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I love this mod. Its great in my opinion. Just wondering, will you be adding some easter eggs with that new area you made?


I need some help. I'm in the battle where the monsters are attacking the mountain village. I am constantly loosing and cannot get more reasources because i saved during the battle. What should I do. 

One problem with that. She doesn't appear in the doorway like the others. Also, she does go backwards, and only has the one sound que for th whole night. 

I only know two of the girls attack features. What are the others? I'm on night 3 BTW. 

Where do you get magic essence? I've been going in circles for it. 

I think I have a bug trying to get the kitsune outfit. I keep going in circles in the area and I never go where it is suppose to be. 

I am having trouble location some of the map locations

How do I use her dash ability. I can't get it to work. 

please do

I am playing Lust Doll Plus and Don now has Cassidy. How do i get her back? I am lost.

You should create a manual save system. 

I have been playing  both lust doll and lust doll plus, and have run into a few problems/bugs. Can anyone help me?

keep exploring the wilderness

I've been looking around the game, trying to find something that could help me with the alieans. Does anyone have any tips?

NVM. Forgot to put the ears on.

NVM. Forgot to put the ears on.

Can someone help me with the cow farm and the alieans? I don't know what to do.

Wearing the full outfit. Didn't work.

Can someone help me with the parasite antidote. I've been wandering arround the park cave for the pitcher plantfor about half an hour, and I cant find it. Am i being  stupid? Help1

Any tips on how to get in?

I can't talk to Cassidy. Is this a glitch, or am i missing something?

Their is also no save/load option

I do not have the option to explore the wilderness, same for the desert. 

Lust Doll community · Created a new topic Certain bugs

I have encountered certain bugs ion the game that have been driving me crazy. One bus is that i free the scubus and I dont get access to Transylvania. I also cannot get a job at the jentilemans club, or find my way to the desert. Am I doing something wrong?


I never got the lockpick from the ruined lab. Can i buy one?

How do you access the desert. I only have access to the abandoned town, the milking farm, Translvanya, and New Ark City. I also don't have access to the castle in Translvanya. Can you help? The wiki doest help.