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You forgot Gin and the new male character

Find the receptionist and approach her from behind, then go to the spot that a guard was standing in front of. Next, touch it, don't pay for damaging it and a scene will play out with the character discovering the Island

I forgot to ask what stage are youin the game? And where are you sleeping? If you sleep in the abandoned town, she has a tendency to not come home.

Indivi confirmed these things:

Gin will be coming back

Male partners will be added (but the things added into the game are ultimately dictated by their patrons)

Idk about the marriage part, but commiting yourself to a certain partner will be added eventually 

It's a know n bug, should be fixed in next version

It's not in the game

Step on the spot she disappeared and she'll spawn in

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Either she's bugged out, or you need to check the milk farm or the forest

don't play this game if u don't like genshin. Not that hard

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By using Yandere Dev's characters, Norkoala would bring bad attention to their game

If you want yandere simulator nsfw games.. I'm sure there are plenty out there. I think it's odd to suggest a character from a completely different genre than Genshin and Honkai

yandere dev messages kids inappropriately 

Don't use that character, a child gr***r made that game

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Monthly updates are insane. I don't know how Indivi does it but good for them for being consistent

Most bad ends don't allow saving

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Some animations don't have a cum button

What is anal massacre because i see no animation like that

The bandit dog in the abandoned town

Animation for the sex

Ba dum CHGG

yes literal cheese

It's cheese

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I personally think the NPCs have better art than the PC... also it can't be changed much because it's easier to put items on a fixed model than redo the character a bunch of times

Not in the game

Gin, Cassie, Linda, Rinny, Fawn, and Alissa are the only ones who can be unlocked at the island 

Nothing happens, it's just a joke Indivi put in

It's a good way for indvi to get money to support their project!

(No spoilers)

the new LI is adorable, I'm looking forward to seeing them in further updates 🤭

Is it possible to add Diluc?

Forest and deserted base


Do u have the coordinates?

There are already some scenes that use items (spoilers depending on your progress in the game)

It's only for patrons atm

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The newest version has a glitched Fawn. I've repeated the rope event multiple times, but it always reverts back to the "ask about rope" scene when I return to the shared apartment.

Edit: maybe my save hadn't worked out there is no issue after i checked again

and weight gain comes along with pregnancy 

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Inflation already exists

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She won't be comfortable having sex so lust doll takes her to get new clothes (pretty sure its link to the sex dungeon)

No, its during pregnancy

slime brain :)

use the wiki