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Frisk Dreemurr

A member registered Dec 10, 2017

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and win the game is done im going to play it in a dark room with my headphones

well thin it is a lot of fun


what dose Q1 mean

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im stuck i get past the big monster chasing me thin i see my frind is dead a gost comes over and im sent to the main minu am i missing somethin

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will i hope i will be able to by it and were it runing arand the game

me to

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can you maby add straight jackets maby you can by thim in the Torture rack

thanks so mush i asdly made live 7 saves i dont whant

can you delete old saves 

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i dont like starting over everytime i fell if i beet a level and thin instly fell the next one it sucks bercuse i have to redo the ones i did

how mush is this update going to add

yes it is way to dark

i fand that out win i put this commit i cood not find out how from the wiki

will there be more stuff in LD+ thin LD

ok makes sins theres not that mush in there right nall

can someone let me know were to get Sparkling Extract

Lust Doll community · Created a new topic game

will there be more in this game in the fusher

i figerd that out

Lust Doll community · Created a new topic desert

is there eneythang in the desert

cool looking fored to it

will there be new gameovers in the next vrshin

love the game so far

how is the next update coming