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Lust Doll community · Created a new topic update ideas LD+

1. more top ears, example :  deer horns, bigger fox/wolf ears

2. more tail options, example : bunny tail, deer/short goat tail

3. few more  feet options : paws, horse feet/ hooves

4. bigger penis size than horse cock

5. more clothing options, example : sheer top (fishnet top) more shorts options other than booty, denim and cargo.

if you wish to suggest more update ideas feel free to reply

-lazy veronica

What version of LD are you on? Plus or Original

Unsure enough if you can get to Upper New Ark in Plus, but you definitely can in  Original.

Pixie IS the Master of the manor, Explore the manor to find bits of the maid clothing and find clues where Rinny is.

I am unsure, I have not ecountered Aliens on LD + and Original LD

Ok,  Abandonded Town ----> Park Forrest ----> Encounter  Flower Girl -----> Defeat to get vine

TO unlock forrest park, give Cassie fish/gift that she accepts. Once done, go to safe house and colect the key in the 2nd floor.

Its 2k credits for  LD +, I dont remember it being 500 in the original i think it wasnt  500 cred for the apartment but if its wiki it might be accurate.

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your le welcome.

If your desperately aroused, just use Ero attacks, if you keep loosing to a zap, look for the text cue and guard the attack which you will be able to dodge, Hope this helps!

No Problemo!

No Problem!

Nah don't be, it was a simple misunderstanding.

No I do, believe you, its just ehhh idk I'm just not much in a mood to type much, so i just use some easier ways to agree to stuff.

also, rn I'm helping a guy who's   stuck on Linda's route, Feel free to post anything on the topic.

Yep! you get them removed there, then wait a few days in game via sleeping and check the lab out!

I checked when you account was made, why is it very recent? Also  those encounters are actually one of the key's to Linda route.  Sur by a render to one and you get infected parasite.

Have you found the hidden military base yet?

LD+ has already in built cheats (when making character.)

Yep! You have to talk to fawn, , revisit her again, and talk ideas. after that , go talk to Arlene (fish woman cop) and talk to her about it, you should be visiting fawn with Arlene to discuss how to recue her, if you are done, talk to either Lin Lin or  Sammy about the guard's scaedue (absolutely do it helps a lot.) and i think you can continue from there.

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There's no need to move files! It automatically searches your computer for any kind of save file linking to the application, example, if you were playing on v 13, and decide to play on v 16, if you load a save file, the files from v 13 are shown there.


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If anyone needs help with LDO or LD+ (up to v .16) I am happy and glad to help, Please do post comments on topics such as Cassies route, Fawn's, Mystria's, etc.

These are links to my old topics that provide help for some people who's stuck

Cassie's Route (Lust Doll Original) :

just gonna add this here (Lust Doll Original)  :

Map of Whole Desert (Lust Doll Original) :

Where to find the Dildo Gun (Lust Doll Original) :

Password to the safe in Ruined Lab (Lust Doll Original) :

Those are all of the Link i cold find to my old topics that includes needing help on, If you need help on anything else, feel free to comment Below.

If you can go to Upper New ark, that mean's fawn's route has been updated! You use the safe word after entering her room while her door was left open, and decide to stay in while she's changing. If you are Talking about LDO (original) then its already there.

I see, if Cassie has been taken by the don, try to talk about it to fawn, sleep, check fawn, then talk to Arlene (police officer), You can also ask Lin Lin or Sammy (LD+) for the guards schedule, if this is LDO, you have to buy her off the don (link for part 1 LDO Cassie's route. : https://itch.i o/t/701687/main-quest-line-lust-doll-cassie-ending-part-1 ) But for LD+, you have to break in the don's lair and get her out, there is also another ending if you get her out, you don't stay in the city and it ends, but if you rescued cassie with arlene'smhelp, you can move on with the game and also have new options for her.

I would help if i could, I already forgot how to, since last i played LDO was  around March. (2020) I'll see what i can do to help.

Lost lab and milk shrine? Here's a link to the map of the whole desert.

Hi, I am unsure what are you talking about, a desert base? Could you explain more, so that i can help you. Here is a link to a map of the whole desert.

I know something about the shadow pendant in LDO, You can show it to Linda  (after linda's route) and get a very, very funky scene

LD+ or LDO?

Neato! That's pretty accurate (not saying it isnt true), You don't need to speak to Sammy, because you can get it from either both Lin Lin or Sammy (your choice) and the part where you give the hobo 1200 is slightly incorrect, the last time i did cassie's route he asked for 1000 credits (not 1200 but might be in acurrate aswell) The end of the comment is true (you might wanna save alot) or it could be easier if your stats are 20 or maybe even 30 (grinding the torture rack exp and skill level up i managed to reach 34-39 for the skills i could upg for the acctivities in the club, it took me around a week of grinding (might be inacurate) jsut to do that, or you could just use the cheats at the start of the game. (if i have typos i was typing this fast and i dont bother to fix them)

Yep! In original LD You search the wasteland until you find an incounter requiring 6+ senses, im not sure about LD+ v 19 though, my internet is busted so i couldn't download it :-C

Well i cant lie, that does sound like a guy saying that.

This should help ! :

I'm actually Lesbian, and your welcome, anytime!

No prob, glad to help a person who's stuck.

map of whole desert 
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You are gay for trying to be a fucking bitch to this person.

Besides, all she asked for was if the OLD (original lust doll) was available on android bro get a life and stop tryna fuck with others in this community.

That's great then!  (im still trying to download the lastest version of ld + but my internet is crap when it rains) Likewise, if you need any tips, i think some of my old topics are still around. Or just reply to this comment.

Are talking about LD + or O-LD (original) ? If original, you can only go to New ark, Dessert City, and Transylvania (or something like that)

LD + i think is still working on the desert and hidden base.

Have you tried progressing the story line with the Science lab or Linda? If not, find hidden military base (+6 senses skill) and return to lab to remove them, (repeat at least 2 times) sleep for a  few days and you'll find the lab infested with the meat parasite.

Lust Doll community · Posted in Yo

I am not sure if Indivi will do that, He's currently focused on developing LD+, but we'll have to wait for an answer.