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Any cheats?

This is such a fun game!

So… I played the game and honestly whenever I heard any voice acting I started to think “Damn I wonder how the voice actor felt while voicing this”😅😂

I kinda hope that at some point we’ll be able to disguise ourselves as a human or other beings by using the witch or learning spells and using illusions or actually being able to transform using that. And I’m kinda hoping for more character customization. Otherwise, I am loving this.

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Yep use purple potion on the golem first, then do the rest.

Fair, I mean, All this IS related to the wings so until the wings are there you can’t really do much with the idea.

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Maybe it can be an option like after you die its like “What do you want to do?” And their are the options like “return to … (lab/apartment/safehouse/etc…)” “Play as … (Name of child)” “Load” “Save”

Okay, Understandable :)

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I kinda wish we could raise babies (human/other) Pick their looks and then make em our companion or when we die the kid takes over. That would be so cool.

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Prince Kyrios is so fkin annoyin! If i end up having to help him oh i am SO going to find something to use against him… Both Prince Kyrios and Princess Katelyn are not fit to rule. The princess is too sweet, too trusting, and too naive. The prince is too impulsive, rebellious, and self serving.

I’m really hope to become allies with Princess Lily and then have her rise to power, Hopefully she’ll be better fit to rule, Otherwise everything is about to go to shit. 😂

I have a feeling that if you don’t kill August she’s goin to escape somehow and like we gon fight again.

Honestly, I’m just really hoping for a lot more character customization where you can choose more aspects of their looks and personality and whatever. I’m kinda hopin for some polyamorous romances too.

I need to stop typing this is too much- 😂

I’m way too excited about this- I’m ranting- I’ll just go now 😅😊

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I love how “phone calls with your mother” is a feature. Imma get this now.

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Maybe there could be an addition of armor and only that gives stat boosts? Maybe something like you can buy, make, and enchant armor by combining combining certain things and learning a certain type of magic or spell through a quest?

Hmm… Maybe a secret passageway to the manor? or instead of Rinny being kidnapped which could still be a route, maybe the mirror instead steals something from you or You can use your wings for something maybe? Fly away before the mirror pulls you in? And you have to help pixie because you can’t get out you get stuck and she tells you she will reverse the curse if you help her out, and if you still loose your limbs maybe you can learn teleportation and teleport to pixie alone or shes watching and she teleports you to her and puts a spell on you so you can walk around without your limbs but its temporary so you still need to get your limbs back.

Will you be able to fly to the graveyard without Rinny then? And would you still be able to trigger the quest somehow?

Will it be possible to get wings at some point? Maybe by learning some kind of spell or customizing your character to have some? Maybe also be able to kind of “equip them” as in like retract them or let em out. Also, I’d like to ask, What spells can you learn so far in the current version?

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Are there any cheats?

You can mix green and red to get a yellow potion then mix that with blue to get a white potion, afterwards go surrender to the witch and then things happen which lead to pregnancy and a bad ending.

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I kind of wanted to be able to pick the age just cuz I wanna be able to choose how long the character has been stuck in the lab. I wanna be able to say this character is centuries old or bla bla bla and the game changes a couple things to say for example “this place was abandoned ‘this long’ ago because of-” you kinda get the point. Im also kind of hoping for more customization with the background story of the character and certain personality traits, for example maybe a small stat page with parts where you can see personality traits and how much of that personality you act on, and maybe you can unlock certain choices from skills and personality, or maybe theirs a certain “Main quest” of sorts where you are slowly remembering things of the past, but instead of it just being remembering the player can choose how certain events occured thus changing the story or gameplay a bit. Kind of like you can pick if you where directly created in the lab or maybe you where a human or monster that was captured or volunteered or whatever thus gettung experimented on. That kinda thing.

Okay! 😊

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If possible, Can you add some things where you can choose your age and wether people should react to you normally or freak out or whatever the hell so if you decided to be more monster-y and you want it to be odd or something you can get into character and enjoy it a lot more since that option is available. Also, once we are able to enter the torture rack can you add a possibility of applying as dom if you have certain qualities.

Okay! :) Thanks

How do i get people in the private dungeon in the safehouse?