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this is one of my earliest games, but I stand by it as being adorable and very funny. I wanted to kick off submissions before I started working on another contribution! 

You're dipping your McNuggets in tartare sauce? Kind of inspired tbh.

Here's your bespoke diceless rules variant: Whenever you might roll 2d6, instead grab another pinch of fries and add your modi-fry-er to the result.

This game kicks so much ass. It's managed to capture what I love about fighting games with really tightly designed mechanics. All of my friends are going to be forced to play this game as ponies.

I just noticed I hadn't added the definitions to the printer friendly and epub versions. That should be updated now! Thanks for the heads-up. That should now be corrected.

This game is absolutely everything. Romance lives at the heart of every interaction—in the Byronic sense of romance, and in the relationship sense—and builds a delightful tension as your wordplay escalates to swordplay.

I had a little free time and some new assets I've been meaning to play around with. Enjoy Disposable Planet !

I'd love to design "show compassion to the weeds" I've been meaning to write a game about dandelions for a while

The modified version of (Family) 

I may also edit down the Drift King mechanic to make it keyword-able as I flesh out the Fast & Furious set

I think I actually have to redesign the Family Mechanic. It doesn't grant an Attack ability automatically. Errata'd card forthcoming

I'm sorry for both of these cards.

If you submitted to the jam and opted "Yes" for inclusion in the bundle, please head over to this link to approve your submission!

The only rules are that you have to be able to play alone, and it has to be a non digital game. As such, I love the idea of a companion finding game!