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look for trash in the gunk yard.

Its a good grind and its kinda the only way.

I cant wait to see the rest of cassies route

i'v gotton her 69 times.

Merry late christmas!

Sorry I'm late, I,v been very busy the last few days.

My birthday is coming up, so I've been trying to get some stuff done for that.

I guess that makes since..


Would that make them gay?

Eh it fine i bought a mouse, plus this is a good game.

you need 600 points or more i think

i cant right click so im stuck, can there be like a button to press to continue?

So would the boys do anal??

That looks so cool!


Also sorry about all people who keep giving you crap about the android version and people who are impatient.

Your not the only one pal.

its happing it me to.

It wont let me play it keeps saying "file not found"

I realy want both tbh.

When can we continue Cassy's story.

No rush.

Plus, I love your work, your da bestt!!

village mama do be thick tho


I love this game and I appreciate the dedication you put into it instead of leaving it for dead like most creators do.

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You bitches should be grateful phone users get a chance to play.

be grateful android even gets a chance bro.

Its goanna be a bit after all. Hot Pink has a life to and probly is very busy with making the accessories.

Well, Hot Pink has never made an android game before. This is the first game to have a android version.

be grateful Hot Pink even let phone users get a chance to play.

You click the bathrooms.

Nothing for now, but in a future update, they might be used for the exercises.

I think it's an all-girls school.

I guess she's hard for you but I've got her like 18 times.

I wish the classic was finished :(

I wonder how NPC's like Rinny, Fawn, Sammy, Alisa, and Gin would react if Lust-Dull took them to the Milk Farm like Lust-Doll did with Cassie.

Free Cassie from the Don and get 10,00 creds for the renovation. 

Somone actually made a note-clip mod for this game.

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You have to go to the Don's hideout and try your luck with freeing her. I suggest getting your skills up if you haven't.

When will LD+r42.0B be out for public? 

sorry if this is a dumb question but I'm just so excited!

what do i do after a talk to the person in the black market they keep just saying none of your buzziness

Is there one for windows and if there is, what is the newest one?

no i dont think so. but if you ever need fast cash i got a helpful guid for ya. 

How do i get to the milk farm in lust doll { not plus }. if there is one..


So i have a idea.

So you remeber when lust doll as the option to suduce the dons gaurds. lust doll will say  to meet them at the strip club some time.

maby they could and lust doll could have a 'privet' sesion with them?

just a thought.