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Good post. That all makes sense. I’d mostly agree on the platform release stuff but I’ve found doing windows and Mac isn’t too bad if you statically link everything. Plus I develop on macOS too so I basically have to have both supported. Though if you’re only developing on windows yeah skip other platforms.

Cool thanks for the information!

Hey this is a really great project. I develop an exporter project that bundles all your assets into a sprite sheet (or other formats) along with meta data like animations and tags.

I was curious if there was a specification for the save files. I’d like to be able to import them to get the definitions of the animations and have the ability to call out to SpookyGhost to create the textures on demand to get bundled into the atlas.

This is super neat!

Cute Exporter community · Created a new topic Issues

Post here of any issues you run into using the app. I will do my best to respond and help fix it!

Yeah I didn't change anything else.

Actually this is just fixed in the newest version of dlgs. So if you `go get -u` then it should work.

Okay looking through their dumb stuff. You can do "public.image" as the filter and that works for image files. I don't know if it excludes all the types you wan to exclude or includes other but it's 90% there.

I am on that version yes. I will check the code to see if I can see the issue.

I can manually type in the path but that seems clunky.

If I try to select an image on Macos all the image files are disabled.

Well the note is indented so I think if you ended the list at that indent level but kept the others going that would be the best way to go about it.

Would it be possible to rename boards? I want to use them to segment different parts of what im doing on my game. Code/Assets/Art so it would be nice if I could name the boards accordingly.

Perfect that worked! Thank you!

I saw from the github that you recently fixed an issue loading `.plan` files in macos. I was running into this issue.  Are the changes in the latest executable? Or is there any other workaround?  I'm not super interested in building from source.