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Unfortunately my schedule filled up and I won't get it done for the jam, but looking forward to see what others do and love the jam idea!

I know it's late, but tentatively taking Faerie Gardens just because I'm in love with the aesthetic.

Um, how did you make something so tailor-made to me, personally??? I feel attacked. <3

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I just added some more copies, so you should be able to claim one now! Thanks for letting me know they were all claimed.


They can't corrupt my memories if I corrupt them first.

Okay, but shitposting aside, this game is absolutely incredible. If you like dealing with the complexities of memory, emotion, and perspective, or if you're interested in TRPGs where you work as parts of a whole, you owe it to yourself to try out this game.

Played/ran an abbreviated version of this with 3 friends in a TRPG design community I'm part of. We had an absolute blast, and I'm looking forward to playing it again and making it spookier next time!

I love the atmosphere and the writing of this game so much. The only "bad" thing I can say is, I wish I'd been able to play more of the mini-games... so I guess I'll just have to play it again!

Is it okay if I email you at your email? I wanna share what I did in a better place but I didn't want to send you an email without asking first!

super-interesting game. I used it for worldbuilding a scientist/archeologist faction in my game, very helpful for forming a base to work from as I interpreted the outcome as the starting point for the faction!

Amazing introspective journaling game! Can't recommend enough.

A really amazing Masks playbook that does a lot of really cool things. It needed a bit of tweaking to use for a Phoenix host in my game but after doing so it really sang! Thank you!

A really amazing hack of The Quiet Year. Can’t wait to play it but even reading I have so many ideas!

Just superb. Used this to frame the mindset of one of my faction NPCs in a cosmic Masks game, who was inspired by the Destiny Ahamkara.

An incredible Alone game. I used this to write the story of what happened to an NPC shortly before my Masks campaign started. Was absolutely perfect for prompting the reflection he had in his foggy, amnesiac state.

Incredible art, layout, and mechanical design!

An incredible addition to any Masks game, honestly. We interpret it as intimacy rather than sex only (though sex has certainly happened with our young adult Masks) and they add so much.

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An incredible twist on the "Alone" framework. The prompts are so evocative, and the twist and interplay between the different sections generates incredible stories.

An incredible twist on BoB games that reframe their mechanics, and the narrative of film and TV, in a fascinating way. Highly recommend!

A great Spindlegame. I used this to help frame an NPC’s actions and motivations for the start of my Masks game, and it was highly helpful in directing the course of his self-sacrificing and self-defeating journey into the service of a dark god. Cannot recommend enough!

Played this on stream for a charity stream and had a blast. Even if you aren’t great at chess like me, the prompts can drive such an interesting story, and the narrative prompts themselves reframe the act and context of playing chess in a fascinating way. Thank you so much.

An incredible Masks playbook for a character made as a conduit for violence. We’ve really been enjoying this one in my most recent Masks campaign.

Absolutely incredible fun. Had me laughing and full of joy the entire time. Highly, highly recommended!

I laughed so much I howled while playing this game. Absolutely incredible experience that I sorely needed!

I just released // REDACTED //, my first released game! It is a single player journaling game that's a hack of DC's plot ARMOR. You play an AGENT on a deadly MISSION, who will do whatever it takes to complete the MISSION. It's a spy thriller with a side helping of identity, repression, and doomed self-discovery.  I'm super-glad to be able to finally share it with folks.

It's $4 minimum, $8 recommended. (If that is a hardship to you, please reach out and I can give you a copy!)