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Thanks for taking the time to write this!


Main Quest Line - Lust Doll - Cassie Ending (Part 2)

Alright. So after meeting the Don, and giving her Cassie. Work on getting empathy. more than 12 or 14 was it? i don't remember since its been along time since i played it, anyway I'll leave the option to you but I just wore gotthic lotita clothes to increase my EMP and read books that made me sad and worked at Roxie's resturant which its 1+ emp point (progress) and played with the fairies.

(if you simply beat her up this is what you need to do. idk what to do if i gave her peacefully.)

Alright now when you got the required EMP go to the don when he has no jobs for you and ask him about Cassie. The Ask Him to buy her.

If you gave her peacefully he might let you pay for her. but if you beat her up you need to convince him with your EMP.

Once he alows you to buy her. just earn enough credits to buy her.

Do what ever you want with her after you bought her until you find that she's gone from her spot.

Keep searching the wilderness after you lost her.

When  you found the dessert. Use the Desert map I posted in the community to locate the desert town.

Once you enter the town. go straight up until you reach the top left of the town.

Enter it.

You will find cassie.

Talk to the person who found her and convice him that the only way to cure her is by having sex with her.

After that she will be normal.

You now need to find the sunken pyramid to get the healing water and give it to Cassie.

Use the dessert map posted and locate it.

Sadly. My fingers are tired of typing. 

I will post the next part Soon.

Hope this helps.