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How about switching things up a bit and giving him a boomerang style weapon like in Power Blade for NES? It could be a futuristic Ring Weapon that you can upgrade.

I see Godot is supported but is Unity?

Will you be making a male character also?

Without 4 directions and attack animations it doesn't work for most projects

Includes a char? Enemies?

Will you be adding more animations for the character like  dash, climbing ladders and crouching? Maybe a projectile attack?

Maybe another char thats male? And more enemies 

Hi. Did you ever finish more your sci-fi tileset?

Will you be making top-down or isometric tutorials?

How about a Linux demo?

How to install on Linux?

thanks :)

Can you share the source code?

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These are perfect for my little action-RPG I'm working on:

Edit: Just realized I have double shadows on the objects. I had different (uglier :P) objects before that didn't have shadows in the sprites so I added them in Godot. Might be a good idea to have a version of the character with shadow too?


Thanks! I actually already went ahead and made a 32x32 sheet and it works nicely. Having the weapon as a separate entity is a good idea because you could just change the weapon sprite if the player upgrades his sword

Are you going to release more enemies?

The sword hits don't fit in 16x16. Is there a way to make that sheet work in godot animation player or do I have to make a new sheet that's bigger so the sword fits (for example 32x32)?

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I realized I was actually subscibed to your Youtube and you show your Tiled workflow there! I need to watch that video. Though I'm also interested in learning to use this for making maps:

The tiles look great, I'm gonna use them for a small Zelda-like demo game :)

OK, sounds good. If I can make a suggestion a roll or evade animation for the player character would be great.

That sounds great! With some sand tiles and such combined with the sci-fi stuff I could probably create close to what I described. Xenoblade is great inspiration for sure :)

For an idea for a "planet" how about this? Sword and Tech. Think Sword and Sorcery but instead of magic there is technology left behind by an advanced ancient civilization, called Relics. Instead of sorcerers there are Scientist, studying ancient tomes called User Manuals, trying to unlock the secrets of the Relics. So it would be mostly not advanced (think Conan the Barbarian) but there would some advanced Relic technology that pops out of the scenery with it's distinct look. Pretty cool, huh? Out hero could be a hunter of Relics and his pal a mad Scientist :)

Are you going to be doing animated enemies and NPCs? Maybe some more actions/attacks for the main character too. I could maybe commission my own main character in a similar style?

Are you going to be adding NPCs and animated enemies in the future?

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Looks good. Is there a guide on how to setup bitmasks for the tiles in Godot?

Has anyone been able to use these on Godot? The dev is giving no support and it's just a mess trying to get these to work

How do I set-up the auto-tiles for auto-tiling in Tiled?

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Do you offer guidance on how to do the bitmasks for auto-tiling? (In Godot)

Edit: I'm guessing this is it "A visual guide to show how the tiles work together"

How should I setup the bitmaks in Godot for autotiling?

How many frames are in the walk animation?

What's the size of the character in pixels?

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Thanks! Subbed

Cool. I might get this pack and tweak it for my game (which is not nearly as complete as yours :P)

Can you add a tile index please?

Can you make more characters?

Are there attack animations?

How would you set these up for autotiling? I'm using Godot