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Frisk Dreemurr

A member registered Dec 10, 2017

Recent community posts

COVID sucks


is this not going to be finished

is it still on hiatus

wood be nice of it there was a english demo

y is my charater red

o ok

and i wood love to see somethin with this

have not been to the spidercave yet

in the storige it shod not be set so the spider girls did not tack everythang and will there be more stuff with sophia

well looks like i will be starting over win this is out as i got a new PC


can we get a update

dose leveling up incres all bass stats

(1 edit)

ok beet the game and this was strat up crepy did not get boath endeys yet thow

this is a lot of fun and it is creepy as hell

can we go to sophias world i wood love to see what that world is like

nice to get a update look fored to playing it do you thank it wood be smart to start over at this point or wat to start over win the game is fully done as that has been on my mine for a bit

what kind of thaangs do you have planned

y cant i run the game i wood like to trie it

got a intresting qusten


what kind of Construction projects are there besids the ones listed

ok well i will hope

can you add somethin that lets us see what cards we hve seen

well i gess i will start over win the update comes out seems i deleated the game

what thay sayed

im looking fored to this i hope there will be a level were we get to be locked away in a asilom and a prison sary that is my kink ... no im not sary


is all of this in the Debug Room

this was a lot of fun

man times seems to be everythang in the frst level

well part 2 seems like it will be more skary thin the frst part

win is the next update as this is a lot of fun ethin thow there is not a lot here

i have not beeting it yet thow but i will

ok this is just crepy but it is fun

y is the frst boss so hard to beet

man that sucks