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there should be a subreddit for this imo. what do you think


nvm i did it how do i get past the manor gates

any plans to change that?

how do i get to the manor from the crypt

hi there, in lust doll clothing would have given stat buffs to the PC, in lust doll plus this doesnt seem to be the case. is clothing in lust doll plus now purely cosmetic?

do you mind giving me the directions to the milk shrine?

i do have the black screen problem that everyone else have, isit because my computer is too low-end?


I tried brewing white potion and used it but nothing happened. have i done it wrongly?

imma have to think about going patreon, thanks for keeping 99% of the game free tho!!

There are some spoilers if you haven't played through the whole game.

Note that these endings are Lust Doll endings, I am waiting for LD+ to get more advanced before attempting a playthrough.

Most of the bad endings can be avoided if you heed the game's warnings, ie. "You have a feeling that once you enter, it will not be easy to get out"

Also remember to save frequently unlike me. That's why I died alot on my first playthrough.

I hope this helps.

Current endings as I can remember: (Please note that I have forgotten much of the real ending names as I wrote all this from memory.)

Bad Ends:

Breast slave

Sex slave

Foot slave

Oragsm Denial in machine chair

Mistrya's slave (there are a few ways to get this ending; losing to parasite boss in Science tower, and then surrendering to Mistrya, etc.)  Note that the mentioned is not the only way to achieve this

Infected by meat parasite (a few ways to get this ending; usually losing to a meat infected man/woman will not cause you to get a bad end but one of the ways you get this ending is through losing to parasite boss (as mentioned above) and then choosing not to surrender to Mistrya) Note that the mentioned is not the only way to achieve this

Devoured by meat parasite core (not sure about legitimate name of this ending, you have to fall into meat parasite cavern. This is achievable when finding Linda in the military base after killing the parasite core in the science tower. This ending is also achievable on the way to the meat cavern depths to turn yourself into a parasite demon if you fall through a hole)

Captured by Master's servants

Broken Rinny's Mind 1

Broken Rinny's Mind 2 (In both 1 and 2  you will be captured by Liltith and suffer through a few days of torture in her dungeon. Rinny surrenders due to lack of orgasm after on the edge for so long)

Killed by Don 

Losing to Scythera in milk store

Losing the challenge you have to attempt before raiding the tomb in Sunken Pyramid (Nagas' toy ending)

In Upper New Ark, enter gallery, enter secret room and open the notebook (Cast in paper mache ending)

Good Ends:






Alien Milk Slave

Please tell me if I missed anything. Again, hope this helps!

Just a question, in LD+ will there be Patreon-exclusive content? Or will all content appear in the later Public releases?

ok thanks but i alr became a meat demon so what do i do with the other 4 orbs?

also i lost my stats in player potrait. how do i fix it?

monster plant in dark forest cave. u will need to have the electric shock spell to go past the robot. use the lust doll wiki, its rlly useful

actually thats only a tiny milestone in lust doll u dont actually beat the game that way theres still alot to explore

(2 edits)

First of all, are u going to continue updating Lust Doll?

Secondly what are the differences between Lust Doll and Lust Doll Plus

And i have already gotten the meat parasite demon, now what do i do with the other 4 meat orbs i find lying around the parasite nest?


thank you i love the game

i only created this account to praise lust doll i rlly rlly love the game alot but honestly i preferred the og controls :(. however the "D" to spawn a hostile does not seem to work anymore. has this been removed?