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Roadmap Sticky

A topic by Estúdio Vaca Roxa created Jun 19, 2018 Views: 1,500 Replies: 14
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This is an alpha version and may have some flaws. We would like to improve our asset package and you can help us!

- 8 sides animations
- more props
- sfx
- new zones
- ???

Wow, great pack! when will we see the 8 sided animations?

Awesome pack ! But we need update !!!

Just bought this! Can't wait to use it!

This is amazing!!

Would you be willing to release the color palette used for this pack?

I think this pack is no longer supported, i'm here since the release but 0 update since 250days, sad cause this was beautiful


Hi, thank you so much for being here for all this time.

But the work has being very hard lately, the good news is that we have some plans to make some new updates to this pack \o/


Thank you all for the support! <3

Nice ! ^^

Can I request some winter season tiles?  Maybe by winter? Thank you.

This is really really cool looking and good music too.  This is awesome guys.

Please add up and down movement to the characters... This is unusable without them...

This exactly. Without 8 sided animations all this beautiful work was a waste because it's unusable


Still in the plans guys.. Meanwhile all the production made by incontable users, downloads count and massive users feedbacks say exactly the opposite (:
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