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Good quality, I like.  The only problem is not enough monsters in your sets to make a whole game (prefer Desire Fantasy, it looks better).

Looking forward to seeing more of your work :)

Like the style, it's neat

Added to the Bakin collection.

Saw it on YouTube.

Looking forward to the updates!

Thankyou for the information!  I appreciate it.

From now on, I  will consider posting the download files in all resolutions to make it easier on people.

Baba (character) - RPG Dev Bakin by Angel Star Studios (

Includes walking sprite plus bust

Get it free here:
Baba (character) - RPG Dev Bakin by Angel Star Studios (

Also have other rpg dev bakin assets in the collection free with no strings attached

Thankyou for your feedback!

We will keep that in mind for future menu layouts.

Can you tell us which resolution you are using?
And would you recommend us uploading the files in all standard resolutions or?

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Bakin has built-in shaders, some of the same that are in  Unity such as BLOOM.

You can customize a lot of the current shaders options in great detail.

To make custom shaders, I'm unsure at the current time, but feel free to join the discord!

This will import a cool menu into your game (for RPG Developer Bakin software)

RPG Developer Bakin - Orb Stories Menu Layout (import) by Angel Star Studios (


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Rated it 5 stars!  Congrats again on the game jam 1st place :))

Looking forward to seeing future updates and I know    others are as well.

Very well done!!  Awesome

Added to the collection

Smile Game Builder Assets - Collection by Angel Star Studios -

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You did a good job with the Unity add-ons (the menus, GUIs, text-above-characters, decoration system, battles,   etc).   Map design is good too.  Everyone seems to love the Decoration System.

One of my few cons would be there didn't seem to be any storyline?  I    see lots of mechanics, but I didn't see any actual storyline or backstory of the characters.    (Narrative) 

I    see where you're going with the game, it reminds me of old mystery    dungeon crawler games I  used to play.  :)

I think it has potential to be a full game, which I would    support.  It might not port to Bakin 100%, so if you decide to make it a full game you might want to wait until you can start on Bakin.

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Gratzie !  I  am happy to know people are liking the game feel

Dang, I have never died so fast...

and it was by a GARBAGE TRUCK.  
I have a feeling this is going to turn into a "running joke".  Right into a garbage truck ofc.

I think it's kinda funny everyone was dead that you meet, and it's funnier it's the same garbage truck that hit them.  As if, he's the last boss or something :D

The mouse menu was fancy!

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Most kids grew up playing Mario, but I think Michael Meyers grew up playing this game.

The originality is pretty good, but it's hard to judge because it's so short!

Thanks for playing, Botaniki!

Interesting concepts.  The dream mechanic is always interesting, and I can tell it's something you connect with strongly.

I especially like the parts about ladies being proper ladies...  :)

Every time you wake up, something happens, that's a nice mechanic (especially when items appear!) but I feel the game in general was easy to get lost.

I would have liked to see more guidance on where the player should be going -or- guidance what you're supposed to be looking for/doing.

I  really liked the 'feel' of the game; the characters in the town and the town itself, it's unique.  The GUIs were unique/cool too. 

Seems easy to get lost, a little guide would be useful to the player.

良い !  アメリカでは多くの人がこのスタイルを気に入っています
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I was a bit skeptical at first because the characters lack color, but somehow it  really works.

The overall feel of the game is pretty fun, and it has some interesting points like the camera angles in battle, monster creating mechanics, map designs, etc

I think it has potential if you keep developing it.

Enemies had too similar of skills, they all had the same boosts!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Your game is interesting too (reminds me of Monster Rancher).

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Thanks for your feedback.

That is a good idea to grey out the menu items, or maybe make it more clear.

I fixed the ranged attacks issue, it should all be working properly.  I might have forgotten to update the build for the contest!   That's a shame because I  spent awhile fixing that    :D

There are no other party members playable yet, but most likely after Bakin comes out I'll resume and put them in.  It's a chore but I'm willing to commit to it.

The battles moves are supposed to all be centered around music instruments like a guitar that does lighting music magic.  I simply think it's too much for the gamejam,  but maybe people can see where I was going with it.  Thanks for playing Kuma-chan!

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Looks great and fun concept.

HORROR is actually pretty funny to me
but    from what I  see it was well done for the short period of gameplay.

I like your streams!

There is no ending  :(

It's literally Andrew Tate pretending to slap someone, it's not really domestic abuse or adult content (I was hoping it was just a kinky thing).

Well, the title was clickbait, I was all excited to see something kinky.  The developer should have put more work into this.

Nice :)

Max the Magical Maestro by Angel Star Studios (

It's a TRPG inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics but in the style of everyone's a musician.

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Hey guys,

I decided to use Final Fantasy Tactics as inspiration this time, and I  wanted to try something more wholesome..

I used a TRPG system,  I might finish it in RPG Developer Bakin eventually.

I  also wanted to  add musical concerts, where you do mini-game concerts as part of the mechanics but didn't have enough time.  Max is supposed to be traveling and needs to play the concerts to make money and learn abilities.   If I think the concept has potential, I'll keep adding onto it.

It helps our studio if you rate the page :)

Breath of Fire is epic


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I see!

I was confused because they look a little different than older ones, but that makes sense.  Have fun being creative!  ^^

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The other team members have gone missing for years (on this specific project FIRST ADVENTURE) so we'll probably have to take it down. but thankyou for the compliment :)

I really like all your heros in your games...

This character is magic.