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Estúdio Vaca Roxa

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Que da hora man! Manda sim, a gente adora ver os trabalhos que foram feitos usando ou se inspirando com os nossos assets!

nice game! glad to see you creation with our assets <3 much love

nope! but appreciated, thanks (:

yes! please make some awesome stuff <3

TFused, yes you can use as you want. All packs is under cc0 licence.
Thanks for the interest and please make awesome things

glad to participate with spooky station

Excelent job!

drop me a line at


send me a DM at

Here it is a little sneak peek

Also new props animations, a unique character and new colors schema too <3

In theses days we've messing around with the some updates to this pack. To see it in action is pretty warm hearting and exciting.

thanks for the support! 


Spooky Station is a game pack filled with 9 ghostly games of all types. From an arena-brawler to a rogue-like, from a text-adventure to a shoot 'em up, and even a GameBoy™ game, this bundle is certain to spook your socks off!


I would love to see you game. This pack is under cc0 license, credits are no mandatory but very appreciated

Valeeu! <3

Thank you!
Glad you liked it

This pack is under CCZERO license (:

Please make some awesome stuff

Dang! I'll love to see the progress
keep it up

Glad to play your game with our assets (:


Thank you all for the support! <3

Hi, thank you so much for being here for all this time.

But the work has being very hard lately, the good news is that we have some plans to make some new updates to this pack \o/

Hi BenBonk! I'm glad you liked it <3

The color palette is some variation of the Unseven palette and you can download it here:

This pack is under CC0 licence.

Roadmap updated!
Thanks @RetroPixelGames 

(2 edits)

Please leave here your suggestions for future updates.


  1.  Doors that open and close (@RetroPixelGames)
  2.  Treasure chests opened, half open with gold, and closed (@RetroPixelGames)
  3. Piles of jewels, gold, like little and big mountains to put in the dungeon as loot (@RetroPixelGames)
  4. Skeletons in chains from prior prisoners (@RetroPixelGames)
  5.  ..
  6.  ..
Generic RPG pack community · Created a new topic Roadmap

This is an alpha version and may have some flaws. We would like to improve our asset package and you can help us!

- 8 sides animations
- more props
- sfx
- new zones
- ???

Oh, hi! You can drop me a line at or

Thnak you

Awesome work here!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!!

Oh nice gameplay! We are srly thinking to turn it a game, at least, make a proper version of it (more mechanism less bugs etc). 

Thanks for playing!

NEAT work here!

Thanks @Gordon
I did update the itchio license, It's now CC0 under public domain as well.

2. done

Hi Rybro! We really love your video and tips.
We have a schedulle to make alot of improvements on this pc version but we have some plans to make a mobile version as well! 

Thanks for playing <3

Yes, of course!!

Not even credits are mandatory.
Thank you!

Hi, this is my submission for LDJAM 39 (Link to my itch page bellow).  

 It's is a runner platformer and you need to collect some piece of an electric generator. 

To run you'll need to push as fast as you can the "A" and "S" Key. "D" is for jump and action when needed.

Pretty awesome job here! 5/5 love it

Really nice idea! And I liked the game pace

  • The resources can be used in free and commercial games, videos, and other forms of media.
  • You may freely edit the resources for your own purposes, including using modified versions in games, videos, etc.
  • Credit is optional but appreciated and recommended.
  • You may NOT redistribute the resources themselves, or derivatives thereof - neither for free, paid or otherwise.
  • You may NOT transfer this license, or issue sub-licenses for the usage of the resources (or derivatives thereof) by third parties.