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A fun little game. I did terribly on my first attempt, having taken zero notes and immediately forgetting all the orders (not realizing there'd be zero hints of their previous orders at all after they've come to the shop only once). I took detailed notes the second time, and finally maxed out the hearts early on my third try or so.

Also not a creator, but I figure 2 weeks or so seems reasonable, especially if these only happen once every few months. (I suppose it depends on what creators would want to do in preparation for it, though...)

Your game has nothing to do with D&D 5th edition. This thread is for D&D 5th edition products published under the OGL.

I'm not sure that one is a typo. I think you'd read it as "Do you have [talent that you'd brag about ] when it comes to throwing at a distant target [...]".

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Specifically, the .lcp download link is here under "Download demo".

As of March 25, they've launched a site where you can buy a physical copy of the core book here:

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Act 1 is now out, here:

It's the first part of a 2(?)-act campaign.

Yep, that site launched March 25:

March 31:

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Also, on the "spoiler-free" map PDF, the circle/dot on the map for the location near Mt. Cooper is still visible, even though the label has been (correctly) removed. I assume the circle/dot for that location should be removed as well, as it has been for the other locations whose labels have been removed from the spoiler-free version of the map.

(Interestingly, the spoiler-free map on the last page of the adventure PDF itself is already correct; the circle/dot for that location has been removed in the map there.)

Very minor typo in the product description: "it's history" should be "its history".

Perfection. 😆

It looks like all refunds on would have to go through's support regardless:

You can contact support by emailing

Uh... Daphne and Kae's bios are identical. I assume that's an error :P

Do you mean the mech skills associated with the pilot (HASE)? You add +1 to a mech skill every time you gain a license level, per the "Leveling Up" section on p. 18.

That's due to how the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality was structured - there's an absurd number of products in it, so rather than automatically showing them all as owned automatically, you have to manually click "claim" on them from the bundle page first for that to happen (I think).

Why does the "More information" box say this product was "updated" 4 days ago (September 7th), even though the downloads page doesn't show any of the included files having been updated since 53 days ago?

Are you asking about how to put it into Comp/Con or where to find the file?

If it's the latter: For the paid/premium version of the core book, the NPC data is listed alongside the other downloads.

If you don't have the material associated with your account: I believe that if you got it on BackerKit, you should have received an email with a link to an page where you could download/access it from.

For the paid/premium version of the core book (which I believe is what was included in the Racial Justice and Equality bundle), the NPC data is listed alongside the other downloads.

A good goal, but how is it different from the various existing offerings that claim to do something similar? (Just curious.)

The mobile versions are also free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store; but like on Steam, the Windows version costs $5.

It seems like it'd make more sense to charge money for the Apple App Store version instead of the Windows version, if that were the reason.

If you like Tom's art style, you should also check out Tom's webcomic, "Kill Six Billion Demons":

In addition to what Gaeel said, purchasing this version also gives you the .lcp files for the NPC mechs for use in COMP/CON. And it appears that mech token images have been recently added to the downloads here too :)

Looks amazing as always.

Every game should have one of these :D

You... download the relevant file for your platform. Then open it.

Glad to hear it!

The webapp is here:

You just go there and click "Content Manager", then click "Install Content" and import the .lcp file.

What does this have to do with D&D?

Looks amazing!

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Thanks for keeping the player-facing C/C stuff free :)

(EDIT: A note for anyone reading: the Atlas having a heavy mount listed was an error that has since been fixed.)

There's also a character sheet PDF released an hour ago on both the free and paid versions of the Core Book product pages :)


There's also a character sheet PDF released an hour ago on both the free and paid versions of the Core Book product pages :)

Congrats on reaching the goal within a day! :D

It's awesome of you to make this free/PWYW too alongside the game itself :)

I love the aesthetic... Do you have any idea of when the full game will come out? (Is it in active development?)

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I think it's safe to say: definitely not. It's probably just because virtually no race has ability score decreases.

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The free book basically contains all the player-facing content - the intro and first 4 chapters (character creation info, missions and downtime, mech combat rules, and the compendium of all the talents and mechs/systems).

The premium PDF contains all that, plus chapters 5 and 6: the GM's toolkit chapter (including NPC mech info and templates) and the lore chapter.