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Update: There seems to be some confusion about whether hacks are allowed. They are!!! Please see the clarification below.

Folklore Jam is a tabletop RPG jam on folklore, myths and the people in them. Submissions due May 3rd!


  • Write a short tabletop role-playing game. ‘Short’ should ideally be under 10 pages, and no more than 20 pages.
    • It should be a full/standalone game, and not a module for an existing one.
      • Being standalone means that the game can be played by itself (with accessories like pen, paper, dice, etc.). A hack of an existing game is allowed as long as you include all the rules needed to play it.
    • The writing and design should be done within the 2-week period of the jam but you are free to come up with ideas beforehand.
  • Your game must incorporate elements from folklore and myths.
    • Folklore and myths from around the world can be used. However, be sensitive and respectful if you are writing about folklore and myths from another culture. Do your research!
    • Interpret the ‘elements’ of folklore and myths as your see fit, but this could include: small local myths and urban legends; religious tales, epics, worship, rituals, rites, traditions; relationships between higher beings and humankind; cryptids, ghosts, monsters and classic beasts; magic, powers, hidden worlds, etc.
  • Have fun!
    • Don't push yourself too hard. There are lots of game jams going on, and it's totally okay to take a break.

Additional guidelines on using myths from another culture

  • Follow these guidelines if you have decided to write about myths from another culture:
    • Find a sensitivity reader from the culture you are writing about. Ideally, you should do it before you start writing, not as an afterthought.
    • Do not use cultural stereotypes and slurs as a description of the characters.
    • Do not use your game to criticise a culture your don't belong to.

Here are two good articles on how to role-play characters from another culture, which is equally applicable to game design:

“May I Play A Character From Another Race?” by James Mendez Hodes (on race issues)

A reply to "Tips and thought leadership on playing other ethnicities/genders/minorities" by Diana Moon

Best Practices For Historical Gaming by James Mendez Hodes (on history and religion)


This jam is organised by W.H Arthur (@Aryl_Ether / and Flowers (@swordsnflowers / Feel free to contact them with questions!

Find other people talking about the jam on Twitter at #FolkloreJam

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A trpg about love and loss
A fairy tale role-playing game for 1 player & 2 volunteers
A TTRPG for many about the funeral of a Jewish Beggar
A trpg about helping passengers get to where they gotta go.
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