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Wardensaga is the whole thing: core rules, introductory adventure, and advanced rules. Thanks!

Absolutely, if it makes sense for them to rest at a bonfire. Works well if they’re undertaking a campaign.

Thank you!

Clues are things that help you on your delve, guiding you to your objective, and give a bonus to rolls on the Resolution table.

Setbacks are the opposite, things that get in the way of your objective, and they give a penalty to rolls on the Resolution table.

What shape the clues and setbacks take is up to you as they’re only mechanical abstracts. Depending on what your objective is (say, Explore snowy ruins recently uncovered during a violent storm), a clue might be a hidden path to the next area and a setback might be an influx of new snow that impedes exploration.

You decide what shape the clue or setback takes and how that affects your progress. Hope this helps!

You can wield non-bulky weapons in two hands but you won’t get damage advantage; this is meant to account for the higher damage output for bigger weapons.

Damage advantage and double damage: roll for your damage twice, take the higher result and double it.

Thanks for playing!

The nice thing about We Deal in Lead is that it’s compatible with other Cairn and Into the Odd adventures, as gunslingers can travel into different worlds and settings (depending on everyone’s genre tastes). Here’s a link to a number of Cairn adventures:

If you’d prefer to stick to the Drifted World, you can use the excursion generator to randomly generate an adventure or campaign. I’m also working on new adventures for We Deal in Lead, so keep an eye out for those!

The linden wood shield is the warrior’s key item, yes. I normally enter it twice on the character sheet but only tick the slot once. The shield isn’t bulky so only takes up one slot. Other characters can use the shield but you can only have one key item at a time, so they’d have to drop their current key item. Thanks for playing!

Excellent wrap-up of a long Runecairn solo campaign from Stoneaxe Tabletop Gaming.

I’ve started work on a We Deal in Lead weird west megacity for #Dungeon23. Here’s a video showing my current progress!

For the inventory sections, the circles are for how many slots the items take up. In skills, one circle notes that the skill is a Reaction and the other that it causes Fatigue when used.

Don’t worry, it happens! I missed it, so did my editor, and everyone else who read through the PDF.

Yes, unfortunately.

The numbers columns, 1-25 for First Names and Surnames.

Nope, not you; this is an error I’ve known about for awhile but I’ve just gotten the time to fix! I’ve uploaded a corrected version just now. Thanks!

Here’s me reading the Principles for Wardens from We Deal in Lead, useful for new Wardens looking to run NSR games for the first time.

Great showcase of Fallen and other amazing stuff from Perplexing Ruins!

That’s right, only artefact guns have that feature.

Yup, there are mundane guns (like the revolvers that harriers can use) and they use Lead as well.

Players can absolutely choose to play however they like, including min/maxing for maximum combat efficiency.

That said, artefact guns have the following benefits over mundane weapons:

  • Bypass armour and ignore DEF
  • Damage enemies immune to mundane damage
  • Quick Draw ability
  • Recover Grit in combat

Thanks! So I won’t be at Dragonmeet this year but Peregrine Coast Press will be selling copies of We Deal in Lead, so look out for their table!

I’ve got a Discord but it’s Patrons only at the moment, but I may open it up wider in the near future.

If your inventory is full, either through carrying items or gaining Fatigue, your Grit drops to 0 as you’re overburdened and no longer able to avoid enemy attacks.

Fatigue lasts until you rest for the night so you might have to drop or offload items to keep going.

That’s correct, yes. Mundane attacks hit automatically and you only roll for damage rather than to hit. This is one of the core rules from Into the Odd and Cairn, which We Deal in Lead is based on. I’ll investigate adding a line into the combat section for clarification. Thank you!

Thanks for pointing this out! It’ll be fixed in an upcoming update.

The community copies had all been claimed but I’ve just added some more. Thanks!

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve added it back to the downloads now.

I had a great time talking to Ryan and Hunter from the Weekly Scroll and afterwards they did a thorough review of We Deal in Lead, with some really nice things to say about it!

Here’s a recent solo playthrough from Geek Gamers!

The backgrounds are mainly for roleplaying flavour and to give a rough archetype for the character’s past, though some of them give mechanical benefits during wilderness exploration.

Whether or not the gunslinger’s from the Drifted World mainly informs roleplaying so could be included in the Notes section.

You can choose to roll on any or all of the starting gear tables, trinkets included.

Good point about the bandolier, I’ll fix that in a future update.

Thanks for the feedback!

Progression generally happens through Scars, as these have a chance to increase Gunslinger Grit and abilities.

So mundane guns can’t damage creatures immune to mundane damage. As only gunslingers (and harriers) roll on the Shoot table, anyone else shooting a mundane gun just rolls for damage, but this is reduced by DEF as mundane guns don’t bypass armour. For misfires, rolling 1 for damage forces the shooter to roll on the misfire table. Weapon damage is comparable to artefact guns, except revolvers do d6.

Hi Justin, that was a typo on pg. 86, thanks for catching it!

I’ll also clarify the bullwhip section; it means you can attack targets in short range with it (ie. outside of standard melee range).

Thanks for the feedback!

Hello and thanks for the feedback! I’ll be updating the description for the bandolier to both clarify and add the “small” tag. Wearing the bandolier means Lead doesn’t take up inventory slot.

Worn items still take up inventory. Bulky items take up two slots. If an item isn’t small or bulky, it takes up 1 Slot.

Glad you’re enjoying it!

Quick readthrough of the current version of We Deal in Lead, in advance of the hardcover copy.

Hello! Not sure what’s going on here, but try again and if you get the same error, try the Itch support page: Think this one might be outside my control, sorry!

Good spot, I’ll fix that for the next update. Thanks!

Ahh, thanks for the heads up, I’ll have a look. Likely because I manually made the ToC on pages 2 and 3.

That’s awesome, thanks for sharing your experience! Colossus Wake has some hints to the origin of the stone lion, or at least more information about the wizard who created it.

If you run Colossus Wake, please share the result as well!

Part 5 now!

Hello! The character sheet was on the main Itch page, listed as a Demo but I’ve now updated it to appear with the rest of the files.

I plan to address the inventory issue in a future update to ensure that most characters will have at least a few free slots, as you’re not the first person to flag this up. Thanks!

Recent game I ran during EF Con, hosted by Exalted Funeral and Plus One Exp. We Deal in Lead gunslingers running through the introductory Runecairn dungeon crawl adventure Beneath the Broken Sword.

Awesome, good luck with the run! I’ve got at least one more sequel planned but possibly more in the future too, but we’ll see how things go!