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Turns out Amazon automatically renews kdp if you don't specifically go uncheck it. This is the reason that Flawk has not yet returned. I will be able to return it on November 7th.

None that I know of with Windows specifically, probably to avoid copyright trouble with microsoft. But you'd probably like this game:

It occurs to me that an almost guaranteed way for us all to 'win' the jam would be to group our games together at the end in a co-op bundle. Any thoughts on that?

Happy birthday Dave! Thanks for you contributions!

It's a lot safer to go through vetted platforms, like keymailer or Woovit, some of these platforms actually limit their requests until they post coverage of your game, too. Unfortunately there's still a ton of bad actors, even on these sites, so vet them well

But you can't sell a mod. You can (probably, no visible license) sell this.

Update: I now have a full schedule, and can't take on more work for a while! Thanks everyone who reached out!


Best of luck with your project. I do offer consulting as well if you'd like guidance on doing it yourself.

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If it's based on Ren'py, I could do that for a very reasonable price.

For most of the content described, I'd estimate around 20 hours depending on the exact details. The QTEs would depend on the exact requirements, but if it's repeatable mechanics, likely around 5-15 hours for that.

Please email me:

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Hello everyone! I'm a very experienced gamedev looking for work in the short term. 

Looking For: Games Programming, Development, Multiplayer Integration, Consulting


10+ years of Unity3D Experience.

Over 5 completed solo commercial projects (Unity, Twine, Renpy)

Experience directing a AA team of over 20+ programmers over 60+ projects

Marketing (Gaming Copywriter) and Pixel artist background.

Significant management experience,

 I can run your team and pitch your projects to investors.

Length of availability: Contract / Part-Time / Full-Time (Depending on pay / work)

Rates/Payment Method: $30-60/hr, depending on budget. Paypal preferred (you pay fees)

Status(Updated): CLOSED

Contact Method: Email me with offers, feel free to message to ask questions.


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Went to send you a message, which only friends can do. Please add me to discuss (Enemby)

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Hi hi! I'm Nate 'Enemby' Bosen. I recently made a game called Surgeons, Please.I am looking for playtesters for this project! I prefer to incentivize help on my projects, so anyone who helps with good feedback that makes the game better, will get a 'testing' credit inside the final game. These are the requirements:


  • You are using a computer running Windows 7 or better.
  • You are using a display that is capable of displaying 1080p or better.
  • You have the ability to play the game with a mouse for about 10 minutes.
  • You can either record your playthrough, or write a short document describing your experience. Please, if recording, try to vocalize your thoughts as you play. This information is very helpful to the process.


  • You will receive a LinkedIn endorsement of a QA-related skill if I am able to endorse you.
  • You will receive a 'testing' credit inside the game, Surgeon's Please.

If you're interested, please email me at: 

[No longer accepting testers. Thanks to everyone that reached out!]

I really enjoyed this game, I had no idea Scratch could make 3D games. I included this game in my 'Indie Itch' series (Only free games)

It's entirely theoretical, but I don't think artists are going anywhere, at least in the US (surprisingly). There's been a case of copyright being refused because the AI work did not contain human authorship.

What I think this means is that there will always be an artist involved somewhere in the process. But on a moral case, I don't think AI has a future for bulk- asset creation. The usage of their data sets is often, if not always, breaching both the licensing and copyright protections inherent of any work in the US (or part of their public release). The scale of these data sets make getting ethical consent of all creators involved functionally impossible, especially as many works will be included from (for example) dead, or inactive accounts that can't be contacted. So it's going to be really hard to use this current tech in a legal, commercially viable, and reasonably ethical way. 

One other thing is that eventually, AI Data Sets are going to include a bunch of AI work that's been automatically scraped from the internet. I wrote a twitter thread on the issues I think will come with that. That's a purely technical issue that I think means that future AI will be more time-consuming to make, and thus, more expensive and less cost-effective.

Here's what I think is going to happen instead:
Artists are going to start using AI as reference to create faster, better art. It'll become an efficiency tool, a double-edged tool that can help as much as it hinders depending on its use. One thing that could be really difficult but would be ethical, legal, and cheap would be artists creating their own private AI based on their own work. A tool they could use to provide concept sketches and blocking, skipping over a lengthy requirement for their work. That's what I personally hope happens. I think artists should retain ownership of their own work.

Can we see the license information?

Hi, I've sent you an email regarding bundle eligibility. Please get back to me as soon as possible.


I can confirm it's fixed on my computer. Thanks for your quick response!

Yeah I ran into this many, many times in one session. Troublesome issue to deal with when trying to do a client spec

I personally would have to turn this off in the game, the performances are so wooden, but I'm really surprised how well the voices came out!

I don't think I'll ever be using AI like this, but that's capitalism, I guess! Best of luck with your project. Here's hoping you're able to upgrade to humans in the future.


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Pretty sure that a direct download (such as an automatic update, through the itch client), or going straight to the download page via an email/etc, do not count as views. This way it's easily possible to have your downloads be higher than your views, especially when you release an update to your projects. This is especially the case with bundles / sales, as purchasing there links directly to the download page.

Damien Crawford probably has that locked down, honestly.

I Have Low Stats But My Class Is "Leader", So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord

My Older Sister Left The Computer So I Got On & Found Myself Trying To Coordinate A Raid In A Game & I Don't Play MMO's

We Got Tired of Adventurers Stealing Our Things, So We Became Dark Lords

Thast is, on the english speaking side of itch. I bet it's longer in Japanese, since they have a whole culture of long titles.

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Put This There

Hey guys, it's Enemby. I know there's a lot of new people joining our little community these last couple days, so I thought I'd take the chance to ask. What's next? 

I'd like the community to have a say what's added to the game, so if there's something on your mind, feel free to reply with your ideas.


-Enemby @ Fractured Mind Games

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You can email me at [Censored email, now that the bundle has begun]

I've already found a feature I like from itchio blogs. All mentioned itch pages are listed at the bottom!

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Good notes, thanks!

Due to the rushed nature of things, Zaurd are the only race currently that have medical differences. It has to do with having no stomach.

EDIT: This has all been patched

EDIT EDIT: This is no longer how racial differences work in the next patch. Read the notes in the warehouse to get tips on the differences between races.

Great concept and easy to understand

Really great style and fun

Looks like a really fun game to play with your family

I really liked the concept. Looks like a ton of fun

Looked like a lot of fun with good humor

Really interesting style and techniques. Has a really otherworldly feel about it that kept me interested

Looks like it'll be a lot of fun with the children

I really liked the concept, atmosphere, and execution. I'd love to play a longer version!

Reminds me greatly of boomer RPGs, in a good way

Fun concept and really charming art style

It was enjoyable to play, I'd like to see it expanded!

Looks really interesting, and fun! I like how clean and clear the interface is.