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Yep. It too is listed on Massif's page, same as this product.

What the other person said. Each of those (collectively the "Long Rim Mechs") also just got updated on, though, and Comp/Con hasn't yet been updated to account for those changes.

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The last URL in your "press" list still links to the Rock Paper Shotgun article for some reason, despite the URL being that of Free Game Planet. It should point here:

You spoke 3 days too soon! It seems to be in there as of today's updates to the Long Rim mechs.

To expand on what KevinBates said, gift purchases on are explained here:

And this page explains what you'll see when you buy it, what he'll see when he gets the purchase email, and what the benefit of creating an account is (it's not required because purchases are associated with email addresses, but doing so lets you organize all your purchases in one spot):

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I wasn't a backer, but I believe you should have gotten an email with a link to the download page.

EDIT: I think there might be some delays in processing on BackerKit's end, so you may need to be patient.

To those asking about a physical release: they did have preorders for both this premium digital PDF and the hardcover book available via backerkit earlier, so I assume/hope the hardcover book will also be purchasable in some fashion in the future.