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I found something quite odd when going through my phone’s gallery. I got this game on my samsung phone. And I went into the gallery and noticed a lot of pictures for stuff in the game. It made sense but the  I found a lot of stuff from the original game that’s missing in Plus. Such as the meat parasite related stuff, the pyramid and lost lab stuff, and so on. May I ask what it’s all about? And does it mean that the huge amount of missing features of the Plus has the art ready?

yes and no, a lot of it will be revised, especially NPC art. You can try comparing stuff from original LD with same in LD+ and see :>

Ah okay. It would make sense for the desert and deserted base to come back, since they have some pretty important stuff. Also, I didn’t expect digestion to be a thing in the game, quite a turn on tbh (down in the pit in the meat nest in the original one).

For sure~. And yes, not often, but sometimes XD


Long live to the meat parasite! 🙇🏻‍♀️