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May Releases!

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Just released a new project ? Post it here and tell people about it.

We will start a new thread each month. 7-ish days into a new month, the past month's thread will be archived.

I just posted a Micro-RPG: Brigands of Sherwood.

It used to be that a person could make a handy living robbing passers-by in Sherwood forest, but since Robin and his Merry band of fools turned their hand to it, everyone expects a good old dose of ‘giving to the poor’. It’s hard to make a living when every starving beggar has their hand out!

In Brigands of Sherwood the players are criminals trying to end their adventure with as much loot as possible. The characters are simple dishonest thieves trying to steal enough loot to retire. Will they be able to fill their loot tracks? Or will the presence of Robin Hood mean they have to give it all away?

The rules are simple, and players have the chance to take a shot, by flicking a disc or die, to gain a bonus to their skill tests. This expanded edition includes some extra rules and an alternative character sheet, as well as a short adventure sketch.

It's a little game designed really as a one-shot. If you download or play it I'd love to read your thoughts!


i just released house for the not a game game jam! it's a game (sort of) about exploring a house that is wrong.


I just released Yearwalker, a card-based solo rpg about divining the future, for the Folklore Jam!

Your path will take you to the crossroads tonight, across field and forest, over rivers and under the boughs of trees; over graves and sacred ground alike. Before the day dawns you will face many dangers, and you have come prepared. You have told no one where you are going, and you have kept your silence this day. Now, as the night falls, it is time.

You are a soul in search of answers in the dead of night, and this is your Year Walk
Yearwalker is an introspective solo rpg about divining the future and encountering the supernatural. It is inspired by Scandinavian folklore and tradition, and was written for the Folklore Jam. To play it, you need a deck of 52 cards, perhaps something to write with, and a bit of quiet.
I also made a custom deck of illustrated cards to go with it, featuring a ton of different creatures and objects from Scandinavian folklore, because I have no chill.

This has previously been released as a Roll20 Module, but is now presented here in PDF.

Waylaid is a D&D 3E and 5E short adventure intended to allow you to dovetail it into other modules.


I released Alone In The House, a 1-player horror game about seeing things while you try to get to sleep.

Also at the very end of April I released In The Air Tonight, a 2-player game about partners preparing to do something ethically dubious, and definitely dangerous.


I just published The Unfolk, a two-person game about telling your kids the hard truth and helping them flee persecution. This is also my very first published TTRPG, made and submitted for the Big Bad Game Jam 2019.

It's free for the first week (normal price $1 minimum, $5 suggested)

I just released The Conjurer's Cloak, a storytelling game for 3-5 players about the tyranny of magic and what we do to escape its cage. It was written as part of the Big Bad Game Jam 2019.

It's priced at $5, but if you are experiencing financial hardship, please reach out and we can work something out.

I released a satirical "game" for the Not A Game Jam. It's a single-player journaling exercise about white RPG authors who want to write games about samurai.

I was originally selling it for $1, but it's free/PWYW now!


I just released // REDACTED //, my first released game! It is a single player journaling game that's a hack of DC's plot ARMOR. You play an AGENT on a deadly MISSION, who will do whatever it takes to complete the MISSION. It's a spy thriller with a side helping of identity, repression, and doomed self-discovery.  I'm super-glad to be able to finally share it with folks.

It's $4 minimum, $8 recommended. (If that is a hardship to you, please reach out and I can give you a copy!)