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Share Your Projects: D&D (OGL) Sticky

A topic by casskdesigns created Mar 16, 2019 Views: 3,252 Replies: 29
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Please note: this thread is intended to be the place for self-promotion.

Please keep blatant self-promotion out of the other design threads.


This thread is for you to tell others about your D&D (OGL) projects. 


Joy of Monster Cooking

A realistic monster cookbook containing variant rules for cooking, new tools, a new background, two new magic items, and 18 recipes.

Extra Fighter Archetypes

Two homebrew fighter archetypes: the Devoted who empowers themselves with divine energy and the Dragon Vanguard who uses iconic breath weapons with the blessing of dragons.

I made this a while ago using the Homebrewery. Art is by the talented Kelsey Peterson.

Druids of the Waterways

Three homebrew druid circles: the swashbuckling Circle of the Anchor, the reclusive Circle of the Deep, and the life guardians Circle of the Reef.

I made this a while ago using the Homebrewery.


Sealskin is a work in progress (not yet on itch, even in draft form, but about 75% of the manuscript is done).

It is 5e-compatible and presents rules for playing selkies. This includes a discussion of safety tools for handling what happens if a selkie's sealskin is stolen. Also includes less meta content: magic items and spells, an NPC gallery, random tables for fey crossings, nonsexual reasons why an NPC might steal a sealskin, etc.

If you want, you can check out bits I've posted here:

The Ashlands: A 1 page system agnostic science fantasy setting featuring a magical wasteland, roving rust monsters, and a war that can't be rememered.


Illustrated Equipment Packs

The starting gear bags illustrated for those of us whose eyes glaze over when they see a list of mundane items.

Frontiers of the Empire

This supplement is a set of XP rewards to try push players to explore, particularly if you're using a Westmarches with large or mass-play groups, for D&D 5E.

Keeps & Towers

Players often want to build, or upgrade, or repair, fortifications and towers; this gives you a little mathematical heft if that is something you want in your game.

The Lamp

A strange tower is above a hotspring and the locals know nothing about it; time for some high level party to explore.

Sister Stones

The locals say it never snows in Sister Stones, but its snowing in Sister Stones.

If it's crass to put this here, hopefully the mods will step in and let me know - my project is my ongoing Patreon, which is mostly 5E stuff with a smattering of other systems as the mood hits me. The link above goes to the free Public stuff.

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Over 2 years in development

Get ready to partake in an open world epic journey.

A deep and enthralling story.

Turn-based, strategic combat with over 550 enemies

More than 100 hours of game play

100's of Quests

40+ skills including many new combat skills

100+ spells in 6 spellcasting schools

Amazing random loot system

Switch from isometric view to first person view with a click of a button.

Lots of Crafting

Shadow Hunters offers a very unique story, the story is long and offers many twists and turns. There are many quests that you can have, some of which are very long. You can do all of these quests without breaking up the main quest.

Shadow Hunters is a cross between the Elminage series (Wizardry) and Dragon Quest

The greatest thing about Shadow Hunters is it never gets boring, There is always something to do, Quests to be solved, Dungeons and Caves to explore. You will never get bored.

How Shadow Hunters came about:

Shadows Hunters is an open world rpg, its been in the making for 3 years and has a lot to offer. We have done so many things no other rpg developer has done before.Being a die hard Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) fan and a die hard Wizardry fan, I had an epiphany one day "Why not merge the 2 together?" Well I did just that, I am not sure if you know anything about the Wizardry series or Elminage series, Well this game is just like that but wait its not only like that but you can switch it to Dragon Quest with a push of a button. This game offers up a massive 100+ hours that is only the main quest, count in another 50 to 70 with the side quests. We made sure we made Shadow Hunters so that everyone that likes rpgs would enjoy the game. We even put in battle grounds for people that like to grind (or do not like to grind) either or this is the game for you. You can mine for ore, chop wood, fish, you can even be a sage and craft your own spells. So what are you waiting for? The Shadow Hunters need your help!  Anyone that loves Dragon Quest or Wizardry will sure get a kick out of Shadow Hunters!

The hunched beast prowls the forest, sniffing at the still air. The roiling sky flashes and thunder breaks the silence. The time is near and the beast senses it. The monstrous form bounds toward the darkened village, a demonic howl in its throat...

Shipwrecked on a perilous shore, a group of adventurers stumble into a blighted land and come face to face with a great black beast with a terrible curse.

Can they unravel the mystery and solve the Barghest's curse before it’s too late?

A dark fantasy adventure for 3-5 1st level characters

  • Over 20 original illustrations
  • Inspired by English folklore
  • Emphasis on exploration, interaction, and usability
  • Compatible with other 5e dark fantasy horror campaigns

Sample available with dungeon map, encounters, and expected formatting.

Colin (By Odin's Beard)

Hey guys, if anyone would like to help and play test an adventure module I'm designing, please let me know. You can browse around what I've posted so far on this blog: and I might be moving all of the play testing to because of the awesome features I've discovered here.

I've already created a restricted project with the first chapters of the adventure module, and intend to keep posting new stuff there until it's all done. Thanks in advance!


The Saint's Tomb is a free 1st level solo adventure for 5e. It's playable in-browser, hosted right here on You'll need a character sheet to keep track of your HP, ability modifiers and inventory, but the game will tell the story and roll for enemies. 

In this game, you take up a mission to investigate a mysterious figure who has taken an unnatural interest in the funeral of an old priest. You'll fight undead, break into tombs, and (hopefully) save the city!

I've released today a small DND addon that helps make more heroic characters with their own background issues. It's simple, and easily locks into 5th edition.

Flawk: D&D 5e Supplement

This is only part of a system I've been making.


Resolve easy combats with a single die roll and a conversation:


Hi friends! I just made the Tables of Overlooked Treasure, compatible with 5e as well as other ttrpg systems.

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What does this have to do with D&D?

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Hello everyone! A friend and I have created homebrew rules for separating ability scores from the racial traits, giving greater flexibility for creating the character you want. You can check them out here for free:


A good goal, but how is it different from the various existing offerings that claim to do something similar? (Just curious.)

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Hi there. I co-created this project. We offer 4 different options to the player on how they would like to modify their attributes. Also we've created new versions of the human, half-elf, and mountain dwarf races so that they are not left behind by the new system. It's free to download and only a 2 page read, I encourage you to check it out!

Drinking & Intoxication
A crunchy supplement for 5E to track the effects of alcohol.

Looking for players and people to try out some new designs I posted in this Mass Tragedy Unit One-shot, free to download here:

Hello! Not sure if this is the right place to post, but this is "Old Smoke", a contemporary 5e setting I'm working on:

Old Smoke Title Art

Click the title art to access the current work-in-progress version of the setting document. Hopefully more than enough to run a game if it appeals.!

It's set in an alternate modern-day London, and leans in to surreal magic and high drama more than 5e. I'm still working on the narrative flow of the document, my aim is to produce something a new player could conceivably read end-to-end to pick up the gist of the world, then put reference sections and class information towards the back end.

I'm a born Londoner, so the lore aligns well with real-world London's history and culture, just with magic wands and tieflings and stuff.

I'm currently working on the custom classes/weapons/baddies and things; might put a shout out in to the Help Wanted or Offered for that, as it's not my strong suit and progress is slow. So far, the following classes are starting to form:

Sage: Spell class focussed on maintaining attunement with London's magical energy flow.

Bruiser: Tank class whose ablative magical armour can also help negate randomised magical occurrences.

Breach Caster: Spellcaster who can supplement available spell slots at the cost of increased risk of randomised magical occurrences.

Agent: Melee/magic-based utility-focussed class, each with an animal familiar.

Bartitsuka: Highly dexterous, gentlemanly martial artist with excellent taste in shooting hats.

Empath: Non-magical individuals who can interact with the arcane through their influence upon others.

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Your game has nothing to do with D&D 5th edition. This thread is for D&D 5th edition products published under the OGL.

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Play a high school student by day and transform into a magical hero by night in our 5e Magical Girl and Sentai tabletop roleplaying game, Magi-Knights! 

Successfully funded on Kickstarter!

I'm excited to announce the release of my newest game, 5e Arena here on This game is a bit different from what most people post here: it's a digital gamebook that allows you to use your own 5th edition character sheet, roll your dice, and run your character, but play in the browser against enemies that are controlled by the game. Unlike my other digital gamebooks, this one is less narrative and more combat-focused, but there's still a host of intriguing characters . You can play for free here:

Well since this is the place for shameless self promotion I might as well.

So far I only have 2 DND adventures. One of which is technically system agnostic but the creatures all have analogs somewhere in 5E dnd.

The Executioner's Outhouse: This is a greeting card containing a one page dungeon and also the first physical product I have made. The digital only product is available here in itch but the physical version is available at spearwitch and at a local game store in burbank called Geeky Teas. A truly horrible adventure.

Below Zero: This was my attempt to blend Scifi and Fantasy tropes using The Thing as a loose interpretation. It contains a puzzle concept inspired from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything and also fit's in a trifold pamphlet for easy printing. I recommend printing on Neon Green paper to irritate your eyes.

My page also has some other RPG stuff but they're either non-specific RPG supplements or a supplement i made for Mörk Borg if you're into that.