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Thanks! And sorry, I didn’t get a notification like usual so I forgot to check. I actually found the solution like right after I posted that comment!

I’ve already learnt the schedule of don’s men at the uhh... sex dungeon place I somehow forgot the name of from an NPC, but I can’t talk to her about it more or take her there with me.

So I’ve acquired the door key to the don’s lair in order to save Cassie but.. I have no idea what to do now. Every one of those options in the lair gets me captured by the don to become his “dog” and I have no idea what else to do.

I can’t remember when,  but at some point, a thing about cows being reported missing shows up on the bulletin board in the police station.

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Awesome! I don’t know why, but the idea of shrinking down is just super cool to me.

Never mind about the version question. I found it, it didn’t notify me with an email like usually does. But I still didn’t see it until now.

I meant like a bit more than changing the breasts or genitals.  And there is definitely not the shrinking and mouse converting.

Have you ever considered having body transformation or reshaping in the game? Even as far as being shrunk down into a mouse girl?

Ok, thanks. But even then I’ve been considering starting a new character. Plus, what I have done so far on this save isn’t too hard if I know exactly what to do, so I can always just do a speedrun of the current progress if I accidentally get rid of it!

I found your newgrounds through your twitter. And I was able to start playing in browser on my iPhone. When the new update is released publicly, will my save files be saved? I use safari as my browser btw.


I think it’s always on the 8th of the next month

Have you thought about adding some encounters into the wildreness? And is the "explore wildreness" option that was in the original coming back once more areas are added? On that note, when do you think a new area will be added? Just please make sure to not overwork yourself, no rush!

I'm enjoying the game a lot so far, I have played through most of the original but the writing is just so good. The sex scenes are hot and the characters are cool and fun, I often giggle when playing with Rinny.

Which is the minimal patreon membership I have to subscribe for to get the newest version early? I'm kinda counting pennies atm so I can't afford much, especially not for  a monthly subscription

Another question. Is the option to get money from being a test subject at the science lab going to come back?

I saw something about a Dream, but I have no idea where to go or what to do to get it. I have saved Rinny but nothing happened.

Maybe some files and stuff got mixed up between the two games, placing that message onto that tile?

What curse exactly?

Lust Doll community · Created a new topic Who's Mable?
I just got this random thing that happens every time I step on that one tile on the milk farm. But I haven't encountered anyone named Mable before, and didn't find a character with that name on the wiki. Is this supposed to happen?

I guess I broke it then.

I had four orbs before so I was able to use them. But now, I got an extra 6 for some reason

I found it now. But that has got me wondering, what do I need the orbs for now that I've defeated Mistyra and unlocked the parasite form?

I’ve walked on every tile along every wall in the meat nest. I didn’t find anything. Any closer hint to it please?

Lust Doll community · Created a new topic Meat pit box

How do I get to the box at the other side of the pit in the meat parasite nest? I’ve walked through the entire base and the nest itself but there was no way to get to the other side of the pit.

How hard would it be to get a game like this to iOS? Hard? Very hard? Impossibly hard? Probably the third one..

Ah okay. It would make sense for the desert and deserted base to come back, since they have some pretty important stuff. Also, I didn’t expect digestion to be a thing in the game, quite a turn on tbh (down in the pit in the meat nest in the original one).

I found something quite odd when going through my phone’s gallery. I got this game on my samsung phone. And I went into the gallery and noticed a lot of pictures for stuff in the game. It made sense but the  I found a lot of stuff from the original game that’s missing in Plus. Such as the meat parasite related stuff, the pyramid and lost lab stuff, and so on. May I ask what it’s all about? And does it mean that the huge amount of missing features of the Plus has the art ready?

Thanks. Also, the Rinny Broken 2 bad end is way too emotional for me. And the it was all just a dream.. (thanks for putting that in btw, it saved a lot of time).

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Never mind. When I was playing last night, I guess I wasn’t thinking straight, so I took the pink beam and electric discharge as the one attack.

And now I feel empathic of copies of my character, who is essentially a copy of me.. this is weird... I like it!

I read about that message on the wiki, but it’s different every times. Sometimes it hovers closely before attacking, the other time it’s threateningly. I don’t know what to do. I’m also kind of surprised by how dark and depressing that bad end is.

Lust Doll community · Created a new topic CPU (spoilers)

Is it actually possible to  beat the CPU in the sister lab without the use of any items? If so, how?

May I if there is a way to get into the torture rack? If not, which future version is it planned for?

May I ask which of the tomes? There are a lot of them.. and I'm at a loss

I have beaten her soon after leaving my reply of “I’ll just buy a ton of stamina drinks”.

I was only like level 6 strength and I don’t remember my what my body was, probably the same. I think I also lucked out with how she attacked,  because she often just did the thing where she keeps a stance, so I was able to refill stamina.

What’s weird is that I kept dying when wearing civil clothes, but then when I tried to wear the maid outfit, I got lucky with her attacks. I was also using the dull knife as a weapon.

Okay, thanks. And if it doesn’t (for example because of some bug or because my phone is old), can I just find the folders and change them around myself?

Will the game auto update with the next update when I’m playing on Android? If not, is there a way to get my saved data over without losing anything?

I could also work at the strip club a lot and buy a ton of energy drinks to get stamina.

Okay, thanks. Another question, how big does my strenght and body stats have to be to defeat the maid in the manor? I got that ending of being captured so many times now ^^

I'm playing the plus version on my phone and I've heard a lot about a desert, but all the hints about getting there seem to be about the non-plus version. May I ask if there is such a thing in the plus, and if so, how I can get there?

Btw, I'm really enjoying it, it's a lot of fun.