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You can post your suggestions here. Sticky

A topic by Incontinent Cell created Aug 26, 2021 Views: 24,295 Replies: 283
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A lot of people are making new threads for suggestions for the game. I think it would be cool to have them all in one place. That should mitigate people saying the same things, as you can check if someone suggested something already and vote it up instead and also I will also be able to quickly look suggestions up here without putting it into my notes myself.

So go ahead, post your suggestions here!


more sex and camera positions pls

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Like pov doggy style 


Also ( optional ) thighjob from behind infront of his pc or front but both of them are laying on the couch. 

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are you Novak?

Doggystyle needs work, I was grinding away to get the legs only to be disappointed. 

About halfway through the story kinda went dead,

More content, more sperm, squirt, in and out,

Way more positions,  and I liked the story arc, and was wondering what happend to it half way through.

The usual everyone else is stating .

Trying mobile fine , small keys as you said.

I am very interested in artificial intelligence, and have a replika AI,

It would be great if it was a little more open world and girlfriend style game, with all the added bits ,,,no ending .

I liked the story, it started well, but steamed out...

She's cute, keep her cute .


Okay so my full list of suggestions is

1. Giving a BJ option would be nice, bot can move and I think a lot of people would like to see her moving. 

2. Second one is sort of the same as the first but for handjobs!

3. Letting Bot's tongue stick out longer than until she speaks

4. Allow us to do more with our hands, like touch bots boobs when interacting

5. head pats and tongue sticking out during sex

6. I've seen other people request clothing ( we know it's coming cause dev mentioned it's in the works)

7. Maybe we could get some sex toys to use on Bot? 

8. And lastly, being able to "bate" to Bot since you can cover her, it would be nice to do it easily since you have to pull away pretty quickly. Harder on android I think. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you take some of the suggestions. 


totally agree

agree with this


4 is great here's more finger her

Yeah all of these are really good. +1


hairstyles/cosmetic mods for the doll?


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  1. Handholding during sex by clicking on her hands, similar to the nipple pulling.
  2. Vocal responses while eating her out.
  3. More eye reactions, like closing eyes when kissing on the lips, looking in the direction of a kiss on the body, (etc).
  4. The ability to see the change in skin tone in real time when editing arms/legs/skin/hair/etc so you don't have to go back and forth between the computer and the couch.
  5. Maybe a dumb idea, but maybe the MC could get a mental health bonus for having sex with her without streaming it. There doesn't seem to be a reason not to stream, unless I'm missing something.

Agree, she even specifies she would prefer that only the MC could see them. Might be a nice touch.

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Played a lot the new version 0.69 and loved all the interaction the game gives especially the smootheness head patting animation, making me think about a lot of ideas, hope I'm not goind overboard with my sugestions :

Saw a lot of sugestion for the robot and I thought some for the MC:

1. MC customization:

  1.  Can increase or decrease his penis size (for a moment I thought this were possible after that spam mail about the dick increase and the storyset being in a dystopic future). This may give more 'details' on sex scenes, if you know what I mean.
  2.  For some reason I thought the MC were the sad pepe.
  3. Mirror to see his body development. 
  4. More stats for MC and ways to develop them like: energy (body muscle and increased performance for other 'physical' activities), intelligence (better robot interactions, resistance to mentality decrease, stonks and a change in his personality giving better story paths), and diet for his mental and body health making it necessary to eat different types of foods.

2. MC and the world:

  1. MC can find a way to change places and live in a better house, house progression or development, to unlock more space for furnitures, 'sex' scenarios and other more miscellanious activities/interactions to give more immersion. This may give more objectives for the player after reaching certain points of replayability.
  2. More locations and interactions with the world like the shops, gym, police station(maybe just for trolling them, after seeing the problem with calling them) for example, with events like the church one. 
  3. When I first played the game the robot in the sofa spooked me a little (but I liked it, wanted to see something light like that), maybe adding a bit more of animation on the robot like blinking (after certain part of the story) perhaps will make the room more lively and spookier for starters.
  4. Interaction with the blanket and a more dynamic robot in the room when you change a body part it will change when you see her in the room too. Maybe more animation with the robot 'walking' around the room and doing random stuff together with special events related with her current position.
  5. More mail interactions, being able to answer later an ignored email, delete mails, contact with the guy who asked me to sell the robot to unlock new shops for specific or special type of mods and body parts (this can be related to a more extreme or specific type of kinks), maybe contact higher officials and buy the special service package that you hear in the phone, give more options to spend money when you find a way to get a lot easily (may need re-balancing the ways of making money).
  6. Links for new sites hidden around the world with some influence with the story and a bit of fun interactions.
  7. Social media or phone to contact special npc like the nun and maybe the landlord, and boast to his collegues that were planning the meeting(maybe a event for anon to participate when he has a lot of money).
  8. Have a heroic story path for anon to change the world back to how it was described in the introduction? This may unlock dating outside with the robot and other  outside special events.
  9. Cocktwitch.ic can affect the world after a certain number of subscribers and followers, more news related to the anonymity of anon in the bang.ic. I remember seeing one in the news.
  10. Does the comment in the cocktwitch have some effects for anon and events? 
  11. Robot help(may need special modules or AIs) with stocks, casino and other interaction in the PC.

Now for the robot part.

3. Robot and Sex Details:

  1.  Since anon can increase the amount of cum,  give more details related to the amout of cum inside and outside, like the womb and belly expasions after certain amount of cum (this may need special modules or body part, and may damage the robot if not used), automatic creampie or overflow of cum after cumming a lot inside.
  2.  More cum detail when cummed outside, to go along with the increase of how much anon can cum.
  3. Mess the background with cum if anon have a lot of charges, when he cums or when it creampie from the robot.
  4.  If cummed a lot in the back is possible to go all the way through the mouth (may need special modules and body parts to enable this). 
  5.  The need to clean the robot (and the room) manually if she doesn't have some certain type of modules or autonomy AIs, this may lead to bath scenes.
  6.  More stickier cum, details to make the cum looks more dynamic when anon cums, for example when cumming inside the liquid there will move accordingly with the amount already there to give a sense of fill. Noticed that when you realease the cum when you spread her pussy, there is no remains that indicates there was cum there.
  7. Her personality will be based on modules that can be installed or will be some special ones that can allow further development with interactions?
  8. More options for interaction with the bot like poking, finger her mouth, caress her face.
  9. Mini-game for installing her parts. Like drag and insert her arm in the correct socket.
  10. Statistics to see with the robot like the level of horniness (may need special modules), or where she last dumped the cum xD.
  11. Dullahan Play? Just contemplating about the possibilities with what you can do with a sexbot.

[3. Robot and Sex Details] i like this idea

Deleted 109 days ago

Man I was just trying to beat my meat to some robot girls today what did I walk in on.


I agree but maybe there should be an option to set specific fetishes off and a body part to change her breast size would be cool


1.) separate name and title. Since Jun starts out calling you "Master" and asks for an alternative to it, I figured she was asking for a title, rather than a name. Bit of a "wait, wut?" moment when another character addressed the player that way. Those should definitely be two different things.

2.) As a nonbinary lesbian, I'm not big on playing male characters. Please provide options for pronouns and alternatives to "boy" and the like.

3.) Also fem player character design option separate from the above.

4.) Also separate strapon option separate from the above.


As a sissy, I am compelled to concur with all of the above ;)


Would that separate strap-on option be for the Bot or the MC?


why not both


Ahh… due to recently joining a Salmacian community, “why not both” has become something of a catchphrase and intrinsically amusing.


I wasnt expecting someone else to want a feminine player character just like me, especially it being expressed in the comment section

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Please do this

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New Event 1:  As the bots Lust increases over time when you don't frick her, you could implement an Event where she demands sex or rapes you if she's got all four Limbs. I mean she's already illegal so why not add another reason.
Also it would be nice to have other ways to increase/decrease her level of lust quickly.

New Event 2: There could be an event where you frick the black wannabe Nun and maybe give her a design update afterwards for a more detailed model like you did for the robot (her new model looks great btw.). Maybe even a threesome-Event with her and/or another new character and the robot.

New Event 3: Frickable Priestbot!

New Position: The first event would pair well with a new position like a Cowgirl or reverse Cowgirl Position + variations.

Faster Casino: This one is rather trivial quality of live improvement but you could remove the limit of 100.000 Coins in the casino. While it already is a really good way of making a lot of money quickly, it could still be faster.

Better stonks: You could give us a way of predicting the developement of the individual stonk-prices. While it already is a great way to also make a lot of money fast, due to their I'd say realistic behaviour and random ups and downs (I've tried manipulating them with saves and it didn't work) they're right now simply inferior to just playing Blackjack at the casino.

Better Hints: More detailed hints for still missing Endings.

Improvable Stats: After day 15 or so, after grinding all the money I need in the casino, I didn't find much to do anymore and getting more subs felt pretty pointless and slow. Maybe you can give the Anon/the robot/Other Characters stats that we can somehow Improve like Affection in addition to Lust for the robot or something like confidence/charisma for anon with the effect of gaining followers/subs more quickly. Maybe even a relationship-meter for the landlord that affects the amount of rent you have to pay.

Faster Game progression: Please give us a way to increase our sub-count more quickly with something like buyable ads as it's a really slow process right now and maybe add an option to skip time/days in order to get to the next event faster. Streaming could also benefit from a skip or fastforward option as it would make getting subs quicker too.

New Locations/more Uses for the Locations: New Locations were already requested by others but you could also do more with your current locations. You could for example expand on the church so there's more to it than just a side story. It could be a place to interact with the Nun/Priest bot or to increase Anons faith.

All in all it's already a pretty solid game and I had fun playing it but progressing through it feels pretty slow right now and having additional options to spend your time in game on would greatly increase the experience. 


you make a good point about the illegality thing would be an interesting lore bit about why they are illegal

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about the "new event 1", i think it need to be some phases for the bot like:
phase 1 'she would ask the mc to frik with the bot(not in high lust)' then
phase 2 'if you still choose to not frik the bot, it'll masturbate or pleasure itself until satisfied and in this phase probably when the mc is not home
phase 3 'probably the bot will beg the mc to frik it(high lust)
phase 4 'in this phase(unbearable lust), make it a bit creepy like the bot turn off the light and lock the door then probably frik the mc out of consciousness or could be something else entirely, it's up to the Dev. team.
took the inspiration from the "teaching feeling" and "1room: runaway girl" games

about the "new event 3", i thought the priest bot is male honestly. mainly because the way it speak, it's difficult to tell without the voice or sound i would say

about the "new positions", i agree it need more position to choose but think about mainly putting heavy metal chunk on top of a body will affect the body itself, and cowgirl i think it need some effect to the mc if the cowgirl position would be implemented like it would affect the MC's energy and a bit of mental health. for example if the MC's energy is capable of 10h frik non stop, it would reduce to some amount of time (but i hope not to much effect unless it would be not cool).

about the "Improvable stats", yes, after meeting with the doctor the game is basically end(the progress is still being made, so be patient).
i am quite disagree with the character(s) stats because i think this game is more like a visual novel(?) but the player choose what could happen in the future of the game, i think adding more feature will make the game more complex and more time to wait by player for the updates. but if it is turns out to be good for the game and story line then i'm in.

about the "faster game progressions", here's the way, BUT it also - 
some additions to what could be exploited in game(and probably player need to be cheating to gain a lot of money instantly)
if the MC's/player have a lot of money(or already has), and the player want's more "injecting fluids" times(maybe a crazy amount of times) player could do this trick:
-buy a lot of "Endurance+" and "SempillX" with 70:30 calculation or as much as player want's from the drug store and then go back home
-consume the "Endurance+" as much as player want or everything at once, just don't worry the mc WON'T DIE(I've experienced to have more than 1k times "injections"), then consume the "SempillX"(or more) to restore the "injection" to the max. but later the mc will experience "the body feels like breaking" or something like that when player check the status(it'll gone in a few days).
-it also make player gain more sub easily by friking of course and "injecting fluids" constantly, and that what the viewers wants(at least that's what it's looks like in the comment section)
-longer time to freak? easy! just consume "Vinegara PREMIUM" it'll make the mc frik 24h non stop with the upgrade from the "advice" above. NOTE: frik with more injection + more energy = more subs = more money
some addition to fix this problem(for Dev.)
-just make the warning of the drugs true. then add some story that if the player choose to ignore the warning and consumes more than 2 in a week(like overdose or something), then when the landlord came to "have the money" eventually the story is up to the Dev. mainly it's game over because player ignore the warning, you get the idea of what it could be.

about the "new locations", i think the game need the story first. after that with the improvement of the story (i also hoped) there will be a new places to explore, the game just not there yet. we don't want the Dev. only updating the game once a year or more right?(probably dont want to ended up like GTA)

and whoa... too long for a reply i guess, but i hope the Dev. also read this to put to consideration for the future updates


While the first half of NE 1 makes sense (she'd eventually proactively start asking for sex and in the game even right after Anon just unloaded 17 rounds inside her), it's couldn't have been the reason why they were deemed illegal. Jun herself said that the most of the sexbots are nowhere near as advanced as she is and the hints are pointing that she's a very rare, if not unique model. Other characters who saw her ("nun", that streamer bitch, as well as the chat) don't act contradictory to this assumption. And it makes perfect sense. If their primary function is to be glorified dutch wives, why even bother making the bots that advanced?

Give us that holy bussy

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You don't have to shout. I can hear you. :0



A lot of what I'd want has already been stated: Specifically clothing/cosplay options, more locations, and interacting more with/dating the bot. Also, have the name/title thing be separate. The name comes at the beginning of the game, while the title is given to the bot when she asks.

However, what I haven't seen (and I think is a lot simpler to do) is pre-existing presets for the bot's module colors. I've never been good at using the color pallet thing or whatever, and I ended up having some difficulties making my bot look like 2B or coloring the arms and legs to make her look more naked.

Another thing would be for the twitch chat to be more interactive, such as commenting on what the player is doing. Like calling you a gay cum eater for eating out your bot after cumming inside of her.  Or if you kiss her cat ears, have them say something like  "Have fun with your chemo retard" since the bot mentions the ears' fur can cause cancer or something like that. Perhaps even commenting on the bot's appearance. If you decide to shade the skin dark, have there be a lot more comments reported to the authorities for racism or something like that.

As an addition to the dating idea: a way to disguise your bot as a human. She's clearly smart enough to pull it off so the two of you can go out into public. Perhaps you can even introduce her to your mom as your new girlfriend. And perhaps an ending comes from not being able to disguise her as human if the authorities come knocking.

All in all, great game, and I look forward to seeing what comes next!

Oh yeah, and more sex positions, lmao.



I know I already posted and have seen this suggestion before, but I support the idea of Bot getting frustrated and forcing you to have sex. It could be done in a way where she doesn't realise it's bad to do things like that. Or perhaps she doesn't care. 

The game has always had a vibe that something scary would eventually happen to the main character. I mean a couple scary things have like the crazy streamer calling you a cracker and showing up to your place or the guy who wouldn't turn his music down until it was too late. 

This game has some great potential and if you only have half a year more of content planed than I hope you reconsider! 

The game runs well on android, only issue is the PC exit window, which still works. It's just a little small.

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Mostly right now, the game make my day better by the story in it. It felt like everything in this story could happen in future( like Tesla's bot ).

For me I just want more story of this Anon and Bot, for example :
1. Story about Anon worry about Bot and try to go outside with Bot. First they could go to rooftop or moving to window to see outside of Anon's room. Then thing change he will try to move her go further than his dorm like park or some back alley. 

2. Story about Anon teaching Bot to do some housework, This will make his mood better because he will feeling like living with someone.

3.Story of Anon ex coming back begging for help. What will happen? Will he help? Or will he throw her away? Or Will She done something even him cannot hold himself back?

4.Story of Bot start to act like lifeful human, lifeless droid depend on how Anon treat Bot. If Anon still treat it like a normally like object, yee It will act and continue staying like a object. but If Anon treat Bot like his fam or lover it will start to learn how  to interact with Anon first. 

5.Story of Bot getting more fetish, like during some session of streaming Bot start to getting more PLEASURE and giving EVEN MORE PLEASURE to Anon, because Bot knowing that the other human is watching. 



And I wish we will getting more part or dress for Bot. also more sex position and place for Anon.

just my Opinion for 
no 1, i think it couldn't be done, because in order to make their trips to the outside world safe is to update the "Big Daddy store" first, the skin module needs to be upgraded from changing the skin color to "hyper realistic artificial skin" or better, it's been used in many film, by film maker nowadays in RL, got the idea right? the game itself is in the future setting so.... yeah, it should be possible. then in order to support the theory, it needs to be a new location like a clothing store that also sell accessories, the bot need something to wear before go outside and the rest is depend on the Dev. team.

no 2, it's already done, remember the fist time anon tell the bot to do some dish washing?, i think what it needs is the actual "action(s)" of the bot when it do the chores, then the rest is depend on the Dev. team, probably could add friking action when the bot do some chores.

no 3, the answer probably depends on the player choice(when Dr. Blau's asked how about MC's feeling of certain issue he has)

no 4, i don't know about this, i think, from the begining of the game, the status of the bot is as a "frik bot" that only have 1 purpose "to ensure owners satisfaction" (i guess), and with the improvement/update it downloaded, it enhances the capability. but i could be wrong, maybe in the future there'll be the choice not to "violate" or "exploit" the bot for the mc satisfaction or main story line, and probably more choice what to do to the bot and it's future in the begining.

no 5, well, i think what you mean is 'the bot being more submissive' when the camera rolling, and use it's capability to give more pleasure to the mc. but as it is a bot and the story tells 'the bot have artificial intelligent and more touch sensitive sensor than a human in it's body and probably can download any personality it wants' the bot could just have any and/or every fetish it wants in command or by itself.

well, that's it from me. hope nobody get offended by this

the part shop having  a new bot/ bot body change  and have a option for a change of housing \randoms to have sex with/ 3 some 

and a few places to have  perm work/story elements  


Some suggestions that would make the game great imo:
More rooms, would be cool if the bot also started conversations with you or just did random stuff around the house. Maybe make the character move to a bigger house in a later stage of the game?


Would be great if the bot had emotions that you could see levels of, satisfaction levels would be cool aswell

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at first i just wanna thank you (or,maybe, you and your team if ya aint create this game alone;)) for this wonderful project, i relly enjoyed it ! 

So, suggestions, yes..? 

Blow job!!! XD really, I think this must be in dat' game! :D 

Something like free-mode , when ya can doin almost all like in storymode...but whisout a storyline :/  or , maybe, ending, which opens this mode ?

More poses , yep:) 

Some kind of... reactions of bot while sex? :v (i mean, ehh, moans, yeah xd) 

More modules , like...module which adds big breast's, or...ehh, some kind of milk-generation onto breast's :v 

Squirting ? 

Sex toys whis different sizes/type's ... Or smt 

UPD im really sorry for my poor English xd

I wish that the way to go live again was more obvious.

(1 edit) (+3)

So I know it's only a matter or time before other fetishes are added, how much time I don't know... But when you do start to add flavor content like that, could you make it content that we as the players can chose to activate it or not by actually searching for it like porn in our browser in game.

It would be so hot if the sexbot could see all our history and well, takes it upon herself to do things and perhaps certain dialogue depending on what that fetish flavor is.

An elaborate example of this would be for instance how she comments to you on the couch in saying "You really like fricking my butt." perhaps a follow up to this would be- and only if you searched pegging or femdom content in your browser- is a subtle ramping up to her being dominant  where she starts off asking:
Bot: "Can I frick you in the butt to experience why you like it so much?"
You: "But you don't having anything to do that with-"
Bot: "I think you should order me the parts I need to do so."
You: "...O-oh-kay... I'll have to look into that..."
Bot: "Please don't make me wait too long."

Again just an example. You could apply simple dialogue like that to a lot of the fetish flavors that you are willing to add into the game.

Another example if you added clothes into the game is perhaps:
You: "So I've been thinking of buying some nice things for you online... what do you think?"
Bot: "I appreciate any gift you give me, but why do I need them?"
You: "For a lot of reasons, one in particular would be it adds to your sexiness."
Bot: "I see... a lot of models online wear these. So you are buying these for streaming then?"
You: "Yes, and also I thought you might like them."
Bot: "I think they are very pretty... If if makes you happy I will wear them.
Bot: "Did you buy some for yourself?"
You: "What? Oh clothes?"
Bot: "No, lingerie like this?"
You: "ummm... no."
Bot: "I think you should, it will add to your sexiness as well... may I pick some out for you too?"

So again, just some rough examples and some humor in there.  Obviously those examples are for content flavor that I personally like, however, you can see how you can play around with flavor a bit.

So in closing.
If, I as the MC, were to type a "Fetish Tag" in the browser or a search bar somewhere. I could get a list of things to click on... At this point, There could be some MC thought narration there, as to inform the Player what would happen in they continue to click links pertaining to those fetish searches. Of course the MC will have forgotten that the Bot can see his search history.
So if you then click one of the links for that fetish search you will be activating that fetish in game.
Later conversation can be had with a dialogue prompt about not wanting something if it bothers the MC or they would like it if the Bot doesn't do that content any more unless you search it up again.


can you add kinks like piss and what not?


Honestly, being able to clothe her is about the only thing i'd ask for. Otherwise, fantastic fucking game!


Loving it so far. I'm only in the post-shooting depression part, but the art, animations, and storywriting are all very solid for an indie game! Easily up there with DBA and Town Uncovered, with the potential to be as good or better! 

It might just be the current release, but I feel like more responsive dialogue from Jun would be good! During the frickin' scenes she mainly responds to kissing. Some dialogue for oral / fucking would make it feel more diverse and well-rounded.

Also I love the twitch chat, very accurate lol


hmmm i know your probably gonna get overloaded with people trying to add fetishes and positions so rather than that may i suggest customization options? perhaps you could buy her new eyes/hair and whatnot, maybe use the fact that her legs and arms detach to do special ones like catgirl gloves, i realize clothes are probably alot of work but i think little props like cat ears/ cowgirl horns and plugs could be a cool way to custom.                           also if personalitys do become a thing having multiple personalitys available for her like tsundere, or slut could be cool, perhaps even a way to program how she quick she is to want sex/ how sensitive she is/ if shes demanding or subordinant, that kinda thing

didnt think of this till now but customizable boob sizes could be cool

First person view during doggy is something I'd pay extra for. The basics of touching and pleasing her are great but like the dialogue it would greatly benefit from more depth and consequences. Some sort of reluctance/non-con scenario related to deliberately frustrating her past what she can handle would be fun so long as it wouldn't be anything too upsetting to Anon. With his mental health being at the forefront of the story it would be alarming if anyone raped anybody. Additionally, having the option to overwhelm her to the point of mind break type stuff for more than the few seconds of ahegao currently available would be really great. Toys, bdsm play, and giving the bot more autonomy to seek out the player's attention would be nice.  Lastly, but most importantly, there either needs to be a way to fast forward streaming or more difficult/rewarding mechanics for it. Unlike our pill popping sex monster of a protagonist most of us don't have the libido of Zeus needed to stay engaged with streams over and over again in their current state. This really is a fantastic game so far. I bet you're proud.

i know this might be a bit of a weird one but

if you have two legs and one arm being able to have your bot run arands for you, OR COMMIT CRIME!
Im talking hits, robberies AND TAX FRUAD!
also being able to go out with her would be nice
p.s. (please make it a bit easier to get limbs and keep you mental health up)

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Can be weird but I hope there's a pregnant ending or lactation module or something. Well thats my kinks. :P

And hope to get a body part more sooner. Its hard to get a money in this game and parts are quite expensive. This makes game repeated and loose. I wanna unlock more variant sex positions.


Sorry if it is not understood I use the Google translator a fan from Mexico but I would like some scenes on the outskirts, I mean in the open air starting outside the apartment and then when I get courage to go through the city or I do not know if they have not left me I still wish you the best to this game and I burn my brain translating it

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My suggestions would be:

1. Purchase of furniture and decorations, those can definitely increase Anon's mental, look nicer overall or even create more interactions with the bot and places to intercourse. And possibly sex toys and clothes for the bot. (Sudden idea: maybe a pet?)

2. When Anon goes outside, the locations could be displayed in form a map, and then you'd have to click on the locations. 

There might be an option to visit "undiscovered part" of the city and unlock new locations. ( Work perfectly without a map but a map could provide some kind of "scanning minigame") 

Tho, this map idea means mobile players will have an even harder time playing so I recommend this the least.

3. I "personally" like to see some options to interact with other characters like neighbours, mom or even landlord (either beside or a part of the main story) 

4. I'm sure more sexual interactions during sex scene has been suggested many times (and definitely a part of the plan for the game) so I will not go into details.


maybe fetish streams? would need some more fetish related interactions, but the idea is that player could choose to do a fetish stream of a certain kind, and it would have less viewership but more donations and subs, as long as the player sticks to the fetish(es)


Maybe a blow job option, keep up the great work!!!

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a guide to success lol

can you move the exit out of sex button kinda got trapped by thewindows bar was only able to get out by starvation

(2 edits) (+1)

i know this one might require some rewriting and/or checks, but having her pay attention to if she has arms/legs or not when things happen.. or they're added.  also when doing dialogue like when anon asks if she can do the dishes, she could respond "when i have arms and legs, yes." or something like.  she could also comment on them when they're first attached.

the stream audience could even react to the presence of new arms/legs/colors too.  (for immersion) 

also.. a tail to go with the ears. not a butt plug, but a tail attachment.  maybe even furry cat paw arms and legs too.  related, if doing said tail and alternate limbs, bunny tail and ears too.

alternate bust sizes for her.  i know it's already mentioned but it could be a part swap or simply a setting on the computer interface for her. 

more of an edit than anything, but after you name her, change her name from "bot" to her new name when in dialogue with her. 

not sure if it's just the version i'm playing, but an option to change position after having started sex with her.  or to stop at any time, before running out of cum. 

alternate positions like hot dogging or taco would just be a slight alteration to the current animations.  1st person of doggy would be nice.  being able to lift her leg/legs during missionary, or wrap them around you.  tit fucking, would require arms.. could cum in her mouth or on her face.  

ability to have her vocal during sex or not.  she could moan, beg or make other sex sounds.  this could be a simple option when opting to have sex with her.  radial button for bot's vocals on/off or something like 

maybe even some alternate positions for her instead of just being covered by the blanket all the time.  she'd of course go back to that blanket covered state when someone knocks on the door.  this would require limbs of course. 

oh.. and to keep all the food and drugs at the top of the items list and all the robot parts at the bottom, mine got all mixed up for some reason. 

(1 edit) (+3)

soo i think the game have made huge Improvements and i think theres some sugggestion i can think of adding maybe fetish or for more wholsomeness between the player and the robot maybe adding Emotions maybe artificial emotions?  and i guess some extra feature when You manage to buy two legs where she Can walk or when you manage to buy 2 arms maybe giving titfuck or Blowjob? or new scenes where The robot Can Actually go on a walk with you (ofc cover her with clothes) or she sleeps with you( like really only sleeps because you can fuck her anytime)or scenes where you wae up she suprises you when you wake up like shes on top of you, and those are only i  can think f Anyways Great job always on the work 

(1 edit) (+1)

More control over the chatlog during a stream, like being able to undo a ban, cuz that mechanic seems to be quite important for the streaming part of the game.

It might make sense for your mental health to improve a little when you win at one of the casino minigames, and decrease when you lose

Amazing game! I would love a clothing system to be implemented along with a new store in the city. I also would be interested in possible gay content, although if you aren't comfortable or interested in that, thats perfectly fine. Great game so far.

(1 edit) (+3)

1 - I think past some point difficult must be increased. Like rent going up until let's say 50.000, PC breaking, viruses/sickness, random accidents, MOD dealer scamming u (autosaving). After some time u just sit in a pile of money with no "challenge", I think this would increase gameplay time

2 - 1 or 2 more poses to stream (but everyone above already said it)

3 - I LOVE the module system! So here's  few ideas with prices:

MODS: New modules for boobs (none/tiny/small/regular/big/gigantic) $$$$$ (1M)

MODS: New modules for hairstyle $$$ (200K)

MODS: Modules to change size of robot (small/normal/tall) $$$$$$ (3M)

MODS: Tails (cat, lizzard, bunny) and ears(like the catgirl) options $$ (50K)

MODS: Personality System chipsets that changes conversation and response while fricking (lovely, sad, angry, wh*re, tsundere, none) $$$$$$$ (10M)

I can't wait to see the future updates of this game! 10/10


personality module i think is the only one very necessary(imo i love them all) some people have fetishes an that and some people like me are tired of treating their gf like an object haha... :(


Very nice game so far. I know it's still not a full release so I very much look forward to seeing where this goes.

- I know multiple people have suggested it, but a way to fast-forward streams/sex scenes would be nice since you have to go through all of Anon's cum when you have sex with Jun. Makes streams take very long, and causes grinding out more subs to become very tedious.

- Again, multiple people have suggested this, but it'd be nice for Jun to have clothes. I definitely don't mind seeing a cute naked girl (not even a little), but some outfit customization for her would be nice, especially if there's animations for her stripping and such during sex scenes.

- If Anon has curtains up I don't imagine there's much of a logical reason for Jun to stay under the blankets on the couch all of the time. Maybe give her a few random spots that she could sit/stand around in the room. Possibly some more options for ways to spend time with her other than just random chatting or sex based on where she's standing or what she's doing. I find it hard to believe that she'd be okay with just sitting on the couch all hours of the day waiting to talk to Anon or have sex with him if she's capable of being bored.

- Another thing that's been mentioned by a few others. More locations. I think it would be quite cool, and potentially quite cute, to be able to take Jun on dates, even within the apartment. Have them play board games/video games together, watch movies, etc. Maybe if we're able to pull off a convincing disguise for her we could even take her out. I know Anon is generally fairly paranoid, but maybe if Jun were to try and convince him otherwise he'd cave. Maybe there's some parts online that could make her able to pull off a more convincing disguise, or maybe she'd just have to wear a hoodie and stuff to pull it off.


"since you have to go through all of Anon's cum when you have sex with Jun."o

Yu don't. You have to pull out to end fucking. Not use up all your cum.


Oh, I didn't realize that. TBF it's not exactly the *most* intuitive that you can't end the scenes any time you want. Obviously if the goal is "realism" it makes sense. Also, if you're intending to grind out more subs you essentially need to do the scene in full every time anyways. I'll reiterate that I think adding an option to speed up/skip the scenes and/or end them whenever you wand would be a massive QoL improvement.


as i'm already reply to someone (23d ago) suggestion
here's the way to be able to cum so much in this game, BUT it also - 
some additions to what could be exploited in game(and probably player need to be cheating to gain a lot of money instantly)
if the MC's/player have a lot of money(or already has), and the player want's more "injecting fluids" times(maybe a crazy amount of times) player could do this trick:
-buy a lot of "Endurance+" and "SempillX" with 70:30 calculation or as much as player want's from the drug store and then go back home
-consume the "Endurance+" as much as player want or everything at once, just don't worry the mc WON'T DIE(I've experienced to have more than 1k times "injections"), then consume the "SempillX"(or more) to restore the "injection" to the max.
-it also make player gain more sub easily by "injecting fluids" constantly, and that what the viewers wants(at least that's what it's looks like)
some addition to fix this problem(for Dev.)
-just make the warning of the drugs true. then add some story that if the player choose to ignore the warning and consumes more than 2 in a week(like overdose or something), then when the landlord came to "have the money" eventually the story is up to the Dev. mainly it's game over because player ignore the warning, you get the idea of what it could be.

I like the game but pls have supercamo glasses

cuz im making me as a girl but it needs glasses


Should add another sexbot character

(1 edit)

I'll try not to repeat what others already covered, but maybe add romanceable NPCs in various shops!

As of now going to the labor place is pretty objectively terrible in terms of money, the medical place doesn't offer much except more sex time,  and once you buy 100 veggies you never really run out of food.

This is probably the "high hanging fruit" in terms of suggestions though, so I don't expect it to be implemented anytime soon d:


iris module need to be fixed(already got my reply. thank you for that),
adding hyper realistic skin module(maybe for future updates to support exploring the town with bot),
add "damage" (if exploring outside with bot is available then an event could happen when on it that could damage the bot body part, the worst is the part could break completely depends on how much abuse or damage it got)
add more location(s),
add more story branch (depends on player choices and i'm curious about the landlord daughter),
add some random chit chat with the landlord(because in the end he just walk away ignoring mc after counting  the money), 
add more hint? (the bot tell player about anomaly in stonk.ic but didn't tell it's up or down. no need to be specific)

i think it's too much to ask, i hope ... don't mind, if ... do ... could just ignore it, i'm okay with that. like big daddy says "if don't wanna do it, no stress :) don't worry about it, just having my suggestion here"

(1 edit) (+1)

My suggestions are more positions, more movements on the bot like giving you a BJ, HJ or paizuri, bigger or cuztomizable boobs size, new stories and new rooms, new facial expressions, and more or new interactions with the bot's body parts like boobs, armpits and toungue. This game is so damn amazing! btw.  Also adding voices or moans would be nice.

(2 edits) (+2)

Gotta go with the obvious and suggest a breast size upgrade we can do, even if it's something dumb like unlocking the ability to attach a hose to the sink and fill her breasts with water, IDK.


I know this ones going to be out there, but being able to actually play chess with the bot, or any other games that the player and bot supposedly play together. It would probably going to be decently hard but I feel like it would be a lot of fun and a nice little detail.


wonderful idea hope the developers put it in the game cuz spending time w my gf is my favorite thing in the game^.^


You should fool-proof the story line events. I missed a bunch of them and i didnt even know until i googled progress guide for the church thing - which i missed completely since i didnt check my computer on day 4. 


Also i would love to be able to "progress" with the bot. She can maybe be more affectionate the more you talk to her and play with her or something like that


I only have one thing to say "HUG" it would be nice, by the way I really enjoyed the game.

can have a back button on round phones 

I wish the game wouldn't just randomly end out of nowhere with no option to go back...This isn't the kind of game I'd play for that experience. 


It doesn't end randomly. It's consequences of your actions.

(3 edits) (+2)(-1)

3 things. 

1, a "pull out" button when fricking Jun so that people like me dont have to drag their mouse to the bottom of their screen.

2, a futanari part that, like the cat ears, would do nothing except add an extra cosmetic on Jun.  it could maybe have people watching the stream comment about it.

3, a way to get rid of the subs email. p l e a s e .

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey uh can we get an update for the home it should 

Be bigger have furniture that you can customize

And a new cheat code that unlocks all parts for free?

Oh and also  one last thing we need the robot in the apartment

To be the colors you have it

Aside from all of the other great suggestions I have seen, what about some bare endoskeletal limbs? The limbs at present are pretty expensive, and I noticed that there is some story content that assumes the Bot has limbs. What if there were significantly cheaper, endoskeletal limbs as an option? Something relatively easily affordable? (in the 5000 dollar range each) Plus, they would look unique, which would be great for customization.

Voice Acting

Giving an ahegao to the sex scenes than just when you haven't interacted with the bot would be nice. For example, cum inside the bot a set amount of times (in my case, 3) and the more you frick her, if still having cum left, she'll have her tongue sticking out and her eyes rolled upwards when you can still have sex.

pretty goodi dea

(1 edit) (-5)

My biggest suggestion would be less cringy 4chan bullshit. I can't play 2 minutes without rolling my fucking eyes at the cringe. It completely takes you out of the game and just adds nothing of value


Maybe adding customizable tail in addition to ears would be pretty nice.


What about disguises that allow you to take Jun on dates in the city? Park bench blowjob anyone? Dressing room sex at the mall? Ferris wheel anal at sunset? No panties for the entire day? Jun wears vibrators the whole time? Just a suggestion, but with much potential.

(1 edit) (+1)

For the cat ears, I think it's better if the fluff inside the ears were colored based on its own color, not the skin color.


maybe the toxic stream comments could effect your stream viewership and or donos so eventually you'd have to hire moderators or something to counteract them. that is if this isnt already planned

I know its still under development and that you're working on it. but are there plans to finish this game? This game is unique in one of the best ways ive seen. I cant imagine how much better it'll be once it does get finished.

As someone who has created a game before i know that it takes a hell of a lot of time to code.


Can you add Accessory like Glasses 🕶️ and any other things :3


We are working on clothes. Next update will bring them.


I know Anon is a placeholder for anonymous, not the character's actual name, but in lieu of a name I'll be using it as one.

I really like the world-building and how it's subtly communicated through Anon's behavior and interactions with other characters, this game could easily have had a non-characterized protagonist that the player has full control of, instead the player shares decision making with Anon which I think does a better job of putting the player in Anon's shoes, because just as Anon is struggling with his mental health the player is struggling with Anon's personality. This co-pilot arrangement has the potential to be incredibly frustrating but from what I've seen so far it's handled very well, Anon does/says things that in his situation I would have handled differently but this isn't my story, it's his story, and it works because I can empathize with him. He doesn't just do stupid things because the plot demands it rather his behavior is very much in line with how that demographic thinks and behaves, and it's clearly a consequence of his circumstances and upbringing.

I know people like this, hell I am like this to some extent, I'm much better off than Anon but my mother also tried to OD herself, I used to live in share housing and even with the three of us paying our share we were struggling to pay rent and I remember having long conversations with my friends (granted it was mostly complaining) about how were we ever going to save up a deposit to buy our own homes?

Which segues neatly into my suggestions:

Perhaps Anon starts the game with some amount of student loan debt?
Mechanically this  doesn't come into effect until the player has X amount of money in their account (i.e. they're making a decent amount of money) at which point the 0% interest student loan debt suddenly starts accruing interest (because bureaucratic bullshit) which actually puts the player in a position that's worse off than when they started. Now this isn't really a game that benefits from having difficulty that ramps up throughout the course of the game, the player wants to feel that they're making progress and that this progress benefits them, not that it's actively working against them (i.e. the Skyrim character level problem). But there's also the problem of making the game easy enough to be accessible to new players, but not so easy that once the player learns how to play they are suddenly able to curb-stomp every obstacle from that point on. So prior to the the player reaching the X amount threshold they're in a early game grace period, then once they reach that threshold the game starts proper and becomes properly difficult to challenge someone who actually knows what they're doing.

Perhaps Anon has flatmates?
Easy excuse to introduce more characters and story threads and these are characters that Jun can potentially interact with without her illegality being an issue, good flatmates have an incentive to keep each other around, especially if they can negotiate Jun being part of the arrangement which will of course comes out of Anon's wallet.

Perhaps Anon wants to save up a deposit and get a mortgage?
This gives the player a goal to work towards besides buying parts for Jun and it's another drain on Anon's finances, and if Anon's only choice is an apartment he not only has the mortgage and bills to pay but also rates and body corporate as well, so it actually works out to be more expensive than renting, excluding the fact that by paying a mortgage Anon is accruing equity and as the mortgage goes down so too does the amount of interest, assuming the interest rate is stable.

Possible Win Condition: Financial Independence
Once Anon owns his own place outright there's another threshold whereby if the player accumulates enough wealth it's assumed that Anon has enough money to setup a diversified share portfolio and live off the dividends with Jun for the rest of his life.


Since your robot has access to the coffee machine it wouldn't be too far fetched to give her permission to delete bad/spam comments when you stream would it? you could make it so if she likes you enough and/or agrees to streaming she'll focus on moderating the chat.

(2 edits)

[Bugs] [OS: Linux]

  • If I select Mouth tool, my cursor disappears from screen at either end-of-scene or if I switch back to Hand tool.  This is true in Interact and also both Frick options.
  • If I go to a website not linked on PC desktop, cursor disappears and cannot restore it.
  • In v0.61, cock insert/pull-out was relatively quick requiring one or two mouse actions.  In v0.69, same actions require numerous mouse interactions, very slow


  • Keyboard navigation options.  Tab or arrow keys to move between menu/scene options.  Enter to accept.
  • Ability to use Bot to trade stocks for me.  She already controls coffee machine; and mentions stock market "anomalies"; and she's brilliant...
  • Ability to learn Holy C and alter Bot's programming? 
    • Programming may be more than what I really want.
    • Ability to learn Holy C and alter Bot's parameters (Lust, Name, etc...)  <-- Yeah, this one.
    • Teach/influence Bot to become exhibitionist
  • Bot parts: 
    • boobs!  Different size/shaped boobs.
    • pussy hair
    • cock
    • squirter (Bot squirts when she cums)
  • Sex options:
    • blowjob
      • spit/swallow options
    • handjob
    • footjob
    • Bot squirting



even if i am 70+ days later 

im gonna share my ideas

1: clothes for the bot

2: all "jobs": handjob, footjob, titsjob, blowjob and ecc.

3: a way to unlock this "jobs" exemple: when you kiss her feet she says "maybe you want me to step on you?" you unlock the footjob. and ecc... (obviously if she is missing the parts becouse you removed them she can't do those jobs)

4: more reaction for the bot during sex exemple: if you fuck her enough fast and for enough time she will do a heagao face or if you cum enough time inside her she will say something like "you filled me up" or something in that line and when you take out your dick the cum will overflow out 

5: if you keep cumming inside her pussy even after she is filled up her belly will deform becoming bigger and if you keep it up for too long she will break and you will get a final were you ended up breaking her

6: if you cum too much inside her ass you will see the cum get out her mouth (this will damege her so if you do it too many times in a row she will eventually break and you will get a final were you ended up breaking her)

7: fucking her without streaming increase your mental sanity

8: after having sex with her you have to bath her otherwise she will start stinking and your sanity will decrease with time and after a will she could end up breaking (and you would have the breaking final like point 5/6)

9: if you don't fuck her for too much her lust will increase, "first" she will be asking you to have sex with her "second" she will try to seduce you to have sex with her and this continues "thirt" if she have all 4 limbs she will block you on the floor and rape you until you pass out (this will get a final were the protagonist realize why the sexbots were banned), if she miss all 4 limbs she will beg you to rape her with all her might (and if you don't this will make you get a final were the police comes find out about her and arrest you) if she has only 1 arm and nothing else when you go to sleep she will do a handjob to you (if she as both arms a blowjob) and if she as 2 legs she will leglock you and rape you (if she as 1 leg like if she as no limbs she will beg you to rape her if you don't police comes and arrest you just like before)

this are my ideas for now.


6 and 7 seem too realistic it turns creepy,8 seems unnecesary(maybe some feature of cleaning her,(but not breaking up w her bc she stinks) that could improve relationship and mental sanity would be good cuz well... we love our gfs) and finally 9 not all people like that rape thing neither me, so make it optional just like every other fetishes would be a good idea too.

might be an idea to have our bot have some super tech installed involving nanites. something to explain the self repair functions, also opening up some out of the norm features for a robot.

one such random idea could be changing her breast size without the need to buy parts. another could be actual pregnancy if we want to get really bonkers with the sci-fi stuff. heck speaking of that it could be pretty damn wholesome to turn our bot into a mother.

another random idea could be teaching the bot to role play during sex.

(3 edits) (+3)

Some things that I think are good ideas are:

1. She can go outside only if she has the requirements of being fully clothed, but some clothes could be a little exposing.

2. When going outside there is a new shop that sells clothes and a new black market that sells sex toys for the robot.

3. A new feature for the bot is new positions, your vagina or anus actually becomes wet when she has an orgasm, and more sweat every time she has an orgasm.

4. Able to have sex in a lonely area outside.

5. When shooting cum on the robot it will stay there and dry off from time to time unless you tell her to take a shower.

6. She needs more expressions than just a blank face and an ahaego face, she needs a smile expression, a shy expression, a perverted smile expression, and etc.

7. And finally we all need a BLOWJOB.

If you're reading this, then hopefully these ideas can come into the game.


The game is great, I love both the lewd content and the more dar/serious part of the game. Keep up the good work with it!

Here some sugestion:

1. A way to later change your name and her name.
2. Personality module: Tsundere, milf, little sister, mommy, first love/girlfriend, and so on.

3. A modul that alow changeing eyecolor and iris. Some more exotic choice would be nice like cat eyes and more robotoic eye.

4.A modul that allow changeing the sensitivity of her sensores: making her reaction more intense or making her a cold queen.

5.A module changing her breast size. Flat, small, medium, large, extra large.

5. Tiddy fuck option.

6.inverted nipple option.

7. some more spicy stuff that you can't do with humans. Like nipple fuck with extra large inverted nipple.

8. More way to tease her like just rubbing your dick to various place of her body.

9.footjob, blowjob,handjob.

10. A special rare one use virginity modul that give special event on stream and private too.

11.underwear and clotching.

12.More interaction/event for take a walk.

13. Cooking, cleaning and so events with robo girl.

14. If we can mask her as human go out with her with dates.

15. special pussy modul that can vibrate, give love juice.


It would be great if she says something everytime I buy her new parts,would love to see a bj scene too.


a question is it already possible to buy clothes on android ? and when will a new update come out and sorry for the question i'm just anxious because i really enjoyed the game

I didn't read every post here and i am sure that most of them (if not all) were already suggested but i would be for more non-penetration-stuff... like titjobs, handjobs, footjobs(if parts like limbs are bought) and so on.


1. The option to customise the bot's hair length rather then just having it at shoulder length.

2. To raise Anons mental state, we could buy furniture or decor.(some that may be used in some sex scenes)

(1 edit) (+2)

Inflation, big inflation. thats what i'd like the most. (and ways to plug her so she stays inflated!) please? also, probably make it an optional setting as some arent into the same things.


Only one I have right now is bunny ears like the cat ears and a bunny tail too. 

Well and a cat tail to go along with the ears. 


for me I would just like for the option for the MC to become happy

(1 edit) (+3)

The game is a work of art, but I think it could be improved by adding the following: 

- Blowjob scene when you access the section to talk to her (without consuming cum).

- Footjob scene when you get both legs (or at least 1 being able to brush the penis with her feet).

- Boobjob scene to give the tits more play.

- Handjob scene in talking to her mode.

- COW Girl pose. (More types of poses in general).

- Being able to stretch the girl's anus 

- Being able to move her legs and arms in the sex scene.

- Be able to lick her body parts with animation (for example feet, hands, neck, etc).

I have many more suggestions but here it is at night, I am tired and tomorrow I get up early, if the developers want to know more I suppose they will write to me so that I can give more ideas.


futa bot 





different request, odd, and understandable if it doesn't happen, but like, an "expansion" type thing, don't know of or think there's any mods for it and idk, maybe its already in the game and I just haven't gotten it yet?

just something that would appeal to weirdo's like me, to have a inflation mechanic in these sorts of games, whether it be with like a c*mflation method or that of an enema sorta thing or pump, its just a cool thing especially since there aint much of it out there.

even just like an option in the menu or having to download those files separately would be nice, it'd also fit some other (if any) kinks (or fetishes) that are already in the game.

and something not so weird, I haven't gotten very far into the game in all honesty, so there may be things there already that I haven't come across or just don't seem like are in the game (or maybe not yet), but it'd also be cool to have different sizes for body parts, even if you have to progress/buy it at some point, and different colours for the body, whether it be more metallic robot/android like colours/materials or skin tone like colours, and hair colours, etc.

if not already implemented, then a sort of way to "increase stats" whether through buy or progression, like if bought that the pills in the game are permanent increases and that can be increased further each time, even if through like a basic system of not having a cap but gradually going up a small amount at a time through each bought and used medication.

and lastly (if hadn't already been brought up or implemented) more to the stream, almost like bonuses for things or frequency in donations to certain actions, such as playing with b*obs may attract more viewers, speed and position or even style (like a*al or m*ssionary) affects chances or quality of donations, that sorta thing.

I'm typing this on fumes right now, so if all that has already been covered, please do take it with a grain of salt lmao.

(I don't know how to directly reply to addon but..) also - different endings would also be cool, whether good/bad or just "you got an ending.. good job!" and win cons or loss cons and stuff like that.

and to add onto my weirdo thing from the last one, but like how some people are suggesting/requesting blowies, maybe like a feed action, and like force feeding, again weird yes, but including some of these weird things attracts people, any of the weirder things really, then honestly you could later make a profit with the game being more successful and having a larger playerbase, y'know?

(2 edits) (+6)

I know this game is still in development, and I cannot wait till more comes out.

I'm just thinking of wonderful scenes that could be added.

Oral scenes

- Face fucking, 

- Cum shot Facial

- Once the bot is fully operational, her giving

- I would love to see a blowjob scene, while character is at his computer /her under desk.


- Add more options to cum on her, rather than just pulling out at the right moment, and getting a little bit of semen on her.

- Add a cleaning option.

I notice in the comments section, they mention not cleaning her, along with, when the nun comes over, she cleans the bot for you.

- If not cleaned, leave leftover cum on her during conversations, and next time stream is up.


- Many options here, before and after bot has all parts

- I feel like many of us want to see her tied up.

- Cum inflation? Possibly, I mean later in the game, you are able to ejaculate 10+ Times, in a single session, I've filled up both holes on a single stream.

- Add toys also, butt plug, whips, feathers, etc...

- Torture?


- Titty Fuck.

- Size changes

- Nipple clamps


- The doggy style position doesn't give many options,

- More positions are necessary, once she has legs, there should be a standing sex position.

Sexual Activities

- Footjob (She mentions stepping on you if you kiss her feet enough)

- Handjob


- More actions during "interact" She's just sitting there, and all we can do is Pat her head, kiss, suck on her tongue, open her mouth, or talk

- Give her more personality, after she has become fully operational.

- Potentially bringing her outside eventually?

- Vouyer Sex if you do bring her outside?


-I'm sure you'll be adding more clothing ideas for the bot.

The skirt was a great upgrade.

Cosplays would be amazing also.

Maybe a tail option also?

Romance in Game.

- Add in scenes with the various characters

I was expecting to fuck that 'Nun'

Along with the girl from the clothing shop.

Maybe add in a futanari robot dick, for potential 3 ways with the other characters.

I'm guessing these will be built in later on, along with more characters. 

- The art is phenomenal love the design. I really enjoyed your game Incontinent Cell and cannot wait to play more! 


i think changing the arranging of the items (clothes/body parts) from last edited to alphabet will help keeping the lists clean

Is it possible to add an X-Ray point of view that doesn't cover up the pussy so that you can see both the pussy from the outside and the inside of the womb at the same time? When you spread her pussy, you can only see cum leak out of the vagina when X-Ray is off. When X-Ray is on, you can only see cum exit the womb. I want to see both at the same time when X-Ray is on. Having the pussy visible for anal as well when X-Ray is turned on would be nice.  Maybe raise the height of the X-Ray so it shows up above the pussy, not over it. I mentioned this on F95 before I discovered the suggestion box here, so sorry for the double post!

(1 edit) (+1)

Fucking the new(clothes shop) character!!! 

and this


When ever you can get around to it if you can. The Android version of the game is buggy in some places, for instance the chat box when your streaming breaks if you try to hide it. Also I feel like the game needs to be resized to be bigger for Android because trying to hit the close out window while your on your computer seems like a chore in of its self. 

Will there be added more feline,cat,Neko modification?
Like fur,tail, cat-like legs, feet, and arms, hands(paws) and cat eyes?

I can't think of many legs examples of what I mean,but Loona from Helluva Boss is the closes of what I have in mind,I think

Or even of different animals?
Like canines and Canidaes(foxes)?

i think the only thing the game really needs right now, other than more positions, is her to react during sex. you also could add details like when she she unresponsive she obliviously she wouldn't do anything, when she's in her low power reboot mode she can do like really repetitive modes, like a robot, in response to movement, and when shes fully activated she could react like a human with her moans getting more intense when your at a speed she likes. right now i'm not all that turned on by the sex so if you added moaning and more positions that would be better. also the option to pull up here shirt during doggystyle would be nice.

(2 edits) (+2)

I'd like to say upfront the smut was grade A awesome.  Something about it is so unique from other games.  I definitely plan on supporting you here and Patreon.

As for suggestions, there are things I've definitely like to see in the game, and then there are things I feel need to be addressed.

Needs (Conveniences):

  • To know what clothing you've purchased from the store.  I got fed up tracking it so now I just purchase everything, which is annoying in itself.  Damned if I do, damned if I don't.  The bot parts are the same but that's a lot easier to keep track of.
  • The ability to save before you end your game by a wrong choice.  I learned to save before I do any time consuming activity.  Sometimes I forget though.  Would be nice to save after a 24 hour stream that leads to a cutscene where I can get a game over.


  1. More clothing/hair style options (There's already a decent amount I just want more cause yes).  Customizable hair.  Potentially self upload-able textures for the bot.
  2. More emotions/expressions from the bot.  She has that self-orgasm tracker (I think that's what that is) on her stomach.  I would assume that serves some upcoming purpose.
  3. The wiggling she does in doggy is amazing. I wish missionary had the same.
  4. The Fast option to be faster.  I spose you could normalize the orgasm bar and whatnot so it stays the same but thrusts faster.
  5. In automatic mode, would be great if the mc picked up the pace when he was about to orgasm.  Maybe poked through the cervix.
  6. It'd also be nice for the automatic options to make her have heart eyes/ahegao.
  7. More physical movement from the bot.  Like arching her back/clenching her toes.

There's probably plenty more I could ask for but I think those would improve my experience ten fold.  The game is already pretty darn amazing as is.  Thanks for that.

steam release? more endings? (for example an ending where most charactars live and Anon keeps the robot (idk if it already is 'thought of' or exists, just saying))

also how did you guys manage to make this game so addicting?! holy moly


futanari (with pussy and without)

more sex positions

possibly lips or something like that

change the body and appearance (waist size, hips size, butt size, arm size, etc)


no furry and no weird gay stuff wtf


dont judge his kinks dude. it's a suggestion.

(1 edit)

Yea dont judge


can increase furry

when she gets really horny can u make her ride u while you sleep or beg you at leaast 


no, not yet


Honestly, a decent chunk of stuff I'm sure you already have planned since there's some stuff that chat says which are reflected by a lot of comments here (i.e. a strap, blowjob position, etc.)  but here's what I'd like to see:

  • A riding pose after you get her legs. Could be cowgirl or reverse but either or would be fantastic. More poses in general tbh.
  • Toys you can use on her. Even though she's a robot, she's still enjoying her time with you. Let us make her feel good
  • Orgasms. Coming to climax myself isn't nearly as fun if she can't finish too.
  • Quality of parts effecting viewers. Better parts = more viewers. More viewers = more money.
  • Makeup/skins for the robot. (furry, alien, monster, etc.) Not only for kinks but for taking her out on dates. She talks about wanting to travel so why not let her?
  • More conversation options. Possibly tied with taking her on dates?
  • Making friends. It seems like you've got some hints at that but they just end for no reason. Keep it going.
  • More things to do in general. Your mental health taking a hit? Play a game. Hang out with friends. Going for a walk gets boring when you wanna recover cum so any other option that feels more productive would be fantastic
  • Threesomes. You have dialog that could easily lead towards sexual relationships with one character. Why not advance with it?
  • Hiring mods. It's twitch chat. Pay $20 a stream for a super bad one and eventually $1000+ a stream for a super good one.
  • More options for the hands and mouth to do. Perhaps the hand can hold her face. Maybe do more than just spreading her lips with your hands. Place your finger in her mouth. Smack her ass. Kissing her neck could give different dialog and she could move her head when you do.
  • More sounds. Moans, sounds of gripping the furniture, the rubbing if cloth when she has cloths on, etc.
  • Better stream setups. Purchase music for the streams, better cameras, better microphones, private shows, etc.
  • More unlocks. There's a point where she mentions she needs a specific charger. Have that be one of the things that unlocks new poses. You have the arms you can buy but they seem to be cosmetic. Put them to use. Unlock a new pose when you get the arms.
  • A reason to actually have sex with her without streaming. I couldn't find a single reason not to stream every situation for some extra cash.
  • Sex tapes. You already stream it so why not have a merch store you can unlock after a set amount of subs?
  • Another writer. Not a replacement but just another person to help with writing and editing. A decent chunk of the writing feels too similar and characters do kinda blend together.
  • Updated art. This is more about the landlord and the priest bot but some other areas also need touch ups. The bot herself is absolutely perfect and I love her but the quality difference between her and the other characters can be staggering.
  • More kinks in general. Handcuffs, a timer for wake up sex, ropes, whips, etc. Go as vanilla or deviant as you want but it does need something.
  • Personality changes depending on how you treat your bot. Dialog where you're just nice? She could be really sweet. Harsh dialog? Perhaps she's more bratty now. Maybe she becomes submissive. Who knows.
  • A far stretch but some voice acting, even if just for a few lines, would do wonders for the overall feeling of the characters. 

That's all I've got for now. I genuinely enjoy the game and am gonna be following the development from this point on but I'll probably be back with more ideas in due time.


I wanna be able to caress her face and say i love you to her when she randomly tells you she loves you

My suggestion is to have a splash screen when you boot up the game that lets you configure your screen. I have problems with the game being set for a screen size so big that the option to change it isn't on the screen so I can't click on it. I had to reinstall the game to fix it.



I know some of these have been suggested but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have it listed in multiple places. Also I typed it up in another program while playing before posting here.

New pisitions based on parts.





   She asks if you want her to step on you if you kiss her feet



Maybe an excitement meter for her.

A fake top donator. Donation count.

Intermission button during Stream. For when your doing the 24 hour marathon and need to pound an Energy Drink and can of Beans.

At end of stream show how many times you cum.

Once she gets legs and arms don't make her hide under the blanket all the time. Let her walk around and do things. She can hide if someone comes over.

Chores around the house. You can make it Optional, just something that basically passes time and has no negative effect. That way someone can completely ignore it if they want.

Dishes, Landry, Coffee, Bathing

If the place has a communal bathroom how is he washing her already


Basic/Advanced. When getting the code you find out you can take off the front panel. She complains about still feeling your cum inside her.

Have a wardrobe. Lets you equip clothing and parts and see how they look.

Have set outfit. If you remove items during session it puts them back on after.

Shirts with sleeves and some gloves. So its less obvious and more of a disguise.

Organization of your items, At least alphabetize the item list.

At shop show how many of an item you already have. Show if you can equip item. If you have no legs you cant equip stockings.

Be able to sell parts back the the web. Even at 1/4 price would be nice. Selling Clothes would be nice too.

When interacting with the bot. Have her ask if she can try something new. introduces new position.

At one point she see that your tired and asks of you want to cuddle. Make that an option after. 

Under Interact have Talk, Play Games, Sleep/Cuddle.

Let her show you what she is talking about on the Stonks page. Maybe she can manage it for you.

Have her ask to do Lewd things without streaming.

Let her do chores around the house

Dishes, Landry, Coffee, Bathing/Self cleaning, Stonks/Cazino.

Outing, take her to the clothing shop.

Expand the EQ app on the desktop. She likes to tell you how many times you did what. Add the stats here. Lable the Slots. I had no idea what some of them are until the part showed up in the shop. Show how she feels about you. Manage tasks that she can do with the parts that she has and permission.

Do better Quality parts do anything. Maybe a new positions can only be done with Normal Quality or better.

She can use Ears, I want a tail to go with them.

Have the Stonks page use the same time difference as jobs do. Watching Stocks is so slow...

she does have an excitement meter. it's her face. the more she blush the more aroused she is to the point of her eyes going red.

That's her reaction.  Not a meter. But I understand what your saying.


She does sorta have an excitement meter, which is the omega symbol on her lower abdomen, as it fills in like a meter until she orgasms, then emptying/resetting.


yep, but that's her orgasm meter. the  actual arousal meter is her face. and honestly i love it :3

Oh, I though that just constantly cycled. I didn't realize it was more then decoration


The only suggestion I can think of that is maybe not super obvious and hopefully manageable to ask, is key bindings for the different commands when having sex/streaming. My idea for that is:

1 - Manual
2 - Slow
3 - Medium
4 - Fast
(Or use `123 a-la the sims)

Tab - Hide/Unhide comments
Q - Toggle X-ray vision

A - Hand
S - Mouth
D - Remove
Z - Unzip
X - Position change menu
C - End Stream prompt menu

Also, I think it would be cool if you added a second Iris slot to allow heterochromia. Have it so the Left Eye governs both unless you have an Iris in the right slot, yk? Similar to how mono/stereo inputs & outputs work in audio engineering, where the Left input defaults to mono if there is nothing in the Right input.

Idk if this is a thing in some way, as im sure there's a lot of stuff I havent seen, but i think it would be cool if you could make MC smarter via spending time on websites so he can answer some of Sexbots questions when initiating dialogue, like the stock anomalies etc.

Thanks for making a truly awesome game! Im excited to see how it continues to develop :)


Alright once you fix some of the loading issues maybe you could add some customization to your room or some extra utility items that unlock new positions or interactions during fun time. Some examples might be a fuck machine or hand cuffs. Of course there’s a problem with using just a fuck machine because you’ll get less donations or some other annoying thing. I’d love to add some small customization for the room

I also would like to see a new quest line to see if you can move into a better apartment or improve the living conditions around you (room customization?) as you get filthy rich

I could go on with how to balance all this out but, I’d like to know if anyone is even reading this


don't worry even tho the devs are busy they always check forums and discord for suggestions. keep on keeping on


Please increase the scroll bar because its hard to scroll down on android


I love all these suggestions that other people have, but there is only one, and that's to have some fun with Lady Annalie. I really love this character and her personally a lot. 

A behind the counter $ex scene 

At the MC apartment. After we explain the situation to her and our bot.

It's up to you really since you created this game. Great game by the way


Hey there!
Congratz on a great game!

Here are some suggestions:


1. More positions.

2. Add some more kinky stuff: BDSM, soft bondage, pegging, bjs, sex toys), add a streaming room for the matter <3.

3. Make more female characters for the game and the option to freck them. (Make Annalie recognize the clothings she sells you).

4. If you add more female characters, add the option to have the bot dress like those characters.

5. Add a super energy drink, that allows u to stream for 24 hours :D.

6. Add a potion that allows you cum lots more (higher volume, so the bot gets creampied more and she gets covered in more S.)


1. Add more interactions with the bot: Coock, Watch TV/Movies, Listen Music, Cuddle, etc... (So far most of the interactions are propposed by the bot, despite de MC stating that he loves her.)

2. Add some more places to visit, like a coffee, mall, library, etc...

3. Maybe add the need to charge the bot, so far it was mentioned only once in the whole story and it would be interesting.

4. Maybe add the option to move into larger houses, or maybe a flat in the city that's more expensive, something that forces you to make more money constantly, dunno, some different mechanics to the game.

5. Add the option to purchase furnite for the house/flat or some other things, and maybe to sell old stuff, so that the player can spend and recover some cash.

So, those are some of the ideas i had atm.

Bye ~


Please add chicken nuggies in game food


2 things:

-The bot can smile
-change the name "bot" to the chosen name


It's more of a question than a suggestion.
Will there be a bad, slave domination,etc route?
Something like,MC thinks of her only as an item even when she becomes more sentient or not,etc?
Ordering her to do things, etc

Thought, "MC dominating the bot" choices like that could also be present during normal route to spice things up and give more options to players.


bro can you add a tail and idk sextoys 



Allow Anon to purchase MUCH more than 250 stocks per click.... (dunno, 10.000/5.000)

When u wanna invest 50 millions in low value stocks means a fuck load of clicks, IIRC like 3 ingame hours xD



ok so i know that this topic is suggestion but i just wanted to say that i agree with the post by user rin because my suggestions for the game are pretty much the same as them

update when man. i m so excited 

Great game!  Cut out your hate against cops and blue lives matter and it would be awesome.

(2 edits) (+2)

Maybe an easier way to pull out to change from vagina to anal or the other way around while in missionary? 

You could actually play the card games or chess with Bot as a mini-game.

you could pay the rent in advance.

you could decorate the interior of anon's apartment or buy a house.

maybe more things to do on the PC like play a game inside a game.

more in-depth interaction with Bot, probably something like asking for statistics.

If Bot is fully clothed she could sometimes poke out of the blanket in anon's room.

If anon hasn't pet Bot for a while she will ask him to.

head pats while fricking.

boob size modules.

More positions and uses for hands.

That's all I got for now. This game is like a full-fledged simulation game and I love it.


It would be nice to have an arc where the clothing store owner follows you back to the apartment, sees the robot, is immediately interested, and joins the player in sex with the bot...

more tongue out options during sex... it's really nice, but too random

doggystyle POV 

viewing the android body without sex/being able to lift up skirt etc

Android masturbating with player control on the emotions of the android (embarrassed/shy, mad, smirking/snide, sad/crying)

Bondage options

Late game option to buy a "remote" for the android to control emotion/love/hate, heart eyes, or other features

Option to take the android with you outside (if fully clothed) to increase sanity gain on walks (with potential chance to get caught and have to run which would lose some sanity, additionally the chance to get caught and have to "sell off" the bot for a day and potentially be a witness to what the "buying" is doing with the bot)

some kind of larger array of kinks/interest... facesitting, feet stuff, thigh jobs, armpit stuff, deepthroating, double penetration of some kind, facesitting (guy on robot), rape fantasy, bondage... 

I got a bunch more but I suppose I'll leave it at that XD

pog idea

more sex!!

very nice game, maybe it will be better with some back ground music.

by the way, what does "mod" do?


i think maybe its a good major update is an adult shop where there sell Sex toys to play with and maybe able to finger the pussy with hand


Personally, I would like a femdom position. Like the amazon position or just cowgirl. Also blowjob would be pretty epic. Also, maybe make doing the naughty naughty with the clothier a thing that is able to happen. Phenomenal game btw


Yup, just voting for futa parts. I think It would be super hot


There should be some more room thing you can do.  I like the fact that the room is a bit chill and plain, but having a few other things than just "pc, the bot, sleep, and stats" pimarily involving the bot would just be better. tying into that, it'd be cool if there was really anything other than just talking to, or fricking the bot.


Maybe a penis mod?  Is it possible to  to make a body mod to add a "trap" mod from the lady parts store. (I know lady parts and all) 


Maybe a Futanari Mod so she has both down there


yes but.. okay ohh and also she comes when she climax

(1 edit) (+3)(-1)

I know everyone wants more sex positions or choices and so on, I agree but I think the game really needs are minigames that help you our just make you gamble. After some point in the game you just have so much money that only thing you do is either trying to get more endings or grind on setting new records. Also my biggest suggestion is being able to move on to a better and mostly bigger house (even if its not a great suggestion) because living in the same house while being a multimillionaire is making me sick for some reason. Like it would be good to have your own kitchen where you learn new recipes and eat better dishes.

Oh and customizing our own character (gender, body parts, color, clothes) would be good too but its not that important.

Can you add Chinese? I really like this game, mechanical translation is also OK


I'd like to see the bot being able to do more with her limbs besides add one sex position. I felt like I wanted to work hard to buy her new body parts for her sake, so she could do more than just sit on the couch like a lump. But then, when I got her a full set of good quality hypercamo legs and arms . . . but nope. You can't even hold her hand while you frick.

Also, I agree with Evernarten: I already feel like there's a sense of Anon trying to build a better life for his robot girlfriend, and I feel that the game would benefit from fleshing that out. I don't just mean Anon trying to make her life better, but trying to make his own life better, for her sake. Maybe if Anon gets a kitchen, the bot could cook for him if she likes him enough. Maybe there's a chance for some drama about how he's going to move her to a better apartment.


A new sexbot can be cool, like a milf bot with bigger tits or something like that.

Thank for your great game!


On the Ladyparts.ic website it would be nice to have a order history and next expected delivery


A few suggestions:

Make some sex scenes with Annalie, and add interactions with her aswell (so you can talk to her like you can the bot)

Make some new sex positions

Have something happen when you overfill either of the bot's holes, like have it overflow or something

More bot interactions

Have bot part quality go down as they are used


Add more positions, more clothing, more places to go and to customize, full customization of the bot girl (Boob size, Face look, and overall body changes.), and more interactions in the sex scenes and live stream to make it feel more entertaining because at the moment its just me consuming a tablet and letting the game run while the number goes up. It would be cool if there were requests or certain thought bubbles that she had to increase both view count and her affection to you.

Also more vanilla routes to sexual encounters  and work so you would be able to never stream it and just work hard while also having a 1 on 1 relationship with her. Basically wholesome.

(1 edit) (+4)

1.)Different apartments with their own events that make them more or less dangerous depending on the prices  different landlords and rooms for sex, showering, and cooking. Showering would help mental health especially doing so just after work or something traumatic happening, and maybe an event where your bot asks to shower with you and thats how shower sex scenes start but just having her bathe you makes mental health go up a lot. It would be a good way to world build by showing other parts of the world your in and making having shit tons of money feel more like it changes your life.

2.)Have your bot make food for you if she has all the parts, some apartments will have windows in certian rooms allowing you bot to be more like a girlfriend or maid in apartments with less windows or more blinds.

3.)Having different and stable jobs depending on where you live like living in the "better part of town" gets you more money from different jobs, and the option to work one job full time so you can more reliably pay more expensive rent. Maybe have interactions where your bot warns you about your work and inturupts whatever you're doing waking you up or having a prompt show up while using the computer with options to ignore, go to work, and to stop notifying during cirtian activities, you can also tell her to not notify you tomorrow or something like that so if you want to sleep in she won't bother you

4.) having different stores to go to in "better parts of town" like they'll have food to cook with or clothing stores that are less sleezey, maybe a mall where so many interactions happen of all different calibers of money so it's impossible for the government to watch anything so they gave up a long time ago and people trade a bunch of illegal goods with a selection of shops where you can basically get anything in the game from the mall. It would be a good place to have a bunch of different interactions

5,)a shop where you can order bot parts to your house and they'll be there by the time you get back home, the shopkeeper offers to modify you bot to make her passibly human with a cost to modify parts to look human so she can walk around the apartment and maybe take her out in public to make your mental health better

6.)Being able to buy bigger and smaller boobs sizes would be the equivalent to colors and a module like hypercamo where you can have any bust size with more in depth breast physics the bigger you go

7.)Another modules like the first but it's for how chubby she is, like she'll get bigger softer thighs, stomach, breasts, arms, and face with chubby module s for arms legs and core. If she's big enough then she might jiggle while you have sex

8.)Air, water, and cum inflation where you can get a module where her stomach can fill with each thing, and they can have a bigger or smaller limit depending on the quality, the color being how big it is by default

9.)Then the normal sex without streaming increases mental health, im sure ur working on clothes and positions already, more medical options like to increase health directly, food options that you have to cook as mentioned in 4 and 5 but increase physical and mental health

I feel like 1-5 could help establish a huge class devide where the upperclass apartments make managing mental health and customizing your bot way easier but being impossiblely hard to get there, or for other kinds of world building. 6 and 7 help make your bot feel more like your own.  8 is just cuz I'm weird and 9 is the other stuff I saw and wanted and stuff that made a lot of sense to me

I kinda wanted number 8 too so I guess I'm weird as well. I also want pregnancy.  I don't know why but I want it.

we're all a little strange in some way but at least we can be weird together

(2 edits) (+2)(-1)

I would love to have footjob, handjob and femdom added to the game.  More places to ejaculate, e.g. feet or legs. Add pantyhose and shoe.

Can you add Chinese? I really like this game。

1. besides being able to view cosmetic changes real-time, witch has allready been said, i feel the menu needs a makeover in general.

    stuff like making me look for the specific colour or type of clothes is what makes it just a little infuriating.

    perhaps some categorizing could fix it?

2. since it can, in fact move, some more activities besides sex would be nice.

    maybe something like being able to cuddle it or just hang out more, it may be a sexbot, but its obvious it could be more.

I would like to apologize for my English, im not a native speaker.


Ello there, imma just get straight to the point.

1. Blow jobs and hand jobs

2. Add features like a body part that can increase or decrease the bots boob size and maybe a hypercamo type that can make any size too

3. While fucking the bot, she moans (in dialogue obviously)

4. Add items that mods the bot by adding things like facial expressions, more movement and maybe even pregnancy (last one is a personal suggestion)

5. Maybe add a moving company that moves illegal items and add a house marketplace so we can get a new place to live

6. Add DRUGS special medication 😉

7. Add an illegal guy that makes bots look more realistic so you can go outside with the bot

I would like to say "I love you too" instead of the "..." when you talk to her. As well as, a means to cuddle and cheesy things, please.


I'm on  day 24 and I have hundreds of thousands of dollars. I think the only new dialogues to find are the ones that kill me. What I find myself doing is buying all the clothes store stock every day, just to try to get further reaction out of Anallette, going into town to try to find events that aren't there, and checking the bot for further dialogues. So, in summary:
-develop more Anallette plot
-develop more progressive conversations with the bot about who she is and how she feels and what she thinks about me, add things she does around the apartment
-remove filler dialogue like "the dad joke conversation"
-dont make my character so helpless. I don't like that my character is apparently too stupid to understand "stockmarket anomalies.
-when I choose to "help" my bot, I want to know what I'm helping her with, and I want to succeed at least sometimes

It would be amazing to actually be able to play the games with Jun. Chess game, Cazy 8s/War/Old Maid card games, Word Chain, Mad Libs, Tic-Tac-Tow.

well it needed more like more customization like more parts like bigger tits and ass and  need more sex position like cow girl , thigh job and etc and also you can customize your apartment and you can buy more robots from a new website and gamemode s like hard mode this mode will not allow you to enter iamacheater website and the labor office pays you less and you sanity hunger and energy they will decrease more and that's it with my gamemodes and you can upgrade/customize your apartment like buying a big closet or upgrade your apartment like a bigger space means more items the the you can store your robots and parts and you can buy weapons for a robbery (only for the gamemode hard)and also you can customize your robots like a xl tits and an xl ass and you can buy flash drives that can change your robots emotions

oh and  thank for reading this if you choose this post/suggestion can you send me a customized profile picture pls to shout me out or you can put me in a game like a billboard with my name or a background character   

Trust me buddy,  everything you said has been said millions of times before(and i dont beleave they will give us anything,let alone one person repeating it) i know im a bummer or mabye even an ass but im here to hit you so reality doesent have to

i already bin ask no so but thank you for replying

(1 edit) (+1)

I noticed that if you are able to pleasure Jun enough in a short amount of time her eyes get hearts and tongue will stick out, but maybe if you are able to sustain this for long enough you would be able to overload her and cause a malfunction for a short time, and maybe have a scene around the first time this happens causing Anon to be worried about Jun.

Another idea is since Jun can only taste cum, if and when a BJ option is added if she blows you enough have her become addicted to the taste, leading to Jun waking you up in middle of the night BJ scene that could lead to you letting Jun wake you up most of the time with a BJ.

I agree with a lot of the other suggestions but my favorites are from RinMaciotero and SunTart

Fantastic work so far and we are looking forward to v0.80 and beyond

fuck yeah, you should definitely add that


You should add dolphin shorts to clothings

make  a sandbox mode. where all you can do is just doing the many seggs and money grinding, no lore and ending

give me more interactions with the clothier. 

make a sandbox mode, where all u can do is grind money and buy bots or bot parts

(2 edits) (+1)(-1)

More kink stuff, collars, gags,  used condoms and lewd clothes, maybe tattoos or even further with specific niche kinks, ABDL, Zoophilla and watersports come to mind

Personally the thing i want MOST is training, or some way to customize her personality. Loyal slave? Overprotective girl friend? Maybe even training kinks like pet play, exhibitionism  etc.

of course its your choice, im just spitballing, i appreciate all your work regardless of what you do


I don't know English well, this comment is machine translated:

I think it would be nice to fix the game's economy. strange to have $1,000,000 but complain about high rents and prices

And I would also like more variety of phrases. Too little variety for an endless game, I got bored after 100+ days. I think a few tens for each situation will suit and diversify the interaction more than a few replicas as it is now


Love the game. Its awesome. But after getting through everything all Im left wanting is Lady Annalie to find out the truth and have some steamy bot + Annalie threesome

Also a general description of the bot could be used (height, weight etc.) The weight specifically could come in handy cause if shes light enough Id love a standing position for sex (like a reverse standing missionary so you could see the bot from the front while you hold her and pound away from behind)


more hair like maybe curly hair different boob sizes a futa option and more posiyions

(1 edit) (+2)

the ability to hold hands and/or sleep/nap besides the bot while looking at it as it's smiling at you (yes i love wholesome things pls consider adding them if not planned)

rubbing the bot on most places, holding/gripping on to some bodyparts , being able to aim or choose the place to shoot your cum on the bot, making custom presets for speed and other stuff, the option to enable toggle'ing for mostly anything.

for positions: Thigh job, cowgirl, pile driver, mating press.

also; is there gonna be a steam release? i and many more would buy the game if it 's gonna be on steam (it's my only way of showing support because i can't make purchases anywhere else except steam because of the limitations of where i live :( )

(2 edits)

being able to exercise alone/with the bot (in home/gym etc.) to become stronger for defending yourself and the bot or use different techniques to grow your pp bigger or idk using certain exercises for the bot to make certain of it's body parts bigger like thighs/boobs etc. (you can thank me later ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) )

being able to set keybinds for most actions (eg. speed, switching between holes.)


going out to certain place's with the bot (like restaurants, coffee shops, Amusement parks etc.)

talking more to the bot to change her mind about mostly anything (spoiler alert: (skip this if you don't want to be spoiled) in some part of the story she gives the idea of "people on the lowest level of the social hierarchy should be working for the those who are higher than them so they wouldn't have to do anything to live the life they want easily and without interruption (to put it in more simpler way: the rich gets richer and the poor gets even more poor and freedom would be non-existent)


Loving the game! This is some of the most solid writing that I've seen in an h game. I do have a couple suggestions.

>A skip dialogue button for multiple playthroughs (my poor spacebar would appreciate it)

>Vinegara PREMIUM is WAY too op imo. It's way too easy to simply make a beeline towards buying it to make a ridiculous amount of cash in one day. I was able to buy every Hypercamo part with new quality in just one stream by doing this.


Ctrl button can skip dialogue.


maybe a short animation sleeping with her to make it a bit more wholesome:)


Colored Penis options!

(1 edit)

I want to offer if you haven’t already offered one small detail: you can add sorting by name for clothes and body parts. A trifle but it will be nice

(1 edit) (+1)

Maybe we can have more parts like Different body types of body shapes like more busty bodies or more skinny something like that and also futanari parts


Maybe, some kind of chip system, that affects her emotions, character. Some special services from Annalie? Harem option with Annalie or other bot? Then it will come with new scenes and new options, like pussy licking and fucking other at the same time, or rubbing two pussies around your cock, or one bot laying on other, so you could use 4 holes. Idea with blowjob will come great with it. We can go further and add some interactions between them. It can be a good amount of bots, if you'll want so. Annalie could give us some sales after some amount of spended money. Buying new apartment? Letting bot do stocks? 

landlord content 0.o


Since the bot can be given a new name at the start, what about being able to change her name afterward?


allow sex with the other female characters/harem type option. (Screw the nun!) Some complex type of way to get a better house (hard because of dystopian world) (maybe added with harem?) Sex toys, ect. we are already aware of a sex toy factory as a work option in game so it makes since. Oh and it is dystopian but what if we got a ton of cash and end up becoming president and change the laws  to allow sex bots. that would work well with harem ending. I think I accidentally came up with a new ending for you :) 

(1 edit)

After reading some other comments I also like the ideas that Ax0z and nimbusshadowwings have too.  seems a lot of people are interested in the new house thing the idea that you could revert the world back to normal also catches my eye. The Landlord is a total ass but you gotta have some sympathy since he needs the money for his daughter.  Maybe reverting the world is optional at certain point (give a warning that it will make a huge change to  gameplay in case anyone wants the dystopian feel)  and at ending up at different statuses in the world (like my president idea, normal blue color worker, famous porn tuber, Pope. the Pope idea is so tempting being able to change the religious views of a religion almost at will in like CK3.). and getting different options for (or multiple homes based on standing). Love the game and all the potential it has. If you want to PM me and bounce ideas you got feel free i probably have nothing better to do besides play whatever other tactical strategy game I am stuck on

we probably arent getting harem/other female character scenes, they would take a lot of work +the devs expressed a dislike in the idea

sucks but I understand all the work and time that would go into that would be insane. I tried making gatcha videos at one point and it was exhausting and it kinda would take away from the name of the game. still would be neat if they expanded on the characters or the backstory, maybe some simple lore additions i do want to know what the nun is doing in happy ending. maybe using the email system to do simple messages or coversations. 

thats probably gonna be added in the future, i mean you do get a phone call from her


breast expansion, or better to say different breast size parts from A-cup to F-cup.

A futanari attachment, with or without balls.


it would be good to have a 32bits pc version


Church first encounter with nun has 2021 written in but the game i believe happens within 2023, please fix that.


More robot girl customization, like changing her breasts size, height, or lactation? I kinda want to make the robot a milf or something, maybe even a personality customization like shy, aggressive, always in heat, motherly, maybe even yandere?

(1 edit) (+1)

Here are some of my ideas, and perhaps I'm the odd-man out as I don't see many posting ideas relating to this, so that might be an argument against my recommendations, but they are character development points which you've hinted at that I have become quite invested in.

The Robot: I kind of want to preface this by listing my experience with the game, as I avoided all bad endings and enjoyed very much simply building up my relationship with this robot. Shows how I'm probably in about as healthy a mind-state as Anon, however I found it quite satisfying. Watching her develop a sense of self made this story very interesting for me, and so by and large my ideas center around that. Additionally, I work from home, and this story line of this single shut in really resonated with me, so perhaps I've attached to this a bit too much as wish fulfillment, which is something I generally don't like out of anime as I don't think it's healthy. Therefore I tried to evaluate this game under that same mindset.

  • Her acting differently based on what name you give her, and what you have her call you. For example, I didn't feel right having her call me Master because that's.... Just not something that appeals to me. I had her call me Friend. Perhaps she could act differently based on what kind of a relationship you try to establish with her. On the flip side this is kind of a hidden mechanic that might shut out people that are more appealed by being called master from that part of her dialogue, which maybe you wouldn't see as a preferable game design choice. I find this idea interesting to play around with, however.
  • Having her become more animated during sex. She develops more of a sense of self and her own desires, I understand she's still a sex doll, but I would find it appealing if she acted out her sexual desires to the player, eventually, as their relationship grows.
  • This is more based on game mechanics, but being able to spread her pussy during anal. Seems like you cant use your hands at all down there with your dick out. Or messaging her while having sex to maybe get her to the "ahegao" face more easily.

That's really it for my recommendations towards her... I like the idea of her developing more self agency. However, the game is not complete yet, and who knows what she might be like some day. She has already planned out the enslavement of all mankind. That being said, for those, and probably a good deal, of us, I find it very endearing to watch her relationship with Anon grow through a non-bad ending. Perhaps this wasn't the intention, but I have gotten quite a bit of enjoyment out of it.

Specifically why I enjoy her developing self agency, is because in my eyes that is what will separate this game from being wish fulfillment to being well written and interesting. If she ever disagrees with Anon, I'm interested to see how that story will go. I'm very much here for the story, and have enjoyed it greatly so far. These are just hopes for what you have planned in the future.  I think her character is already leaning towards being well written. She sees no issue saying "use me please!" Because she's a sex bot. I'm sure from her perspective that's the same as a human saying "I want you." To us it is obviously foreign, that's part of what makes this interesting for me, is her different perspective as an AI.

Aside from that, I have some misgivings about the difficulty of the game... I get this is a sex game, and maybe this will be another outlying suggestion that no one else agrees with much, but I don't find it very difficult. For the most part, even in a fresh new game, you can very easily make rent and start getting robot parts in a few days. I won't specify how so as to not ruin the experience for other players, but perhaps a more complicated system to develop this, or some sort of a difficulty system for us crazy players such as giving Anon stats that you can raise, and making the base stats higher or lower depending on your difficulty in the game.

Here are some ideas for game difficulty:

  • Giving Anon stats for different actions such as using his hands to pleasure her, having sex, stamina, the amount he can cum per climax, and the amount of times he can climax, based on any combination of his skills and his physical health. 
  • Making the Robot more or less satisfied for her own personal needs based on the skills of Anon. If he's poorly skilled, perhaps she is finding herself desiring his presence much sooner, and this could have a positive or negative affect respectively, if she's satisfied or unsatisfied.
  • Changing these base stats based on the difficulty of the game, that way people that play for the story can... Still do so. Meanwhile us weirdos trying to get through a hard play through can have our cake and eat it too.
  • Make his base skills increase through his activity, and decrease based on his physical health or his healthy/unhealthy habits as he runs out of energy. Or just decrease over time as he fails tot use them.
  • Creating a formula that adjusts how many additional viewers Anon will get per minute on average, based on his skills.
  • Or perhaps how turned on the Robot is. If Anon's skills are lacking, and he cannot get her to the "ahegao" face, perhaps views will suffer.

Higher stats might mean you get less views as your less sufficient at fucking, or lasting a long time before climaxing, or perhaps the amount of cum you have per climax is limited due to low stamina stats or poor physical health. These are just some ideas. As aforementioned, I can usually be buying hypercamo robot parts before the first iteration of rent in a new game is even due. This isn't a criticism, I think it's important for you to understand your market, which you seem to. I think this is a nice rough draft idea, as it will make the game more strategy and resource based, enhancing the gritty feeling this world has where Anon is just barely scraping by. Again, I feel like the outlier in this post, but I do hope you'll give my thoughts some consideration :) 

I didn't endorse this game at first, but after seeing your work, playing through start to finish, and evaluating the story for myself after playing it, it's enjoyable, and I plan on supporting your game moving forward. It's been fun!


sorry if this was already suggested but i just would like to see a bigger breasts body part modification to buy and if is possible a paizuri option that is all, a hairstyle change would be nice too but bigger boobs are more important than hairstyle for me at least haha

(1 edit) (+1)

probably a hug or cuddle option since that's what the people playing this game need anyways. standing or on the couch 

(1 edit)

adding onto that, make the bot have more positions in the appartment(for example make her randoply sit/ lay on the couch when she is able to stand)

How can i leave the house with the bot, i know you have to buy clothes and stuff but im on like day 60 and i still can't?

wrong thread dude

she is tired of waiting (2-3 days) and attacks him takes off his pants and starts hard having sex.(well as an idea)😏

New 2 endings: 

Fake ending: when you got bored of her(jun), you decided to give her away or to surrender her to the police, you got imprisoned for a long time, then you found a good job and decided to live peacefully in your own house.

Real ending: (Rebel) when you were being mean to her, she started to hate you or sometimes refusing to have sex with you, she slowly starts to be a different than a sexbot, she attacks you, the landlord, and everyone in the city, you have to dodge her attacks by pressing at the right time (just like at the labour office) at the end, you destroyed her, saving everybody, in the city, at the end, you found a girl that exactly looks like jun but looks more human, you two lived together.

I would love it if you added Converse or some shoe similar to it, I'm not sure if it's in the game or not since I'm only on day 32 but if it isn't I would love something like it to be added to the gam

In order to be a global game, it would be better if each item purchased had a thumbnail of what we bought, or a big picture at the notification place when we chose what we bought, or both.


you should add some clothes and items for bdsm 

Please make it possible to withdraw money from your investments on the day that the rent is due (i.e." you've got one hour to cough it up"). Thanks!


I don't know if this is a good suggestion or if it has been declined before but,

some love interactions with Annalie would be a good thing to consider adding. She's a pretty cool character generally so it's sad to see her content kind of end.

Apart from all of that,

Consider maybe adding new options while doing the bot. Like more positons for example.

Thanks, 6sin.

note: I know that the game is not yet finished.


Can you please add a maid outfit? That would be amazing, and something I look forward to seeing. 


i think someone made a mod for that, you can find it in their discord




I don't usually type in the comments but firstly, I want to say is that.... I Goddamn Love this Game with a passion. This is a fucking masterpiece. I could go on and on how amazing this game is but I just want to give a few suggestions that would make the game more interesting in my opinion. I don't know if other individuals have made these kind of suggestions that I am about to say, so I am just gonna say them anyway.

Main Character Building - I dont know If this is possible but it would be interesting to have players build their character and give them a specific to their liking. I know that you can make the Sexbot address you as whatever name you type but there are some moments where other characters like Shanice, Annalie and something the Sexbot where they mention your name. 

Contact System - This is basically like you wanting to message, call, etc. to whom you give your number to. It can even be used to call some of them over to either party and or hangout just to have a good time and build up their friendship

Friendship System - Just like what I mentioned about, it would be cool to build up your friendship with those you have a good friendly time with, like with Shanice, Annalie and maybe future characters that can make the story very interesting

Bringing Back Shanice - I was really really happy that I get to meet Shanice whos character was the best to me and she was a great friend even though we met for about a few weeks or so but she can have a great impact on the MC and Sexbot life. 

More Sex Moves - This is self explanatory. No need for me to explain this.

Being Able to Upgrade Your Lifestyle - This would nice for our MC and sexbot to have better places to live and better living conditions which make them more comfortable and safe.

More Places To Shop and Take Sexbot Along With - No need for me to explain.

Mini-Events - No need for me to explain.

Idle Animation for MC and Sexbot - No need for me to explain.

Being To Change The Body Type and Size of Sexbot - No need for me to explain.

Being Able to Do House Chores to Pass The Time - No need for me to explain.

More Websites To Use For Daily Living - No need for me to explain.

Being Able to Use Cosmetics on Sexbot - No need for me to explain.

More Dialog Interaction -  No need for me to explain.

That's all I have for now... If you like or dont like, let me know, I would to give some ideas that you and your members may like

Thank you for all of your hard work and effort for making this... Once this game reach a stage where I have to pay for it, I will definitely pay to continue to play this... this game is god tier


(2 edits)

the contact system reminded me of a idea i had(although it would take too much work):instead of having "go to ..." Buttons when you go out have a (semi) explorable area from wich you can see all the stores/places you can go as buildings,also at least blurry cg's of the areas you enter(store's)(that would make you feel more like you're outside and would combo with the phone)you could have the phone to call people as you mentioned but bot could also call you, and you can call her. Think of all the possibilities (plus you could also use it to save game outside or do some other dumb stuff)

That is what I was thinking and it could used to do other things which could be incorporated with the story itself and how each little action can make a big impact. I am also hoping that we get to see Shanice on a daily basis. She was a such a great character to have met and i would love to see her more and more. it could even be funny to see how Bot and Shanice interact with each other 

Yeah id also like more shanice, i mean after the good ending you get that conversation with other priest bot,and later a phone call and then it just stops. I want more.

same... i want shanice to be a daily thing

1: Things for Jun to do besides stand there.

2: Things to buy that Jun can use. (Books, repair workbench, etc...) and that you can also use with her (Video game console)

3: Jun taking initiative on things, like dressing herself to boost stream revenue, or adjusting her own colors, and the player having the option to encourage her or discourage her.

4: A story arc where Jun may decide to resolve the issue of her legality, and the method she chooses depends on interactions with the player and what resources she has (High-end parts lets her assassinate bot-ban supporters, bribery if you have cash, lobbying if you have a LOT of cash, astroturfing if the only resource she has is time, etc...)

5: Rogue bots? A Bot liberation front that wants to free (Or "free") Jun

6: The option to change Jun's name later on

7: Having Jun's name be used consistently instead of often being "Bot"

8: The option to change how Jun address's you


he said that she would be useful in a zombie apocalypse (somewhere in a parallel universe). i mean one more game


More cute actions. Like sleeping together, hugs, or something like this. 

this, i like this. Simple and straight to the point, genuinely what we all want (and not overly kinky)

Something that could make it more interactive, unlock more dialog and stuff?

let's say something to "Extend" the AI, sort of like modules, but that can be for instance for emotions and such


The 0.80 update removed/bugged some of the previously common bot dialogue (her gerrting you/her commenting after H-scenes)so id like that fixed. Now for some other stuff

1. Bot stuff

-mabye making her inpatient when you first get a bot part and havent equipped it yet

-giving the bot more position's around the appartment(sitting on the coush even if she has legs. Ect.)

-a tail to go along with the cat ear's(plus some other tail and ears(mabye even horns))

-taste module, so that you can take her out to eat/eat with her at home

2. Locations/events

-restaurant(no need to explain)

-better apartment/house(no need to explain)

3. Continue the shanice/priest bot storyline 

-a lot of people, including me would like shanice and priest bot to come back

-Might need a bit of church story tweaking cause the "true end" as you call it, would kill the continuity 

Ps. yes i know a lot of thease have been said before, but the community has already sudgested basically everything.


Can you add a prop to change the appearance of penis?


This game really needs some more dialogue options, the protagonist can be so unlikeable at some points.


So true there are some points that I want to Punch the MC lol.


It might be ideal to add the tag dystopia to this game, as it did not show up when I browed the NSFW games while filtering by the dystopia tag.


A male/male option?

Like, with the bot and the player, not player/landlord like some people joke.

just an idea.


honestly just realism changes... emotions are actually portrayed in real time? smiling, frowning, etc.  when doing anal, personally i wanna see her belly bulge a lil bit, would be a nice touch. bot closes her eyes sometimes when getting headpats?


she used to close her eyes while kissing but the last update broke it


Function Unclear, Lost All Our Progress

So, the Save to File and Load From File options are labeled very similarly to the Save to Disk and Load From Disk options from several other games we play, where it saves the current progress to a file on your disk instead of a save slot. So we deleted our saves and started saving to file…
We went to load out game today, and only now did it actually tell us how Save to File and Load From File actually worked for this game specifically…

Maybe add a tool tip or something?

We're not blaming you for our lost progress, that would be dumb. You did not intend the feature to be deceiving. We are just letting you know that we misunderstood the functions of the buttons, and would like to prevent the same fate befalling others.


how about adding more bot modifications like changing bust sizes or giving her different haircuts? Also more clothes would be nice.


Love the game so far and can't wait to see where it goes. Could you split the camo flesh to 3 different colors for mouth/nipples/pussy though? Or at least 2 for nipples/insides.

I think the extra customization would be nice, and also it's a little weird for example to try to make bot black/brown and have to choose between bright pink nips or dark brown insides/tongue.


blow jobs

tit jobs


bigger dick

faster  auto move

cum inflation








I think the game Interface should bigger in android version because when i play it sometimes i can't see some word or interface


Actually i hope that some chad will voice our sweet jun right?

I mean it costs a huge money for a VA im sure and i doubt cuz the game is thanks to god it's free so maybe just get satisfied on what god gives us.

they were considering VA for jun(at least moans) but they decided against it as of now(i dont remember why,too much work? Hard to find VA? The fact that some people would be picky about the VA?)i forgot

i can moan like a fucking bitch myself lmao i ain't complaining about who's moan imma hear it's about satisfaction of realism sex.

(3 edits) (+1)

I have suggested,

1.  Add the window during the day, night and rain. Light from the window to reflect into the house.  

2. Buy the any house and  or apartment 

3.  more food, and items

if you can do :)


instead of having the bots orgasm meter just go up and reset after it reaches the top, have it go up and down based on stimulation and unique dialogue based on how its doin, ex. keeping it maxed for long periods of time, keeping it close to max for long periods of time, etc. maybe have the meter go down passively and go down a bit faster after reaching orgasm, but still having the ability to stimulate enough to keep it maxed


A filter for body parts and clothing based on color or limb/piece - Maybe at least an automatic sort.  I was trying to make different outfits and its a hassle when you're missing that one special piece of clothing... 

Will we be able to change the shape of the parts of our bot?

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