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Elf Jail

An elf attempting to escape from a BDSM prison! · By indivi

How to be impregnated

A topic by Zavala101 created Aug 30, 2019 Views: 9,807 Replies: 15
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I wan to find out how I need some help


In the witch's tower, there's a secret potion you can brew. The tomes will hint at what you need to do. After you've made it, splash it on yourself, then get a bad ending


I tried brewing white potion and used it but nothing happened. have i done it wrongly?


now go get a bad end!

but it says nothing happend


Check your kink settings. Is preggers on?

its on but its not doing its thing


Hmm, shouldn't be anything else needed. Just drink, then bad end, and it should happen.

It's probably a glitch or something. I didn't get it either.


May I ask which of the tomes? There are a lot of them.. and I'm at a loss


Sorry, missed this. All 3 tomes are necessary. Look at their reactivity

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Could you be a bit more specific? I've tried everything I can think of and it still isn't working. The only hidden one I could do was Cyan and it just gave the character a penis. 


You need to mix all three potions. Check their reactivities!

You can mix green and red to get a yellow potion then mix that with blue to get a white potion, afterwards go surrender to the witch and then things happen which lead to pregnancy and a bad ending.

Whenever i try to get the blue potion, i have to use it up on the golem, when i remake it then, i have to use it again on him and so forth, is there any way to solve rhat?

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Yep use purple potion on the golem first, then do the rest.