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As mentioned, it really complicates things when/if I need to give them more routes (what happens to the kids while mom and dad are out adventuring?)

But, there'll be points later where you can basically 'retire' and raise a family with a chosen NPC!

Thanks! Male partners are in the works! Genderbending might be a fun idea too for later~

What error message does it give?

Thanks, that makes me happy to hear! I'll do what I can! And no worries!

Shhh! XP

You're missing Bell and the farm, as well as Marin in the Manor! Weird bug, I'll look into it!

You're thinking of the original LD. LD+ doesn't have lockpicking!

Oof, sorry to hear it. From r14 onwards, there'll actually be autosave implemented so that you'll hopefully not lose as much progress in the future. I'll see about moving that seek button. You can also press Shift to trigger it, though if you're only using mouse, that might not be as ideal.

XD Talk to Arlene, then something will have changed in the slums. Deal with it, then return to Arlene. You also need to sleep periodically to move events forward

Bandit girl, but there'll be more later!

Can't dom Fawn yet!

Talk to Arlene, then something will have changed in the slums. Deal with it, then return to Arlene. You also need to sleep periodically to move events forward

Potentially! Most likely there'll be a follow-up to Edith's event later

You need to accept a certain job from him!

1. If you're that far, you've finished her route already!

2. Bring her with you to the graveyard gates, talk to the person just before it, then do and clear her route!

3. Check the slums again! You might need to sleep to get her to show up again

4. She has a tendency to wander. But as you've noticed, the cowbell collar will stop her from doing that!

You also need to have finished their route, so currently only Rinny and Cassie can be made pregnant

Talk to different NPC's that you have good relationships with to get their help! After talking to Arlene, something will have changed in the slums. Make sure to sleep to move the clock forward!

You need to finish her route! Force past the toll guy in the slums, sleep, then return to the slums!


Just stuff related to the engine I'm using

That's it for now! Her event is continued in r14!


magic =w=

The Manor maid!

How far have you gotten with her?

Magic XD

Yes, Sana's one of the twin nurses XD

The current public release is r13 XD

There's one that CPA did on the discord! Good luck, it's admittedly tough unless you have some experience with RPG maker

Possibly! But it might take some work.

Saves are located in: /data/data/indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus

Root is necessary to access them.

Old data files located at: /data/data/indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus/app_webview/Default/Local Storage

New files located at: /data/data/indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus/app_webview/Local Storage

That's in the game too! Go talk to Rinny XD

Sammy, not yet! Manor, you need to get a complete uniform. Talk to the servant in the West Wing, one of them will tell you what's required!

You might need to do some futa scenes with her?

Sorry, that's a bug. It's fixed now!

You can buy a certain something there if you're not doing Marin's route. Otherwise, not actually anything you can do there just yet!

Try redownloading and reinstalling, but may just need to upgrade your phone

It's in root, here!:

/data/data/indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus/app_webview/Default/Local Storage
/data/data/indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus/app_webview/Local Storage

You need to have six cowgirls at the farm, then talk to Bell and she'll ask if you want to invite bulls too!

You can attempt to milk her, but she won't actually produce milk for a while!

There's 3, and they're all in the city!

For the rope escape one, struggle hard, struggle, rest, struggle hard!

Nice! And you're welcome!