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Angel Star Studios

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Love the concept and game design

This is fun and crazy :D

Game looks very cute but I'd want to see more screenshots and maybe a short trailer.

Nice for an alpha demo!  What engine are you using to program it?

Cute character designs

I'm interested but I don't know what it's like.  A sample would help.

I LOVE these graphics!  

Fun ideas

I can't wait to review this game!

Great demo, looking forward to the final release!  :)

Cool vibes

This game is sooooo cute!

Pretty cool, love the atmosphere

Looking nice you guys

I love this.  It's like Resident Evil meets a Death Toilet.

Added all your plugins to our MZ collection here on!


Thanks!  I appreciate your feedback, that is good to know!  :)

Sure!  Give me a few days

The screenshots here on the store page are actual maps we made with the tilesets. 

I'm not sure if we can release a sample project with them, as some people might try to rip the assets from it (not you, but others).

Would you like us to post the actual tilesets on the page with watermarks, would that work for you??

Very interesting...


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Good question.   The reason I use variables is because theres issues displaying or removing the busts sometimes.   This is one of the safer ways.   This also cancels the bust and replaces it, while keeping it in the same position - so it's easier to use than having to constantly readjust the position.

I could add the feature of mixing and matching parts to busts, that's easy.  I would need the parts/graphics to do this though, preferably ones that can be used for commercial purposes.  If someone provides this, then I'll consider it.

I like your games.  Contact us at if you'd like to get onto Steam and some online magazines.


I'm having a glitch with the plug-in, just a simple fix I think.  I messaged you on discord DM.

Thankyou SO MUCH for making this!  I bought it and donated an extra dollar to you.

This is very cute and perfect for my pet game.  :)

Is there a demo or a video preview?

I love the way you designed this page and the game, you have good game design!

The way enemies fly away and hit the ground to explode and die is REALLY cool feedback for the player!

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After we buy this, can we sell the game we make with it, using the same characters provided or do we -HAVE- to get new character graphics?

Very interested!

I really love the graphics and STYLE.  It's easy to play as well.

Wow, this page was done beautifully!

Love it!  ;)

I love any Megaman game, period!  This one looks cute.