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Heroes but mobile? Consider me sold!

Wow, pretty interesting! Took me a while to suss out the mechanics though, wouldn't mind a tutorial

This is unironically pretty cool

Great game! I'm struggling to get past 500! 

I think it's time I explain what's going on with the cyberpunk extension. This game, mechanically, has been something I've been thinking about a long time, and the extension I made deeply reflects that. This rendition of the cyberpunk genre is set in the late 90s, and I had a lot of difficulty in my playtests communicating that to players. I think the fact that playtests took place in February, within days (It release during playtests) of Cyberpunk 2077 had a big impact on that.

The ETA is still soon™, but I've had to spend a lot of time reworking the entire expansion to make this clearer. For this reason I'll be renaming the cyberpunk extension 'Flawk: 1996'. To make expectations a lot clearer.

To that end, I'll share the current introduction from this expansion:

1996 is a late 1990s setting, on the cusp of the Information age and the birth of the world wide web. Many corporations and factions are connected, but knowledge is not yet widespread, and most communication devices are at least the size of a brick, and portable computers the size of a suitcase. 

Secretly, silently, true AI has been born and is slowly spreading along the net, manifesting physically in small, local spaces. Each AI has its own goals, domain, and may equally hinder and help you. 

Police have grown, overstepping their jurisdiction and ensuring the poor of the undercities are kept away from the grandeur and power of those in control. Humanitarian efforts have lost their funding and renown, causing gangs and cliques to step in to fill the void.

This is where you, runners in the night, live life to the fullest, doing your best to live without regrets in a world that disallows your existence. Satisfaction is only available, in such cases, through substance abuse, or various vices that keep you wanting more. Your job, in its adrenaline, and heavy stakes, can only be done by the expendable, and the forgotten. To private interests that hire you, you are nameless. You are Shadowrunners.

Thank you for reading,


Fantastic game, loved playing it

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Well, you musicians should be happy, because it looks like someone *did* go and make a music player. Here's a demo. This is Scritch, a new web player for itch pages, and it's a perfect fit for this thread. You can read about it on twitter here:

and there's an easy itch page to build your own here:

In my opinion this one has a few benefits over other linked alternatives in this thread, so there's that.

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I think this would be a great place for a dev to step up with an simple music player. With systems already on itch, it should be as simple as dropping your lossless FLACs in a pre-made zip with the player, then uploading that to your page.

It's also worth saying you can just as easily use Youtube embeds for the same purpose

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So, I've come across yet another tradeoff here that complicates things. It seems rewards aren't shown if you don't have something available to download. I can see how that could make sense, but it unfortunately kinda ruins the look of a 'preview' page. So my solution was to upload a 'junk' nothing file, just so there's something available to download. (Don't make this anything bad, because determined individuals will still be able to download it), which unlocks the reward option, but now you have a new problem.

Now your page is gonna look very silly, because of all the information listed here.. only the 'sign up to my mailing list' box is something we want our users to see. Also, there's the quantity left showing, which is very awkward for the purposes of an email list. I took this opportunity to clean up and expand my previous CSS, so now this is the result, much closer to how I want it to look without breaking itchio page layout.

There is, unfortunately, some tradeoffs. Most notably, someone interacting with your store page another way, such as through a widget, or the itch app, don't require a visible 'download' button so can download whatever you have public that's interactable, and when someone attempted to 'sign up', itch brings them directly to a download page of whatever is still public. For simplicity, maybe a PR Kit would go nicely here. I also had to remove the 'more information' dialog, though someone more experienced could certainly bring it back. The result is a as close to stock itchio page, that hides any irrelevant information and only allows you to sign up for a mailing list if you are logged in to itch.

It's a really, really clumsy method of doing this, and I'm certain this will cause more than a few upset 'customers' wondering where the game is. But technically, this functions. I don't see being able to go much further into making a good experience without some sort of semi malicious link hijacker or something, so I think actually getting in contact with Leafo / support is the best way to continue..

Anyway, if this still seems worth it somehow, here's the code:

.rewards h2{
.inner_column h2{

Wow. Just wow.

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Haha! Yes, it can be easily hidden with customized CSS. I'm pretty happy, though I do still wish that you could change the wording of the button, from the rather awkward 'claim access'.

Here's what it looked like before (outlined in red

And here's what it looks like now!

If someone googles, trying to do this too, and isn't capable with css, here's the style:

.rewards h2{
-E @ Fractured Mind

I've been thinking more on this, and I think I've figured it out. See my page, 'Garden Witch' for an example. Basically, you create a free reward, with a name like 'sign up to hear about updates', and every player that claims it is now available to be emailed, in the category named after your reward. Then, once the final game is out, you can still 'gate' the paid content by ensuring that the uploaded files have a pricing access requirement.

Still, it's a bit clumsy. itchio forces some messages like 'exclusive content', etc, that just don't apply in this case, and it's a tad misleading. Hopefully this could be fixed with css customization? Either way, it's a little complicated for an outsider to fix.

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I have a new game nearing a testing release, and I'd like to starting building a community for it without giving it away for free, or paying fees on either MailChimp or Steam (or making a discord). I was hoping for an option to make a landing page for a 'soon to be released' game that would be players can 'sign up to hear more' on, and use itch's email feature to kinda skirt this problem. However, it doesn't look like an option for this currently exists, which is sad! I'm thinking it might be possible to use rewards (free 'game' keys) to kind of make this work, but I'd rather not have the game on a separate page, and I'm concerned about accidentally making the game free with subsequent updates to the same page, since I'd need to carefully differentiate 'key holders' and actual owners.

Is there a better solution that exists for this? Am I missing something?

The reason for this is the 'key' claim isn't added to your account until you attempt to download it. This is how I assume 'hiding' the bundle games work. The solution for this is to go through the bundle purchase page and manually click download on any games you think you're likely to play. Kinda lame, but worked out fine for me.


Please add attribution / credit information in the zip! Thank you!

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I'm glad you were able to make it into the game. Hopefully I can clean up a lot of the experience soon. At the very least, I've gained a few more things to work on when I come back to this project.

Thank you!

I've put up a small update that should help with these issues. Here's hoping you can have a much smoother gameplay experience.

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Hi, try playing in a different resolution. One of the bugs I found late in the jam causes the play button on the preface to be off screen :/. After that you should have a 'play' button you can click. I've verified that this works on 1024x768 and 1920x1080, and typically anything close to that. It should look something like this:

I intend to come back and make some fixes for these kind of things, but it's been a busy year with a big update coming to Death Game+!

TIP: You can craft certain items by dropping them together on the 'grass patch' in your main cave.

Thanks for playing!

Great style and use of color

Great humor and writing

Very funny, I love the slow descent into madness

I love the concept and I'm very glad you made it

I was really taken with the style and design

Yeah, that's fine with me

I'd like to offer Metori if interested, or failing that, my pixel art pack:

Hi! I just wanted to tell you about Zorb, my new-old game, which I've remade to be playable on modern platforms. This is essentially a DND-alike I designed when I was very young, which I've transformed into a playable single player game. I'm really proud of how its turned out, and the mechanics are pretty impressive for a free text adventure.

This game includes combat, random events, pets, a basic inventory system, and more content than even the original game had. I consider it the best overall release so far :)

Please try it out, I hope you enjoy!

Wow, this is really cool!

This is really great, thank you

That's really neat, thanks for posting.

Thanks Josh! I appreciate you checking this out!

Hey, just thought I'd give you guys a preview of what the fantasy book looks like so far. Currently there's 4 classes and 3 subclasses, with the typical Flawk option of playing classless. Here's a description of each class/subclass

These are only rough descriptions, and I'm likely to change a lot of this before release, but I'm really happy with this cast of classes.

Additionally, I've decided every character should be able to cast at least one spell, which has really changed the trajectory of the spell list, allowing for a lot more roleplay and co-operation spells. Here's what that looks like so far.

I'm considering this extension feature complete, I'm now making polishing changes and adding more content.

I made a video on this!I wish you would continue development

Kinda want to make something bluntly offensive, like steve jobs trying to get his freak on, kicking Woz out of the basement, meaning he now has to make excuses to apple why his work isn't done(cause without woz literally all steve jobs does is get high and cheat on his wife)

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Update: I decided to try to kill the invincible spike enemies (they were stunlocking me, so I just ran past them). They drop a item you can use to progress.

Also, you can get a machete in the thief's cave, by crawling in the top right

Game looks super pretty and fun, but I can't seem to figure out how to play?

The only chests I've come across and blocked by tall grass, which is impassable and I can't slide kick it or jump over it. Every door I've come across is locked, but I've explored the entire map and can't find a key. There's a lever that looks important but I can't reach it at all.

The crates on the spawn island, and inside the caves don't contain anything.. and there's crates underwater but I can't access them without a weapon, seemingly.

I'd love to play, but I can't even find a way to get started, and every single area is blocked by impassable walls I can't seem to get through without a weapon

I made this in October last year, but never released and just sat on it. Today someone linked me this jam, so I thought that timing was appropriate to finally release it. I hope that's alright.


Hey, give this new update a try. I've added a menu option to turn off an intensive effect on the campaign screen, which should let you run through the game.