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There will be another, easier way to cure hangovers in next release!

Thanks, it'll be fixed!

ah, yeah. Sorry about that!

And yes, it definitely took a long time, but fortunately it was also pretty mindless work XP

Need to do it in quite a few toilets across town!

Not sure, unfortunately. Android devices can be finicky about whether it plays or not. Can try updating drivers, updating android, rebooting, re-downloading the game. Otherwise, it just might not work on your device

haha, may potentially happen down the line!

Thanks, it'll be fixed!

Check your browser's security settings! Might also work to play on another browser. For example, Chrome doesn't work for me, but Firefox does

Can certainly have loving futa!

Thanks, it'll be fixed!

Try going backwards!

Thanks, should be fixed in next release!

And yeah, they'll get hand holding scenes at some point XD

haha, glad to hear! Rinny's quite the trickster~

Takes strength to admit such lewd behaviour!

For Alissa, search the abandoned town!

For Gin, keep training him till something happens! Also note that he potentially has a game breaking bug, so save before talking!

It's okay to give repeat bug reports. Helps me figure out whether it's only happening to one person, or a lot of people. Unfortunately, it's not possible to go back to the old interface anymore. Sorry!

Honestly, it's just too much effort to add scenes for double penis that only a small portion of players will see :/

What device are you playing on?

Haha, oops. Download the previous version, move somewhere else, then save and update:

For convenience, here's r24

Thanks, I'll check it out!

Thanks, will fix!

Thanks, I'll look into it!

haha, it's just an accessory XD. She could certainly have some scenes though~.

And yes, will eventually be able to use ankle stocks with everyone!

No worries, glad you're enjoying it!

It's kind of a pain in the ass to add more skin tones unfortunately, so it'll be pretty unlikely that I add more for the time being!


I'll fix it!

I'll fix it!

Thanks, I'll fix it!

Thanks for the follow-up! There actually is a bug with it though, so I'll have it fixed

It's here!:

Unfortunately, that was all handled by a guest writer. I'm afraid I don't have much interest in doing scenes for it, sorry!

Thanks, I'll fix that!

Thanks, will look into!

stat bar being off of the edge is more of a stylistic choice. Had a lot of people think it's weird though so I'll see.

And thanks, glad you're enjoying it!

If you search the abandoned town, you'll trigger it eventually!

Thanks, happy to hear it! Diamond area is actually getting changed for something else haha XD

For Alissa, finish Cassie's route, then capture a bandit girl!

For Gin, have male partners enabled, then lewd a wildcat!

No problem! I definitely try to get back to everyone

Thanks, I'll fix it!

I dunno, might be weird for scenes to only refer to singular penises when you've got doubles

Hmm, yeah, I'll look into it.

And, maybe! I'll likely be making some changes to the parasite route~.

Haha, glad to hear you enjoyed it! Marin can be pretty funny XD

haha, that's more for NPCs you'll potential meet in the future!

oof yeah. I'll put together a fix for r26 for this issue!

Double penises might be tough, since it would need its own scenes, whereas other scenes assume just one penis!

Hmmm, I can see about it!