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Lust Doll

An adult game set in a post-apocalyptic sci fi/ fantasy open exploration world. · By indivi

Main Quest Line - Lust Doll - Cassie Ending (Part 1)

A topic by Veronica. created Mar 06, 2020 Views: 13,193 Replies: 15
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Step 1 (Cassie's Route) Meet Cassie in Warehouse

Talk to her for a bit until she gives have access to her safe house.

She  also will tell you directions to New Ark City

Talk to her twice and you should have access to her safe house.

Once you have access, head to the City.

Work at Roxie's diner until you have 500 Credits.

A way to get energy back is going to the Bath house, take a bath for 5 Credits.

Buy an apartment

Before you sleep in it, wear appropriate clothes ( not showing boobs or stripper clothes stuff like that.)

Her name is Fawn.

She is your neighbor, after finishing talking to here, head next door and knock, She should respond.

Talk with her until time passes and session would finish.

Repeat this a bunch of times until she find out that shes late for work and rushes out of the apartment, leaving you in there.

Look in a Night stand beside her bed, Search it for a Card.

The card would have (insert your character's name), your name on it and it has access to The Torture Rack Club Located in the slums

Take the Card and Go there.

Talk with her, She should have a dialogue. Accept her as the way she is.

The Sessions you can have with her in the club is actually useful.

The first session you should NEVER disobey her, I dunno what happens but HEED my warning please.

Don't call her Fawn, Call her Master when in the club.

Always wear your collar before you can start your session

At the start, you will have access to one of these, but the more you come for the sessions, the  access

will increase.

  • Pony play: +40 Fight.
  • Tied escape: +40 Nimble.
  • Holding bar: +40 Perception.

Focus on Pony Play and Tied Escape,  we will need these Stats before we can move on.

Your Fight needs to be at least 12 or 14 preferable.

Better with 2 Metal bats, adding 4+ fight.

Nimble should be at least 10 or 12 (can't remember the exact stats).

You should still have a Lock pick from the Ruined Lab.

Now, go To the Milk store, top left of the New Ark City .

Lock pick the door that leads to the Back.

The Counter girl would have shackles tied to her, She would say , "Please don't go down there."

If you have not reached the minimum amount of Fight, Heed her warning until so.


Going downstairs, You will encounter  Scythera.

Being Defeated will Result in a BAD end. 

If you beat him, you will be called to the Don's Lair.

Once entering the Don's office, he will talk about some stuff, I can't remember but the thing you need to tune into

is about Cassie.

Cassie was a slave in the slave house until she was sold, the Don, regret to sell her to that person which did not keep

her for long, left her to roam around.

He tasks you to bring her in.

There are two ways to do that.

1. Requires 12 Empathy,  or 2. Beat her or tease her to lose.

(my game play forced me to beat her)

1. Follow what happens after taking Cassie with you, I don't know what happens at this point so follow and pay attention to the quests.

2.Once you beat her, bring her to the Don, The Don would be cranky about it, but accepts it, He should give you more than a 1,000 Credits.

Sadly. this is way longer than it seems so i'll make it into parts, Hopefuly this pointed you in the right Direction.

Most of these Pictures and Info are from the Lust Doll Wiki.

The beginning quests i figured out my self.

Thanks for checking these out, if you need a way to find stuff, comment it here.


Thanks for taking the time to write this!


Main Quest Line - Lust Doll - Cassie Ending (Part 2)

Alright. So after meeting the Don, and giving her Cassie. Work on getting empathy. more than 12 or 14 was it? i don't remember since its been along time since i played it, anyway I'll leave the option to you but I just wore gotthic lotita clothes to increase my EMP and read books that made me sad and worked at Roxie's resturant which its 1+ emp point (progress) and played with the fairies.

(if you simply beat her up this is what you need to do. idk what to do if i gave her peacefully.)

Alright now when you got the required EMP go to the don when he has no jobs for you and ask him about Cassie. The Ask Him to buy her.

If you gave her peacefully he might let you pay for her. but if you beat her up you need to convince him with your EMP.

Once he alows you to buy her. just earn enough credits to buy her.

Do what ever you want with her after you bought her until you find that she's gone from her spot.

Keep searching the wilderness after you lost her.

When  you found the dessert. Use the Desert map I posted in the community to locate the desert town.

Once you enter the town. go straight up until you reach the top left of the town.

Enter it.

You will find cassie.

Talk to the person who found her and convice him that the only way to cure her is by having sex with her.

After that she will be normal.

You now need to find the sunken pyramid to get the healing water and give it to Cassie.

Use the dessert map posted and locate it.

Sadly. My fingers are tired of typing. 

I will post the next part Soon.

Hope this helps.

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Your welcome, I'm still thinking about Part 2 though.

(Edit) Well look at that. I did it :D

what about in lust doll plus? I want to work with the Cassie route in the public build but can’t seem to find the milk shop

LDP does not have the same Cassie storyline. In that one, either beat up or trick the guy who guards the alley between the Slums and Ark City proper. That will begin the questline with Cassie and the Don, then you can rescue her. Comments in that game have more explanation.

I looked through the ruined lab and can't find the lock pick, Any help? 

It should be somewhere in the lab, find a white crate.

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how many white crates are there in the ruined lab because I only find two of them for the lock pick 

There should be only two in the lab. one containing clothes and the lock pick, and the crate containing either Medkits or Energy Drinks (loot is different in both games LD and LD+.)

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I don't see a crate with the lock pick in it I only found was clothes and stamina drink in the ruined lab and in the store was a hat and a fishing rod and in the warehouse was a logbook nothing else but no lock pick    

Ohh, Your playing LD+, The lockpick is only featured in LDO (Original)

Wait, in fact there is a safe, after doing lock picking, but later on in the game you can open it.

if there is a safe where is it

Oh, I mean in LD Original :/