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Lust Doll

An adult game set in a post-apocalyptic sci fi/ fantasy open exploration world. · By indivi

Help please?

A topic by BlueLionVLD created Dec 22, 2018 Views: 55,064 Replies: 63
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I've been wandering around aimlessly for ages now and I can't find a way out of New Ark City that doesn't involve a game over. If anyone has any information that I've been missing or a link to a walkthrough, please let me know


Hey, check out the wiki at . Should give you some ideas on what to do!

Um... Ive found the solution.... Talk more with the catgirl... (I beat her up so i dont know if it does a difference)

can someone let me know were to get Sparkling Extract

monster plant in dark forest cave. u will need to have the electric shock spell to go past the robot. use the lust doll wiki, its rlly useful

i fand that out win i put this commit i cood not find out how from the wiki

Can someone tell me how to get lust please?

doing lewd actions

get the lust toxin from the slum store 

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I can help out

can someone tell me how to get past the cow blocking the milk shrine in the desert, as well as what to do with the cave that says it looks like its been lived in recently? i cant find an answer on the wiki, let me know please.

do you mind giving me the directions to the milk shrine?

(+1) there is a map in that link, the milk shrine is the farthest left green mark


and i got in from getting the lactating status from a curse, there is a fountain inside with special milk so you should bring bottles if you want that.


To get past the cow, wear the Cow set.

why does it say tbc on all my quest

in 8.3 how do I get to the Robot 

I am stuck and I think my game bugged because Cassie never went to desert town how do I get there???

Hmm. So cassie left the safe houe.

 Did you check the top left Building in the town?

I'm so lost.. theres no sequential walkthrough, I'm looking at the wiki page but again it's not really telling me what's next.. 

I've done fawn (not ready to domme, all 3 scenes completed) rinny (thought me cock growth and drain kiss and went do anything else) pixie (reminds me of the basement) met Arlene  (that's all) cassie is in her warehouse telling me to keep it hush, the dom is looking for her) milk farm I found bell in the log) done the bathhouse girl and happy massage.. I'm so stuck :( help! I haven't gotten to the dessert or upper new ark .. 

Question (from me) : Do you want to know how to get 2 endings?

if you do , Check out my post about my desert map and head to the top Green square, it should be Lost Labratory, u should save alot in this stage ;)

I don't think I've unlocked the dessert yet, how do you do it? 

keep exploring the wilderness

Btw its LUST DOLL original :)

wait so I'm playing plus and you're all talking about the original? Uh oh.. 

Is there a help page for plus? I noticed there's no mention of bell on the wiki page either :S 


hey I'm with u buddy but the thing is can only play the plus so I have no choice but it is still a great game tho

I don't quite think there is a wiki for LD +. Mabye soon enough, when Indivi has basicaly gotten out of the pre development stage into the main development stage.

Does someone know how to open the gate to masters manor? I have been searching for half an hour already and I have not idea what to do

have you met pixie yet

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I need help passing the domme thing with fawn how do I beat the tied up one I've tried a lot of combinations but nothing works  ok actually I just need to know how do I become fawns domme 

Big struggle, rest, big struggle, small struggle

thanks you were a big help 

I don't think the option to be a dom is avalable yet.

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how do I get myself to say the safe word with fawn cuz I pasted all the test but it's not giving me any new options 

how do you pass the test for fawn?

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I just realized what u were talking about witch test do u need help on

all the test I did the one with the rope and pass that one but what about the other two

The Safeword will likely be implemented in a future update, the only time you can use your safeword is when doing fawn's route in the orginal LD.

I can't talk to Cassidy. Is this a glitch, or am i missing something?

She will problably be developed on when LD+ gets either better, or other parts of it is done.

Can someone help me with the parasite antidote. I've been wandering arround the park cave for the pitcher plantfor about half an hour, and I cant find it. Am i being  stupid? Help1

Keep looking! check every area you havent been in,If you still cant find it, ill try to map out where you need to go.

please do

Can someone help me with the cow farm and the alieans? I don't know what to do.

Not that sure much, bud, i never even got the alien ending.

I've been looking around the game, trying to find something that could help me with the alieans. Does anyone have any tips?

I have been playing  both lust doll and lust doll plus, and have run into a few problems/bugs. Can anyone help me?

can anybody help me ... after finding pixie she led me to manor where i became a maid ... but ehat after that ... how do i get to see the master of the manor ?????

Pixie IS the Master of the manor, Explore the manor to find bits of the maid clothing and find clues where Rinny is.

I am playing Lust Doll Plus and Don now has Cassidy. How do i get her back? I am lost.

how um do I get to the safe word part of fawn?

If you can go to Upper New ark, that mean's fawn's route has been updated! You use the safe word after entering her room while her door was left open, and decide to stay in while she's changing. If you are Talking about LDO (original) then its already there.

Can someone tell me what is marin's challenges?

How do i get to lost lab and milk shrine

Lost lab and milk shrine? Here's a link to the map of the whole desert.


Can anybody tell me how to get pass the wall in the desert base,behind the wall is a chest.

Hi, I am unsure what are you talking about, a desert base? Could you explain more, so that i can help you. Here is a link to a map of the whole desert.


No Problemo!

I need help with the cassie story I gave her to the don but it just says "I have to rescue cassie"

I see, if Cassie has been taken by the don, try to talk about it to fawn, sleep, check fawn, then talk to Arlene (police officer), You can also ask Lin Lin or Sammy (LD+) for the guards schedule, if this is LDO, you have to buy her off the don (link for part 1 LDO Cassie's route. : https://itch.i o/t/701687/main-quest-line-lust-doll-cassie-ending-part-1 ) But for LD+, you have to break in the don's lair and get her out, there is also another ending if you get her out, you don't stay in the city and it ends, but if you rescued cassie with arlene'smhelp, you can move on with the game and also have new options for her.

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so I can't get in New Ark City the upper area, help

What version of LD are you on? Plus or Original

Unsure enough if you can get to Upper New Ark in Plus, but you definitely can in  Original.