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Frisk Dreemurr

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man that sucks

no thank you for the game

hay i have to say this i have never added a game to my wichlist as fast as this was put on it i am not kiding as soon as i learned about it it was on my wichlist

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in the manshins boss fight win everyone but the kittly charater are trined into dolls how close was i to wining i what to know how mad i shod be

ok that is what i thow

are we starting on the same train we were on in the last game and geting on a new train or are we going to be on the same train doring this game like in the last one as the picks you have dont look like the train we were on bgefo

yea but you dont keep your wepins if your hp hits 0

i dont have eney ideas as i cant get past the frst boss as i get tied up thin die as i cant get free befor the HP hits 0

i rilly wish there were not hp you had to wory about


well sins slavery is here are you able to become a slave 

y cant all games that cost $ have demos like this one

ok i thot so

hay is the city the last plays in the game



will there be more battle cards


will we get to build stuth

win is the next update

ok thanks for the info

the game crashs you get this

well i hope wjhat ever game you make will be cool

that sucks all well

are you still working on this

are you going to use thin in your game

win the game is down how difint of a game do you thank it will be

i was thanking the dress cood be used as a praink on you by the maids you tie up


2 thangs 1 will we get to go to this resot that was minshind and see what that dress in your room is for

well i beet the game that was a sad ending thow

were is the cookcoo clock hand and if it is in the box that is locked were do i find the the code for it

cool i only hope it will have the grafiks you were useing in Normalin Run as if you have restrans you can tell what thay are beter ether way i look fored to what it is

that is to bad the proges you shod looked like a lot of fun allwell

yea DA is defnly not the same nall was beter befor eclips hapend

i like both vrshins of the graphics of Normalin Run thay look nice (do like to new ones more) and i do hope you keep working on Normalin Run and your ether games



hay y not have it so you can trap your self were mistyra plays with you and win she comes and finds you there she says somethin like o look who wunts to play

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were is this seen