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Excellent work, insta-bought it

Check if you have a download button right on top of the page !

I also bought it, and trying to download the pack via the bottom download section don't work, but the top section work

Insane work 

Hi ^^ Do you have something for contact ? I would like to know if you were interested by joining a project 

A very cool game, nice to play with friend and/or family, i made a video review about but it's in french : 

also the developper is really kind !

OK no problem : 

Hi, can you contact me with twitter ? @Carbone1311 its not about this game i want to speak with you but there is no "message" button :/

Nice ! ^^

I think this pack is no longer supported, i'm here since the release but 0 update since 250days, sad cause this was beautiful

Hi, this look very very good ! I will buy it, but do you think you will add animation to the enemy ?

I love your work ! It would be cool to make a "Diver" model with animations (like swimming) like this we would be able to create a cool diving game !

Awesome pack ! But we need update !!!