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Pretty good way to be efficient haha

What device are you playing on?

Thank you! Will continue working hard!

Not yet, but there are plans!

Ooh, well done! Will be more with time~

It's out now!

Glad to hear! It's actually my favourite setting, so I do hope to get back to it one day.

And also glad to hear about inspiring you! TTRPG's are great, and a lot of the games that I make these days tend to mimic what they do.

Thanks! I decided early on not to add stats to clothes, because I would rather players wear what they want, rather than what gives the most stats.

To be honest, if I come back to this, I would want to remake it from the ground up, and likely make it different. Right now it doesn't really do anything that LD+ already does, save the side scrolling aspect

Some interesting ideas, I'll see about it!

It'll be a little bit of a while, as I'm focusing on desert currently!

Yes, all those characters are planned to get in eventually!

Yes, she has a route planned!

Thank you! It's been quite the journey, but there's still lots to go!

Neat idea! I'll jot it down

Unfortunately most of my games were made in an engine that doesn't support porting to android natively. You can do it with android apps like joi-play I think.

I'll try, but both of those games unfortunately require major reworking, so it'll still be a very long time for either of them to come out in any playable form.

It's only two years and a month away!

No, I don't think it has any

There's unfortunately not much point in me fixing any bugs in this at this point, sorry.

Master here is unisex!

Haven't written it yet!

Haha, thanks and good luck! It's fine, I'm used to working with the program XD. And I'm always accepting suggestions, although no promise that I can use them!

Yes, katar!

(1 edit)

This game is actually on hiatus while I focus on lust doll+

Probably gonna deal with the slavers storyline first, but it's not too far behind!

Don't know! It's still very far away!

Quite scandalous isn't it XD

Not yet, but it'll come!

Unfortunately, no. It's solely for NPCs right now

Not sure, but if you're having trouble downloading, you can try the newground links!

Glad you're enjoying it so much! Really happy to hear it, and I'll definitely keep it going!

Glad to hear!

What have you done with her so far?

Generally, you need to have finished NPC routes to be able to impregnate them!

We'll get back to Arlene eventually! There's plans for a route for her some ways down the line!

Probably won't have any steps anymore between mega and the largest normal size, since it requires a lot of work to make all the clothes fit! I can see about impregnating cowgirls!

Congrats! I'm the worst person to ask for play testing and feedback, as I'm always very busy haha. If you want to keep going with game making, I'd suggest checking out some online forums and youtube tutorials for ways to improve!

We'll find out one day!

Not sure! It's quite far away I think

For sure! You can actually already get kimonos FYI

It's unlikely to be honest. It's a lot of work for something that most people aren't going to see