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Claiming a Cover Sticky

A topic by Yuri Runnel created Apr 15, 2021 Views: 729 Replies: 25
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If you'd like to let others know which cover you're making a game for to help avoid having too many people jumping on the same cover design, feel free to let folks know here!


I’d like to take Doors We Can’t Reach!


Hello! I've love to use put the moon in your pocket, please


I'm personally interested in Bridges to Nowhere!


Okay I'm definitely taking Bridges to Nowhere!

Going to snag Sacred Geometry of the New Millennium for something, I believe!

I think I might grab Lighthouse Keepers!

I am aiming to do something with You Are Not Alone in the Dark.

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I'm snagging Three Lambs Run To The Marsh! (which others can also snag sdfsdfsdf)

I'd love to design "show compassion to the weeds" I've been meaning to write a game about dandelions for a while

lmao I would never see weed and think about dandelions. Good luck for your game tho.


Going to provisionally grab "A Hole in the Mirror"


I can't stop thinking about "Sense and Stencibility" so I'm gonna grab that for the time being.

Definitely gonna grab Camera Obscura~!


I have an idea for Where the Sky’s as Red as Honey


I've got a concept for Trash Trove Queens gonna grab it :)


Going to grab "The Witch's Almanac" !


Grabbing "Those We Discarded"!! :^)


I'm gonna grab Conversations over Coffee! 

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i have an idea for a DFTQ game i’ve been kicking around that vibes with where the sky’s as red as honey as well as those we discarded and even if i don’t end up going with those [because other people are using those titles for projects already, i see that] i might ask about commissioning Yuri for a cover later anyway??

I know it's late, but tentatively taking Faerie Gardens just because I'm in love with the aesthetic.


Heck ye!

Unfortunately my schedule filled up and I won't get it done for the jam, but looking forward to see what others do and love the jam idea!


way late to the party, but i'm going to try making something to match the energy of the incredible pizza safari


hell yeah! excited to see what you make with it

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Three days left but I feel inspired by show compassion to the weeds and YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THE DARK