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clicks don't always respond well, but otherwise fun little game

no idea, but the A Himitsu tracks are great. I recommend Fragile and Reminisce

Just found out that the credits have the soundtrack listed!

Okay, I seriously need the soundtrack for this game. There's some good songs in here.

I'm excited to see this project up and running again!

Thanks! I actually figured it out haha

Anyone know how to install this game on Android since it's a .zip and not a .apk?

LDP does not have the same Cassie storyline. In that one, either beat up or trick the guy who guards the alley between the Slums and Ark City proper. That will begin the questline with Cassie and the Don, then you can rescue her. Comments in that game have more explanation.

Click on menu, then Character. The inventory is a button in the Character menu.

You're awesome. Thanks for keeping me and everyone else in the loop!

I'm excited for the next update, but your patreon was removed. Will you be continuing this? If so, is there another way to support you?

I played it on Android actually and enjoyed what was available, but some options were difficult or even impossible to touch in the browser. However, I definitely enjoyed every bit of it I could

This is a great game, though have you considered making an android apk version?