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The NES version looks not too complex limit-wise task, maybe you should think about it

You also should do some tests with color mode, which way is better for the game feel. For example, you could tone sunrise in pink and sunset in orange, all that first-year art school tricks with the palette.

I would like to elaborate 8x8 thing, I use the 16x16 cursor now, and it is not helping sprite-count-wise, but I had the least frustration with triangle-ish 16x16 cursor. Not sure if hovering works this way, but you also could change the form of the cursor context-wise

I think, polishing is not much important in 8-bit systems games, rather the level feel (think pokemon ruby puddles with the sky and clouds reflecting), and d-pad fighting even on new gamepads. I'd do a lot of rpgmaker maps to toss them out in school, and it is really helping me now

Your game split the 3rd place in my personal rating with Friend Switch and Goose-A-Gotchi, 27 each, congrats!

Your game split the 3rd place in my personal rating with What Friends Are For and Friend Switch, 27 each, congrats!

Your game split the 3rd place in my personal rating with What Friends Are For and Goose-A-Gotchi, 27 each, congrats!

Your game made the 2nd place in my personal rating with 28 total, one tiny point difference, congrats!

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Your game made the 1st place in my personal rating with 29 total, congrats!

it would be cool to switch pupils around

That's one really feature-creeped. I need to play it thoroughly, but the scope is impressive. 

I had the same 8x8 cursor problem, try to play your game on DMG, it is near impossible. 

You are pushing the engine to the limit, that's always good. Would be great to have a cartridge with all the text dumps as an actual grimoire (also a copy protection!), the text is really dumpy even for that old-school type and an avid reader like me. I definitely WILL be inspired by your work for my very old idea for Spectrum or Pico, as GBC is too low res and AB does not have enough buttons for the flow, sadly

Burger King AND Slipknot could sue me for this project at once, btw

I was really short on content, so just made the point in the end, yeah

Yep, this is FIN.

I already know how to twist the twist in the next version, so it will be more depressing and colorful

It's a pity I had only one last day, thanks 

Well, I'm in a strange position with this one. 

I don't really like the trend to one-button gameplay, but it is clearly intended as a web-only finished game and looks like it is a product for children, who grew up with tap gestures, so it makes sense

ah those metagames you are playing and make us play them!

really sick game! would be cool to see an hour-long project at least with better navigation and less text dump, the writing is good, tho

weirdness as a tool is always good, looks like it is catered to a particular audience - I'll try it again later without the voting haste

very inconsistent entry, but it is a digital media horror basically, so, well, it's a yes

The demo is really broken progress-wise, but it seems like a good start to actually redo it as a deluxe version for the cartridge release (with 999 NFT cats).

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Well, the stars are a bit low, but I see the potential in the game's ugliness, earthbound(mother)-like. 

The balance is FF1 awful, and level design could be not so time-agnostic (aka old). Looking through your other projects, I see the talent, raw, but the talent. Although you are not there yet, I hope you will become a cool game designer, eventually!

A good game for kids, could be a good NES version with the physical release. 

The reading was a bit tiresome, and I was an avid reader in primary school, well, I would be bored a bit. The tone of the game is friendly enough already, I think. 

The town theme is too intense. In my opinion, all music should be slowed down for the chill effect: I see no point in gloriolising the gig economy for the primary schooler

And a final nitpick, no dollar-counting variable is an unease.

It's a great lifestyle/idle game for the Pocket Store, I believe (if ever). Very ashorthike-y, but it is good!

The running speed after ?2nd? upgrade but before ?4th? should be fixed, it's very hard to collide with green nuts now (I'm playing both GBC and PS3 ds3). 

Also, dashing as down+jump killed platform-falling with down+jump, that's an issue too - well, after coupla days, I think it is OK as far as the jump is upgraded enough, but it was irritating in the playthrough. They also clash with an off-wall jump almost in every combination.

The most irritating is the never-aligned passages. And I'm nitpicking.

You really need to make GBS tutorials for the complicated stuff, tho I was deconstructing in my mind while playing and got some useful insights. Loved the swin(e)whirls! (how are they called?)

You did a "veteran and veterinarian" mistake and it squashed the whole project, I'm afraid. 

'Black Vet' - Black vet was a Mel brooks joke where a veteran character was also a vetinarian. The rule is that more is not always better - one concept at a time - eg “lefty” a detective who’s a communist but also left handed is too much."

It is very hard to concentrate on the gameplay, as the mechanics are not really readable. this is a 16-bit game, btw

We need a proper NES version, no discussion.

I will fail you on game design btw, by the levels are Montessori-like (which is good), but the excellence is not going on mechanically - in 3rd level, the second block is not pushing the player but just a button-smashing obstacle, that's a miss. And you know about the last screen. The balance issue is nit per see level or game design one, nor the gameplay literacy one. I'm sure you'll find the solution!

I'm leaning on you coz the game is good and could be much better yet, for real

Basically, the game I had in mind for my entry. I can't agree on the graphics quality, project-wise it could be pushed much further

The level structure is really unmemorable, unfortunately. I spent most of the rating time playing this game, still can't finish. HK(?) setting could be a reason, I have no experience with the city and with Chinese ways of living whatsoever. Maybe in color mode, it would be easier to navigate?

This project has game-playfulness dissonance, the first I can recall. It also could be an issue with French culture, I tried so hard to understand it but looks like it is just not my cup of croissant

Loved the docu-game approach. The collisions are really annoying, there is no way to guard all 4 egg piles even with the gamepad

Some no-order notes:

  • the font is eye-rape, both small and full screen. I suppose it is required to be a Latin-alphabet--based native at least
  • lack of saves halved the experience
  • the TV object is confusing, try adding some static or blinking
  •  it's hard to understand what the NPCs want sometimes

like, literally him

the game is very first-projecty, but I can feel something odd as art would have, we'll see how it will be the progressing

the game is very first-projecty, but I can feel something odd as art would have, we'll see how it will be the progressing

Dunno why a lot of this jam mechanics are time-based or "divided characters work together". time is the most unfriendly thing in the world (said me) and dividing player agency like that rarely makes sense in this scale of the project 

I do not hold close to CoffeeBat, for example, so it will be rather counterproductive for the team. 

As a game designer, I would like to use the minuscule tropes we have in those systems up to creative weight-vision, so the arguments about why it is C# will be a waste of time (I dunno why, going intuitive all the way). 

I'm kinda was glad to test the "wet style" art, surely worth trying to implement tile-based wet art for the sprites. And it is REALLY time to use plugins and GBVM, I'm really holding myself without it

mostly IRL stuff - got the crammiest week from the December, basically did compo-style 32-h stretch. the biggest mistake was going asset-free. i still used char gen, so it's a fail too. game looks rpgmaker-ish, and it will be talled at the results. yeah, basically, i was gonna win, but looks like some other folks got the same ideas but in different games. in the end the mechanical part was just scrapped, so I need to stole some ideas from the DionOfSpice for the redux. Music was composed first, and I did lost it finetuning for 3 notes for 3 hours! that's a problem for sure. also I need to understood palettes tricks, 90% of my so called code just not worked for some reason

Yep, the week was a mid-size disaster.

Understood, thanks