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oof thats alot


How many buttons do we need?

 All Of ZHEM seems pretty intresting. Thanks for the suggestion!

How do we mine and get copper and stuff?

Those games seem pretty cool! I'll check em out. Thanks!

Dasius, could you make it so WE (The Players) could equip weapons and battle? (I would love for there to be monsters in the cave) Also I would love to see an arena and armor crafting!

Ninja, will the game on steam be free or paid?

Oh okay! I'm glad to her that! I googled my Little Black Smith Shop and I saw a post that said canceled and when I tried to open it it said 

We couldn't find your page

By that I mean using controllers.

Hello! I am pretty new to the itch community and I would like you all to recommend any game free or not. I have found some good games that you can see in a collection on my profile. Would appreciate any recommendation.


Amazing Game!

Is My Little Blacksmith Shop Canceled?

Pretty good game! 

im trippin balls....

Can you make it so you can play with friends localy? Thanks!