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Thanks! I didn’t want people who already owned it to lose out on updates.

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Awesome, great to hear you enjoyed it!

  1. You can fire all six shots into one target; I’d make a call that it would deal max damage (8 on a d8).
  2. Gunslingers are skilled enough to be able to pick and choose targets, even when using Fan the Hammer. Blast effects targets in short range (ie. in the same room or across the road).
  3. You only need to roll on the Shoot table once when using a special ability (like Fan the Hammer) but you’ll roll damage for each shot.
  4. You roll the standard damage die for the gun (ie. d8 for six shooter).

That’s correct, it’s a shorthand to say “if you fail this roll you’ll be deprived.”

Hi all, here’s a topic where I’ll be posting Runecairn reviews and actual plays. You can find them at the following YouTube playlist:

Hey there! I totally get it, sometimes paring down descriptions and information can make things more difficult. Apologies!

You’re spot on with diminished and enhanced attacks. If an attack is diminished, no matter the weapon or attacker, the damage is reduced to d4. Likewise, if an attack is enhanced, the damage is increased to d12.

For damage advantage, you roll the damage die twice and take the higher result. So, if you rolled a d6 twice and get 3 and 6, you’d take the 6 for damage.

I hope this helps clear things up. Thanks and all the best!

I sat down for a chat with The Weekly Scroll and then ran them through a cave delve, randomly generated using the delve generator!

Here I go through what’s new in the upcoming Runecairn Wardensaga Remastered, launching on Kickstarter on 23 January.

This is correct, though it’s up to the Warden’s discretion whether the enemy uses more than one attack every round and the adventurer can attempt to use a Reaction to avoid/deter the first two attacks (club and ground slam).

Yup, the PC goes first unless surprised.

Yes, monsters can have multiple attacks but the same rule that applies to PCs applies to monsters: if attacking the same target, roll damage for each attack and take the highest single result.

No worries!

Hi Aidan, thanks! I do plan on transcribing everything for easier editing when I flesh out the full book next year.

I will add a plaintext/markdown version of the current descriptions to accompany the PDF, since I know my handwriting is pretty undecipherable sometimes, apologies. I’ll look to add it to the download in the next few weeks. Thanks!

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Here’s a video where I talked through my design process for Omega City and created some areas live.

Yup, thugs should have 9 STR. The example was written before I’d firmed up the monster stats. I’ll correct it in a future update. Thanks!

Thanks, it was fun to make!

Put together a new live action trailer for We Deal in Lead, trying to capture the vibe and tone.

Put together a vibes/mood trailer for Runecairn. Check out my YouTube channel for more Runecairn videos!

Here’s a vibes/mood trailer I made for Runecairn, definitely inspired by some of the new monsters in the Bestiary.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know and for the kind words! Glad you and your friends had fun with it!

I rolled up a new gunslinger and took him through a 14-encounter town excursion. Fought a demon, infiltrated a gang, shared a coffee break. Great times!

The critical damage effects happen after you fail a critical damage save.

So if a kulworm bite brings you below 0 Grit, it triggers a critical damage save; if you fail, the kulworm swallows you and you need to make a STR save to escape or take additional damage every round, essentially leading to a death spiral. If you succeed the initial critical damage save, you’re still on your feet and not swallowed.

Hope this helps!

Hello! The flooded passage is only a minor inconvenience unless you’re chasing someone or being chased. Some obstacles are meant to slow you down rather than stop you, or introduce random elements to keep things interesting.

Yup, just roll once per encounter.

I’ve got more adventures planned for Runecairn, along with a series of 1-page dungeons. Keep an eye out for these later this year or early next.


Hi Matteo,

  1. This should read East, yes.

If killed during the first encounter with the Stone Demon, the adventurer respawns at the start, correct. They’ll have to manoeuvre around the demon and escape through the tunnel into the Quiet Respite when they return. The demon doesn’t destroy the tunnel until they escape.


The Beyond Two Players paragraph is an introduction to the new solo, cooperation, and invasions sections expanded on further in that chapter.

I’ve been planning updated rules and guidance on playing with a full party or longer campaign, but that’ll be in a future book. Thanks!

Yup, that’s right. Entry under Scout is correct. This will be corrected in an upcoming update. Thanks!

Decided to dramatise the combat example included in We Deal in Lead.

Yup, I’ve just send over an updated PDF to Exalted Funeral but in the meantime, drop me an email at and I’ll send you a code for the PDF.

Thanks! Drop me an email at and I’ll send you a code for the PDF on Itch.

Correct, this should read damage advantage. I’ve just uploaded an updated PDF that fixed this and a number of other minor corrections.

Awesome, thanks!

Everything you need’s in Runecairn Wardensaga (except for the new monsters in the Runecairn Bestiary). Wardensaga is a collection of the 3 zines: Core Rules, adventure Beneath the Broken Sword, and Advanced Rules.

You’re correct, a bandolier is small and doesn’t take up any slots. And yup, it’s an error in the example character sheet. I’ll fix it in a future update. Thanks!

The in-world explanation can vary from table to table, but one suggestion might be that key items are tied to the skein of fate; adventurers in Runecairn are free to carve their own fate and this is channelled through the key item, which ties them into a new strand of fate.

Hello! 2 of these are mistakes.

One digit got cut off from the legendary creatures. The sea reek should have 24 RES and the heather-backed whale should have 20 RES.

The headless jotunn is strongest on their mount (the niflmare) as they gain the niflmare’s strength; once unmounted, they’re much weaker (hence the low strength).

Thanks for letting me know about these! I’ll include these fixes in the next PDF update.

Definitely on the roadmap, especially with some new adventures coming soon!

I wanted the gunslingers to feel different from other characters in Into the Odd games, since gunslingers in We Deal in Lead can travel into other settings and systems.

Having gunslingers hit 100% of the time removes a lot of the drama, though I know a lot of people see adding a to-hit roll back to ItO-based systems as sacrilege.

Having the chance of a miss or misfire adds stakes to gunslinging and offsets the fact that artefact guns bypass armour and can hit magical creatures.

Even Roland in the Dark Tower misses, often at the worst times.

The hardcover retails for £28 (about $35) on my shop and soon to be available at Exalted Funeral in the US.

New Youtube video up, gives a preview of Howl along with some explanations of the origins.

Thanks Matt!