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Frisk Dreemurr

A member registered Dec 10, 2017

Recent community posts

win is the game comeing out

that wood be a lot of fun wood all game overs get this tretmint

that is not in the game yet

are you in LD or LD+

do you meen game overs you can play in that wood be coo

never mind

do saves from the last vrshin work with this one


gess the game is being postponed for some time

its not there


i cant seem to find the juse for the punken guy

how much will it cost

me to

this was a lot of fun tobad theres not much to it right nall

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pleass make this and that looks rilly good

ok and i gess one of the genocide ones is win your with sans at the en


who is that

i am so looking fored to this being finishe

larger update i can waght

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do not read if you have not played the game

never mined

is there a endng that dose not end with sona crashing the game that is kind of a sad end i dont like that she thanks that monsters are weak and wood be happer as humans

ok and can you put a suggestion channel for LD on discord

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how mini is there


what is the point of the Dream

not in the game yet

and win the game is done im going to play it in a dark room with my headphones

well thin it is a lot of fun


what dose Q1 mean

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im stuck i get past the big monster chasing me thin i see my frind is dead a gost comes over and im sent to the main minu am i missing somethin

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will i hope i will be able to by it and were it runing arand the game

me to

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can you maby add straight jackets maby you can by thim in the Torture rack

thanks so mush i asdly made live 7 saves i dont whant

can you delete old saves 

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i dont like starting over everytime i fell if i beet a level and thin instly fell the next one it sucks bercuse i have to redo the ones i did

how mush is this update going to add

yes it is way to dark