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Looks cute!  Might get this later.

I  saw this on YouTube and it's   stunning!  :)

Looks interesting!

Tiny enemies, but HUGE fun.

Will buy this today.

It will be part of Dracula's adventure.  A nice, relaxing seaside village.

Just in time for our Dracula game!  Would love to see a few more screeshots of what is in the pack though...


This is a music pack for cyberpunk, electronic and IDM music.

Click here:

Thankyou :)   That means a lot to us.

Yes, The Forest Elves are great and really nice folks.     I believe the music is fine to use in commercial or non-commercial projects, just give The Forest Elves or us a little credit (we did the graphics).

Warm Regards,


This is pretty nice.  Will consider it.

Saw this on AmalgamAsh YouTube channel.   Looks awesome !

Creepy! .............     I like it!

The zombie one is good for a horror game

This is cool.   That is all I have to say :D

Time to make underground sewers!  

Buying this right now, thanks!

We are excited to announce we are making 2 versions of this game.  The first one will be free and released this October on Steam!
(Give us a follow ~

Because we are working on the (not-public-yet) other version of this game, development for this demo is on pause until after Halloween.  

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled near Halloween for any surprises!!  O_O

The doggo with stick is best

Great work!

A very neat game, indeed.  Looking forward to this one.

This is a very cute dinosaur.  I love dinosaurs too!

lol @ the game over voice.

This is really cute, good feel to it.  If it was a long full game and had a few upgrades it'd be worth putting on steam IMHO

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I enjoyed playing this in the Smile Game Builder Gamejam.  The battles need to be easier at the beginning and a few small tweaks...but it has a lot of potential.

I realize it's just alpha!  It's very cool looking forward to seeing more.  If you'd like to work on the game together just e-mail or DM us.  :)

This is a puzzle-platfomer where you have to PAINT with COLORS to get through each level.  Theres lots of puzzles and fun secrets.  The music is very good!

Download the demo here: 

I LOVE the game design !


Muy Bueno sprites!


The writing in 1st person reminded me of 90s rpgs or Megaman Legends, which is really nice, actually.  I did not know AmalgamAsh could write dialogue.

The musuem to show objects you can buy online for Smile Game Builder is a great idea, you can see it live instead of just in a YouTube video, it had something special about it seeing it live.

When I saw a bunch if weird random people in the backyard I did crack up a bit.  I have no idea why. :D

I liked the humor, it was my favorite part.  It's a very calm and serene game, which I have a suspicion was intentional by the storyline's tone.  I ran around and checked everything.

I know it's a game jam, nobody had a lot of time, but, think if the developer put more time into the game it would have more playtime and more features/mechanics.

It's definitely going in an interesting direction and I'm curious to see more content added!
(The storyline and mechanics of the game especially.)

First, the title screen is done nicely.

This is my favorite game (so far), I havn't played them all.

However, the battles in the woods are WAY TOO MUCH, and they take too long to finish for beginning of the game - as much as I love the game it made me want to quit playing.

The game design and mechanics are very good and a key point in design that makes me want to play the game.  The way you get items after battle is cool, and the custom fonts, custom GUIs and other custom things makes the game more original with personality.

There are a lot of good points in the designs, but I think it needs custom graphics and better music and balance for the battles and it will be really good.  The save point heal was fun and the skill abilities to upgrade is another +.  My favorite -so far-.

Interesting designs.

I liked the horses and the attention to detail like on the paintings.  The bald police man was kinda funny to me, and always in a karate pose, which was a little comical to me.

I live a few hours from the game's setting so it was interesting.  The graphics are pretty nice for SGB but theres some minor issues that could be fixed easily.  I would have liked more direction where to go and maybe enter a few of the shops.

Music was good for the setting and feel of the game, IMHO.

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The story starts out interesting with some cutscenes and light backstory.  I did not expect the storyline!

I liked the Kumachan painting it was cute, and the other paintings on the walls were a nice touch. 

I got lost easily in the beginning with so many rooms and doors, but I think it's supposed to be like a puzzle type thing like that.

That is pretty cool.

Thankyou!  I appreciate your feedback, CompanionWulf!
As you know it's still early and I wanted to finish more.

I will be playing your game one day soon :)

Kumachan, thankyou for playing my game it means a lot to me.

The barrel is an old joke in 90s RPGs in the Atelier Iris series:

Thankyou!  I am glad you liked it.

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Screenshots helped a lot!  Now I can be more interested.

I never expected these enemies :D

oOOoooo this could be one of my favorites so far!  I'll have to play it

A platformer starring a doctor.  Well, that is interesting game design.