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Okay, no hurry at all, still looking for Belarusian and Latvian translators. I'm not sure it's even possible before the 13th birthday to do that legally, but I'll ask somebody!

I hope RUS, LIT, UKR, and POL will be finished before April.  so I need your discord, I think?

Thank you! I think, in early March we will start the localization and release that version immediately

Nope, the Egle is female in the fairy tale. My concern is the fonts


Text for now, because I'll need several fonts for different languages (still figuring it out). And maybe we'll have PL translation editor as well



no, that's my level of Polish yet...

можем и по-русски

Someday I'll return to this concept

Troszke razmóiam) Dzięki, ochotnie! Ale nie wiem, kiedy gra będzę w relizie, moze lato

NP, you could reference the buttons of GameBoy at ( and NES at ( - this consoles the most retro dev as far I know, but the scene of Dreamcast is also big, and if you really want, you could add Master System tweaks. Retro development is on the rise, with the commercial side too, so I'm sure it will be worth it in the end

Could you add old-school select/start for retro developers?

PS. I will be heavily changing asset(s) in the next version - and will list all the authors from all versions! Sorry!

If you want a game cartridge with a box and manual, I'll add your itch account to the list.

Looks like the game will be ready in the EU territory by Summer, and cartridges will be sent way before Xmas, but can't promise. Prise will be standard yet accessible, as far it's not a 2-hour handheld epic (well, it depends on the point of view anyway).

The cart will be containing (almost in order of market share):

  • English translation of Russian version
  • Russian version itself
  • Altered Polish version
  • Altered Japanese version
  • Altered Greek version


  • Music player!

All the versions are basically the same gameplay, only minor details like currencies will be altered.

The box will be in English, the manual will be a chunky MULTI5 (whopping 4 pages per language or so).

IRL prevents me from the development, maybe next week

Lost like 2 hours, and didn't check the campfire... Totally need to reVITAlize in morning sessions. 

Please revamp char lists, it's costly to mistake type of the armor. 

And if the potion is being applied, could we see the HP of character?

Control (NDS) vibes

Hmmm looks like I have to steal your Curse mechanics!

Bought instantly.

Could you include the BUS in future updates? Even a van-type will do!

Pretty tired from my two-years-long"the first game TM (C)" development, planning to heavily pivot with genre and make a polished demo for 1-hour playtime. 3.0 is tempting, but I'll resist for now

No theme? I understand that is not possible to "theme" tools, but how about the games theme?

Yep, even 478 ppl in an already formed themed community


Can I game-thematically rap over and distribute it on Spotify etc. with a 50% split and music credits (if you prefer you x me, you'll be the first name)? Themes are JRPG, walksims, indie dev, Steam, ff7, 1$ nes cartridge in 2005, and so on

first video i could googled up

you could use the chromium way to wrap html5 in exe file, not very difficult task, but think about it as a beta

as amount of code required, GBStudio < RPG Maker < NES Maker (40 bucks)

Hoping for jiggly Z-Buffer!

Tiger! Tiger! The stars my destination.

и даже патенты не нарушили!

в такой игре я бы даже рекламу посмотрел! срочно в сторы

Use kinda the Earthbound money hack. Your Dad send you money on credit card, and you should withdraw it. I myself do this, but my economy just decorative and do immerse.

I quite interested in Lovecraftian winter version, trains the most, looks like release date and development start is kinda same, thank you.

Sort of. Maybe winter version update some day?

Is it possible to up-order some extension for my needs?

any chance of localization? 

Would be nice to add some tall grass, like in Ruby/Emerald after rain area

Glad you like it in this 1% state. Hope to bring full experience in guild-style multicart