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Well that settles it. sorry.

These are very helpful. Thank you.

This is very cool, actually. I love it, it can work with so many art styles.

very cute

I absolutely love, that you showcase different types of ways these assets can be used, to make games that look varied.

Not a lot of people do that. I like that you show how to use your assets effectively, to get different themes, and not just created a basic example scene.

I love you, and I will love to see what you come up with next. Good luck.

Pretty good.

They look really cute. Looks like plushies.

Looks pretty great

I just realized, I might've worded it poorly.

I didn't mean to say that this was a failed project. I was asking, if you were going to use these assets in a project. But you couldn't finish that project, and aren't planning to anymore, and thus are releasing those assets.

Wow, this is a treat. They're so detailed and useful.

I hope this wasn't a failed project, and that the story behind them is much more hopeful. 

But it would be really great if you were to include the license in the download.

It's better to include the license in the download.

Thank you, I sure will. But I have to disappoint you on when it will come out.

It's really embarrassing making a half-assed, complete project public. It will take some time to complete and polish.

I love it and want to use it, but there was no license in the downloads.

We're all aspiring gamedevs here. You should join some communities on discord.

I think, what both of these tile sets are missing, are small details, that make them believable to be real. They are just very big blobs of one color, without any small detail, or something in there to show it exists there by itself. And is not just there for the sake of it.

Like some rocks and worms in ground. Or clouds and birds in the sky. Cracks and crevices in the house. But most importantly, it is also lacking shadows, and gradients. Nothing is just one color in real life.

You can look at some example assets that are somewhat similar to yours. These are mario like asset They don't have too many details, but they do have enough, to show that they have details.. Or these basic assets That do not have any detail, but the artist has made sure to make it irregular at least.

These are a really detailed, and useful tile set. But sadly, the colors are a bit too dull for my taste. I hope other people make awesome projects with this.

You are awesome! This is how open source communities grow, take, and give back.

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You should mention what you added to this tile set, not everything it has.

It's really confusing figuring out what's new. Since, you also use the same sidebar images as 0x72.

You are Talented! I love you.

Thanks, they're great

Congrats. You have it set as an asset though.

Can I know the reason behind making this one free? I'm just curious.

These are really great. Maybe you can add an animation for talking. 

It's a pretty good game, actually. But you must really hate wall jumps to make them work that way. Where they only let you jump up and not to the sides.

I can't see all of it, even with full screen

Somehow, platforming is the only thing you can't do in this game. Can't jump when on platforms.

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When will unity devs understand, that you don't play 2D games with WASD. You play 3D games with WASD. Because the dominant movement is being controlled by the dominant hand. 

Now it's just a lefty's game. I can't play with my right hand.

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Also, there is this thing she does on pressing down. That only sometimes works, and only works here in this place. It does not work later in game. And sometimes, doesn't work here either.

There is this glitch. It freezes.

That's pretty awesome man, thanks

But what's the license

There should be samples here.

This is so weirdly terrifying. It's pretty great.

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It's such a stupid and infuriating game. Not even hard, just awful. Would not recommend.

Pretty nice little game

It's sad to hear that you couldn't finish your game.

I am pleased to see it not being just Ganesha. And actually be an elephant, which is what the word means.

Is the demo supposed to work? As in, are we able to control the character, or maybe just scroll around?

Because if we are supposed to be able to do that, we can't.

I think you should definitely implement coyote jump, it becomes really noticeable and annoying as soon as you start playing with any speed.

I love your enthusiasm!