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Recommend Games (Any Genre)

A topic by HeyNateTheGreat created Dec 23, 2018 Views: 328 Replies: 9
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Hello! I am pretty new to the itch community and I would like you all to recommend any game free or not. I have found some good games that you can see in a collection on my profile. Would appreciate any recommendation.


Hi Nate, welcome aboard! If you like RPGs /stories / hard choices / adventures why not have a look at my games? They both have free demos (the first hour of gameplay). Enjoy!

Those games seem pretty cool! I'll check em out. Thanks!

Hi I recommend Gao ming games, they are pretty creative games.

Then my game too if you like shooting zombies game.


 All Of ZHEM seems pretty intresting. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi Nate, If you like a Challenging 2d platformer cute game you might like my game Miko's Adventures :

Hope you have fun playing on :)

Welcome Nate! If you like games with a curious look, a retro style, perhaps based on a not so new idea, you can try:

BounceB & new adventures Revenge V.1.4

Thanks for the interest!

I made a small game as part of an ARG [alternate reality game]. It's a short horror experience, and leads to the hunt.

Join The Hunt, Solve The Mystery, Open The Door.

Maybe tell your preferences for the game?

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