do != twice lol. but yea in general I wish I made a trial game before the jam to get things working better and to get more used to the language.

My submission works on actual hardware, its called tall plant if you wanna check that out.

O shoot I didnt save the description after I wrote up the how to play thanks for the comment.

This seems like it would be really fun but I could not figure out exactly how to play. Also the music was pretty great.


Yea, the side oddities showed up as a last minute bug and we didn’t catch it until after the jam, it may be neat to make the upside be the activated bonus rather than the down. Thanks for the support :)

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Yea I did plan to make an AI at first but I had something come up and unfortunately had to submit a day early.

Chess and checkers with more on the way, have you ever wondered how different board games would interact, well now you can try for yourself with Chesker. At the moment you can even add custom boards (and eventually pieces) with JSON files.

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I have a game on steam called Infinite Progression which has been getting tougher and tougher to work on solo, I would like to have someone willing to join me in development, and would be willing to split future rev with them.

I mostly need help with the python mod system as the structure of the mods are not intuitive and limiting But would also not mind general UI design stuff (as thats essentially the whole game).

In case the python + c# tags are causing you some distress Check this out Yes I know this is a bit niche of a request but I really would like help.


My discord is @prestosilver#2305 if you would like to ask anything.

Is there a way to insert inline comments or something of that nature. Ive been using a custom markdown compiler I wrote for years, just recently, I got sick of the jank and then i found this, the one thing i really miss is the comments i used to be able to include. If this is not yet implemented it might be possible to have a % character start a comment.

idk whats so entertaining about this, but something is.

just realized i never specified which game it is, its the one titled Infinite Progression.

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Ive been working on this proceduraly generated Incremental game, had the idea to implement mods to it. Ive been working on a framework using iron python to allow people to write mods for it. But I am at a standstill deciding what parts of the game I need to expose to the python engine.

you can see the current game on My Itch currently the windows and linux builds are private, dm me on discord if you would like to try this out.

my discord is prestosilver#2305, i would prefer to communicate through it.

edit: Ive finished the modding framework, now looking for people willing to test

It was a bit jittery, other than that game play was pretty decent.

I saw the concept for this game on the discord and couldnt wait to play it, i have always been one for a good puzzle game and this is one.

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this game was amazing to play. very unique and intresting gam!

rip yea, i couldnt check the windows release bc i run linux ill re export and check it with wine.