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No limit! Play with as few or as many as your heart desires

That's correct! I'll also be releasing a Devlog whenever the pdf gets updated, so itch should email you about that.

All in all I'm trying to do as few updates to the files as possible so people don't have to keep downloading new versions.

As far as hitting specific goals, I'm mostly talking about that on Twitter.

The Titan, The Zerker, The Witch, The Nomad, The Gambler, and The Techie!

It is fixed.


I will fix it

Glad you're enjoying it!!

Rules as written it would happen with the next entry to give you a little time to set it up, but there's no reason that you couldn't do it in that same entry. That is now an official "alternate rule" :P

It's not a typo but it's definitely not correct grammar. I write how I talk usually, and that's how I'd say that unfortunately. Maybe I'll change it

I think I might grab Lighthouse Keepers!

You could base it on the controls in the cockpit then?





Yeah! I'm about to add more community copies from the last week of sales in just a few hours.

Glad you've enjoyed it!!

Thank you so much for this review!!!

Sometimes i call my things games out of spite.

Glad you enjoyed it though!

1. Yeah, you could probably hack it to make a Tarot deck work sure!

2. That is up to whoever is writing the entry! Some games have had the machine be very similar each time, with one person building on the work of the previous, and others have had a variety of machines but all still coming from the central obsession that the game revolves around.

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Yep! It's a lyric game, which is a style of emotional and poetic role playing game. Also as a LARP, this game is about fully embodied play (which is even more expanded upon with the lyrical concepts of no seperation between character and player).

So when Fen and I were writing the game, the continual downfall and failure was incredibly important to us. If you decide together with your friends to tell a different story though please let us know how it goes!! Someone finishing the machine is a wildly different game for that player in particular.

Glad you had fun!!

holy shit i love it so much

Yeah you could definitely play it alone! You can "pass" the journal to a new character, making it a series just with yourself

I would be able to bring so many sorts of different projects here and make sure pay between collaborators is done in a fair and equitable way. Currently if I want to do revenue sharing, it's a mess.

This was a lovely review, thanks! I appreciate you so clearly understanding and outlining what I'm going for. I'll admit you had me concerned at the beginning hahaha

This awesome!!! Mind if I share it on Twitter?

There isn't one, but you could consider making a thread on the tabletop games community forums here on itch!

Thank you so much!!! These words are very kind 💕

A4 should work for the pamphlet, it was designed with American 8.5×11 in mind but that's the closest size. The size of the journal is based on how you plan to pass it from player to player, as a large one would make it hard to mail. A5 sounds great to me!

Needing to change the game for accessibility reasons is always okay. A file on a USB drive sounds lovely, or you could even print out pages and staple them together. Maybe with a typewriter font haha

thank you so much for the lovely review! centaurs!!!

1. The machine definitely shares a lot of characteristics of musical instruments, but the machine could be a lot of things. If you decide not to make it a musical instrument that is AOK! What matters is that you build.

2. Diagrams are not required, but definitely on theme!!

It's okay. The debate on what is and isn't a game is a long one, but suffice it to say this is a game. Expand your definition of game. I'd encourage you to learn more about the lyric games and other experimental games movements which are very active here on itch.

yeah you are missing something. this game exists in a genre of other queer intimacy games, and is not a joke. This isn't a tabletop game about an adventure, and you don't play a character. Think of it like emotional tag. I want people to play this game, discuss their issues, get some validation, and maybe smooch at the end.

that's rough buddy

hell yeah


Yeah that's super exciting to me

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I've uh actually been working on an article/blog post about this. My main quick tips:

1. Players should start in a system of conflict. Like, one of the big things that set Firebrands games apart are that the characters are trying to/forced to/want to be together when they might otherwise not be doing that.

2. Every character is a protagonist. They are all interesting and should be encouraged to cary stories for themselves. The entire game should treat them as an ensemble, but the individual ones should treat them as stars.

3. Don't worry about time or linear storytelling. Embrace the vignettes. Let the games be narrow in scope.

4. Also, each game does not need to tell a complete story. The game itself does not need to tell a complete story. Heavily suggest at stories with your prompts and game titles, but the players should be filling in the gaps themselves.

5. You need to have a broad mix of conflict and intimacy to create messy entanglements, but generally keep the individual games to one tone. Let the players create those entanglements through play at their own pace.

Yeah, it doesn't appear to be published? Click the "Edit Game" link at the top of the page, then scroll down and select the "Published" button.