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Lust Doll

An adult game set in a post-apocalyptic sci fi/ fantasy open exploration world. · By indivi

Lust Doll Original & Lust Doll + Help Topic

A topic by Veronica. created Nov 23, 2020 Views: 1,015 Replies: 11
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If anyone needs help with LDO or LD+ (up to v .16) I am happy and glad to help, Please do post comments on topics such as Cassies route, Fawn's, Mystria's, etc.

These are links to my old topics that provide help for some people who's stuck

Cassie's Route (Lust Doll Original) :

just gonna add this here (Lust Doll Original)  :

Map of Whole Desert (Lust Doll Original) :

Where to find the Dildo Gun (Lust Doll Original) :

Password to the safe in Ruined Lab (Lust Doll Original) :

Those are all of the Link i cold find to my old topics that includes needing help on, If you need help on anything else, feel free to comment Below.

how to do linda's route?

Deleted 148 days ago

i have met her, its just i don't know how to start her route?

Have you found the hidden military base yet?

yes, but all there is is just a bunch of encounters

I checked when you account was made, why is it very recent? Also  those encounters are actually one of the key's to Linda route.  Sur by a render to one and you get infected parasite.

ok thanks and also i just made this account cause i was stuk on linda's route, thank you and also i go back to lab after getting  infected?

Yep! you get them removed there, then wait a few days in game via sleeping and check the lab out!

thanks really wanted to become the parasite demon :DDD

No Problem!

Hey! I'm back, I checked out the desert map link, an di got to the Lost lab, I managed to beat the  puzzles but how do I beat the boss robot thing ? i keep trying saves after saves, and still kept loosing, any tips?

If your desperately aroused, just use Ero attacks, if you keep loosing to a zap, look for the text cue and guard the attack which you will be able to dodge, Hope this helps!