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Thanks, we'll see!

The main character can get pregnant and give birth, but only babies with important NPC's will have story content.

Thanks! And yes, male npc's coming soon~. Next update is tomorrow for backers, and next month for public!

Haha, thanks! And wow XD

Thanks! For your error... That could be for any number of reasons. Can you see if there's anything here that helps?

Not yet, but it'll come eventually!

Thanks, there's apparently problems with the file permissions for mac builds. I'm trying something with the next release which should hopefully fix this.

Awesome, thanks for confirming!

There'll be changes in certain portraits, mainly for poses and some contact stuff. Most will be mainly text based though.

Feedback is very good and helpful! And I work by myself~.

I'm told this might work for linux systems: Run 'chmod +x ./nw' and then './nw' instead of './Game'.

Got a discord here!:

More feet play can def happen! XD

Thanks, will be fixed!

Thank you!

Thank you! I basically release a new version once a month.

Yes, belly will enlarge~. And aw shucks XD

Sissy route could def be a thing~. XD and thank you!

Plant can't be killed yet, sorry!

Not yet. That's def a bug, which I'll fix!

Sweet~. And yes, more jojo refs XD

Only LD+. Regular LD is retired.

Original LD needs to use Wine HQ to run on Mac (

Male preggers is pretty unlikely, sorry! Way too niche an idea. Instead, you can become pregnant with a pussy, then swap to just a cock if you'd like to have pregnancy status without a pussy.


Yeah XD

That's the end for r1.2. Wait for r2.2, coming in a few days!

so many clothes!

Wow, thank you! I'm very happy to hear how much you enjoyed it~. And yeah, a lot of lewd stuff seems to neglect making things fun for the ladies as well, so I do try to avoid that in my writing.

Hmm, an ingame completion log would be rather tough I think, just cause I do tend to go back and add things to finished areas, which would throw things off. For original Lust Doll, you can try the wiki ( to see if there's anything you've missed. For Lust Doll Plus, I do have a full scenes guide that I'm keeping updated, but it's only available to backers I'm afraid (Sorry!) Usually though, I'll block off areas that can't be completed yet, and looking at the change log that comes with the readme file will often tell you what's been added to each version. Plus you can always ask here XD.

Haha, thanks!

Awesome, I'll see about it. And yeah, 3D LD would be pretty neat to see~.

Not in LD, but likely in LD+!

I'm always here~.

For Drua's Tree, talk to Pixie. But yes, you'll have to wait for LD+ to finish that storyline. Same with Succ Queen.

Thanks, I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed those bits XD. Hopefully I can make more in lust doll plus.

Haha, awesome~. But yeah, rainy skies on hiatus while I do Lust doll plus (which is also why dria tree girl path is not finished yet. she'll be in LD+)

Ah. milker machine will happen, tho it'll be in a different place

Sweet, glad to hear! And same on being a fan of the post apocolyptic and dystopia scene. Can be rough to find good games in those genres

Haha, just not enough time!

Thanks! And I getcha on that.

no diff. just beat the game as you normally would! Milker machine?